Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outfit Planner: Turkey and Xmas at home

I am going home (Senegal) for the holidays. I am excited at the idea of spending time with my family, and for my kids to see their grandparents. I have not planned for any activities yet, but I know my son wants a xmas tree to decorate. I may also celebrate some December birthdays (both my husband and I have family with birthdays in December). Anyway I am praying for it to be a hassle free and fun time.

Since, I am going to travel via Istanbul, I have to plan for some outfits. I have plenty of traditional clothes sitting in my closet back home that I am planning on wearing. However, I need a few more to survive the 3 days trip to Turkey and to wear if ever I have to go somewhere fancy at home.

According to the weather forecast, it is not going to be freezing cold in Istanbul in December. But I may need to keep myself warm. Therefore for the trip and 3 days stay in the beautiful city, I am taking:
- H&M Trench coat
- Blue skinny Jeans
- Green cargo pants
- Grey sweater
- Beige and cream sweater
- Colorful sweater
- Brown boots
- Wrap
- Infinity scarves
- Travel bag

I recently purchased this big wrap. It looks more like a wearable blanket in Native American design (very popular in Japan right now). I am in love with it because it is cute but it can keep both my baby (who is always on my back) and I warm. For some reason, it is always freezing in airplanes and the thin blanket they give us is never enough. So this time I am combining function and style by using this wrap.
With the wrap I also got two infinity scarves: one heavy knitted in purple, and another lighter one in olive green. They can both keep me warm and they have double function as they can serve me as hood. 
The rest of the outfits are just easy to wear clothes that can help me to walk around the city of Istanbul.

For the holidays, I wanted to wear a dress. I saw some cute ones in H&M. But since I want to save money to do some shopping in Istanbul (and probably at home), I have decided to "shop in my own closet". I may finally wear my thrifted pink dress with some black slacks. The dress is in a beautiful color but is very plain. That is why I want to add some brooch to punch it up a bit like Heidi Klum did to her dress in this Marie Claire magazine cover.

Heidi Klum wearing the dress

I will complete the look with my red jeweled shoes bought for my B-day last year (have not worn them yet) or some jeweled peep toe.

Thrifted dress, thrifted shoes all from Goodwill

                                                     Black Turban and gold accessories

I have other options but I still need to think about them. But I really want a dress like these:

                                                                         H&M dress

                                                                    Talbots dress ( I heard Sequined dress were a hit back home)

So what are you planning on wearing for the holiday parties?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So my birthday came and went. I am 30 now. I should feel the pressure to grow up but I am still a big kid.
Anyway, I had a big list of things I wanted to get myself for my b-day. I planned a day of shopping at Harajuku, which if you know is a big shopping place in Tokyo, where you can find high end brands like Vuitton and such, affordable ones like Zara and Forever 21 and really cheap ones like Sankyu Mart (a 300 yen store). Harajuku is also the hub for Cosplay or costume play. In Japan, many people like to put on costume and walk on the streets. In the past it used to be the Ganguro, or girls who would blacken their faces, wear colorful clothes and ridiculous make up.


But now, the trend shifted to Lolitas. I cannot even know how to define them, so just take a look at this picture.


 Anyway, just understand that Harajuku is a fun place to be.

However, on the day of my birthday I was so tired because I have been running all week with food shopping, organising play dates for my kid, and having both of my sons catching a cold that I decided to postpone the Harajuku trip (besides it is an hour train from my place).

Instead I went to World Porters in Minato Mirai. I walked a long way because they way I usually take was closed due to the APEC conference (Obama and other important people were coming so you can imagine that the security was tight). World porters was a bit disappointing. I end up buying room shoes and bag for my sons, and some accessories and plates for myself. I finish my shopping by checking H&M as usual. They had all their holiday clothes on display but I was not interested. I was looking for this very warm sweater but there was only one left and not in my size.

A friend wearing the longed sweater at a lunch party

So I end buying this one instead,

and some very cute room boots with the Hello Kitty design. And wait for it, both of the items only cost Y800. I have been wearing the room boots ever since. And they are so comfy and they do keep me warm. The best shopping I did in a while.

Hello Kitty room shoes

I finished my Bday celebration by receiving kisses from the other moms at school, and eating a very decadent chocolate cake offered by my hubby. I have not eaten such a delicious cake in a while.

B-day cake-decadent chocolate sponge cake wrapped in hard chocolate and nuts

I did not get all the things in my list (except the argyle tight---I have to do a post about how cute they are). And I may never. I am like that, I always change my mind when it comes to shopping. I can never stick to the list.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wish list

My birthday is coming in two weeks INCHALLAH. I will be turning 30. As would be the norm with me (and my fear of getting older), I would panic at the thought of leaving my 20s behind. However, I am relatively calm. I am telling myself that age is nothing but a number. I may be and "feel" 30 (it is getting harder to get up in the morning, and my 20/20 vision is failing me recently) but in my head, I am still 18.

Another thing that will probably make this passage to 30 bearable is the big shopping I am planning. Here is what I want for my 30's birthday:

-SHOES: I always buy shoes for my Bday because it is easier. Come to think of it I have not even worn the ones I bought for my 29th birthday. That is why this time, I am not getting heels but shoes that do fit my "soccer mum" lifestyle. On top of my list are these either in light pink, mustard or green:

                                                               Anita Arenberg shoes

- PONCHO: I fell in love with this H&M poncho and was waiting for it to be on sale.

                                                                   H&M Poncho

 However, it was gone once the sales started. Then I saw this other one with another mother at my son's school. She told me that she got it at H&M as well. I am hoping that they still have the second one left because this one is longer and more my style than the previous one.

H&M Poncho the one I like

                                        (Pics courtesy of  and

If not, I am getting this online.

                                                                     Nissen Poncho

I wanted one after seeing it in all Japanese magazines and even on TV (there are two Japanese dramas being aired right now where both the heroines wear gorgeous military green parka. Needless to mention that there will be a boom of military parka to come). They have a wide selection of light and heavy military parka at Shimamura ranging from 2900Y to 5800Y. I guess I will get mine there if I do not find better somewhere else.

                                        Shinohara Ryoko in Ogon no Buta (Japanese drama)

                and her famous military parka from The Dress & Co.Hideaki Sakaguchi

-INFINITY SCARF: It is getting cold, way too cold for November so I am no longer putting off buying winter accessories such as gloves, scarves and ear warmers. My absolute must have item is this new style scarf or neck warmer called Infinity scarf. I love it for the reason that you can wear it in different styles. It can even be turned into a piece of clothing. I am hesitated between one in a bold color or in animal print like these below:

In all my trials to be daring this 2010 year, I have decided to purchase colorful and/or printed leggings.  I am thinking of getting one in bright red, and one in argyle print. My favorite winter print is argyle. So far I have only found argyle socks. and they would not be so bad if I do not find the argyle print.

-LONGCHAMP Le Pliage bag
I have decided that after coveting the thing for so long at airports, I would join the crowd(of Longchamp owners) this year and get myself one. This thing is not cheap and the lightness of the material slightly bothers me. However, it is about time I get a brand handbag in my wardrobe. I am turning 30 for god's sake. No more cheap things. More elegant and stylish things! To tell you the truth, Le Pliage bag will be my one and only birthday gift, if I do not manage to get money for all the rest above.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oops! I did it again!

It is official! I am crazy!

And you know why I declare myself completely insane (without the help of any shrink)? I just bought another jumpsuit.

It was during one of those weekly trip to Shimamura. The military parka I wanted to buy last week was gone. But I found a jumpsuit identical to the one I bought earlier in polka dots. This one has flowers in it! What self respecting girl could resist flowers? Not me! So there I purchase the thing.

It is cute as you can see in the pic:

 I know some people who buy the same clothes in different colors if they really like the style. But so far, I have never done it in my life, until today that is. However, I have been wondering about the polka dot jumpsuit for a while now. It is not as easy to style as I thought. To tell you the truth, even if it was easy to style, I am not feeling it anymore. It was an impulse buy much like this buy as well.

Nevertheless, I am thinking of turning my polka dot jumpsuit into a dress. I am not sure it is remotely possible but I am willing to ask around. Close to where I live, I have many shops that pretend to reform clothes. It cannot kill to ask. And if the price is staggering, I can wait until I go back home and have my neighborhood tailor do it for nothing.

So what do you think about the new jumpsuit?
And about turning the one I already have into a dress?

                                                             (pics courtesy of my son)

Ps: the jumpsuit is so comfy and light that it is perfect even for lounging around the house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

And another one! (jumpsuit that is!)

What? Am I crazy? Am I just plain stupid? Or am I obssessed?

Polka dots jumpsuit with ruffle neckline

I think I just went overboard and purchased another Jumpsuit. This time the thing is sleeveless, in a silky material and -wait-with a polka dots print. I do not think I ever owned anything with polka dots. Anyway, I was again in Shimamura, just checking if they had jackets and cardigans since Fall had finally arrived. However, all the things that I was waiting to be marked down plainly vanished. Gone the military style bomber jacket (in green), gone the animal print cardigan! Sniff! Sniff!...But back to the topic du jour: so since all the things I wanted were gone, you would think I would just leave the place. No! I kept on browsing the aisles, looking for stuff and I found this polka dots jumpsuit and it was 3L (my size) and marked down to less than a 1000 Yen. I tried it on and it was perfect. Therefore, instead of just leaving it behind and concentrating on (and saving for) another item more suitable for Fall, I just bought the damn thing without blinking twice.
This time, I am not thinking about how to style the item. I have no idea of what to wear with polka dots. But I am not discouraged. Time willing, I may find something in my closet that will accompany the jumpsuit at least for this Fall/ Winter season and well into Spring, I hope. I just pray that the jumpsuit stays fashionable way beyond next summer because I need to use these two puppies.

Here, I tried to style with a printed jacket and sandals, but I need to think for Fall/Winter mode

Speaking of which, I wore the other Khaki jumpsuit two days after purchasing it. I was going to do some shopping in town and I wore it. I felt great in it. It was the comfiest thing I had wore in a long time (even comfier than my jeans). I paired it with my bronze crocodile skin gladiators and my brown Bottega Venetta insipred weaved bag. Unfortunately I did not take a picture. But for those who were wondering, I went to the bathroom with the thing and it was not as hard as I thought to take it off. Just do not wait until you are bursting to go to the bathroom because your pee may leak while you undress. lol

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I finally found it

Remember way back in May, I did a post about my obsession of the moment:"Jumpsuits (Forget about the maxi dress obsession!)"?

Well, as it turns out, I found the one I wanted.

I have to admit that back in the US, I did not look that hard. I was too busy preparing a move to another continent. However, ever since I arrived in Japan, I realized that the Jumpsuit trend was way advanced here. Young girls would adorn jumpsuits from every style and color. And it suited their petite frame. I so wanted one after seeing it everywhere. However, knowing how small Japanese clothes could be, I did not dare to even try one.

That is until yesterday. As part of my weekly routine, I went food shopping in a big supermarket near my son's school. On the second floor or the supermarket, they have Japanese clothing stores. The one I particularly like is called Shimamura. Back when I was living in Japan, I used to visit the store often because they had unbeatable prices. Think Forever 21, Japanese version. I got the one item I loved the most and get many compliments on- my Bogetta Venetta inspired bag- there way back in 2005.

Anyway, I like to check the things they have in Shimamura, not only for me but for the kids as well. Last week I bought summer sleeveless tees for my son because it was way too hot to wear tees with sleeves. And this week, as I was checking (and with no intention of shopping at all), I found the Jumpsuit I so longed for.

Finally we meet : Khaki Jumpsuit

They had a wide selection of Jumpsuits in Shimamura, from the short to the long one, with flowers and thrills to the basic cotton one. I picked several in the LL and LLL size (which is usually my size in Japan) and went into the booth. There was one in grey silky material I liked but it was a bit tight. I could pull it off but I wanted to be comfy in a Jumpsuit. The other one I tried on was in cotton and had no sleeves. It was another favorite but the length was a bit short for my taste. The third time proved to be a charm. I tried this short sleeve, dress shirt style on the top, cargo style on the bottom linen jumpsuit. It was like wearing a second skin. It was not too big, and not too tight. Just perfect. Plus it had a sash. I could move around in it and I felt very "Kakkoi" (cool as they say in Japan) in it. I purchased the damn thing without thinking twice. Plus it was marked down from 2300Y to 1470Y. On my way home, I was already daydreaming about how to style it. Would I wear it when it gets a bit colder? Would I try to style it with my Old navy yellow and white cardi? Can I wear it with my Suede boots? Or should I go for my gladiator wedges before the end of Summer? I had so many choices, I was getting dizzy.

                                                                      Kakkoi (cool!)

It goes well with the Gladiators (don't you think?)

Anyway, I am happy I found the one. Now, I just have to be daring enough to wear it in public. Because I do not want this jewel to sleep in my closet forever. 2010 is all about daring and doing what I dream of doing. No more being negative and stopping myself just because.

Side note: Before I left Shimamura, I had time to check their Fall/ Winter collection and I found some jewels I will so snag as soon as the temperatures drop.
Here they are:
- a brown faux leather bomber jacket with a grey hood attached
- an olive green military inspired bomber jacket
- a leopard print cardigan
Unfortunately I could not snag pictures of those goodies. And they are not displayed on the website. However, you can always check the link below to have an idea of what kind of things they sell this season.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I have been good!

I have been very busy with life recently. I just moved with my entire family to a new place: Japan. With a new place comes a new life, and a new lifestyle. Now, not only am I a stay at home mother, I am a busy stay at home mother. In the States, I was literally a stay at home mother because I would stay at home and take care of my baby and the household while my husband would go out and do the shopping or send my elder kid to school. However now, I do all that. And it has been hard because I do not have a car. I do everything by bus or by walking. I would not mind the walking so much if I did not have hills and stairs to climb. And I would not mind the bus if I did not have two kids under four to look after while I board it. And the heat! Oh the heat! It seems like this summer has been the hottest of all time in Japan. I usually do not sweat but 5 minutes outside and I am like a walking kettle.
Anyway with all this new busy lifestyle, I hardly found the time to go shopping (for clothes I mean). The last time I went, I was in Sakuragicho to run an errand (go to the bank) and I passed by H&M and the Gap to check them out. H&M was crazy busy as usual. And they had great things on sale for practically nothing. I was about to buy myself a white knee length shirt with a black bow for 300Y (less than $4) and this red and white stripes sweater for 500Y (less than $6) when I asked myself the same question: do I really need these?
Although the shirt was at a very likable length, I could not push myself to buy it because the material was polyester. The sweater was cute and baggy like I like them but the sleeves looked tight and since I had my baby sleeping on my back I could not try it on. Therefore I decided to leave them. They were other items I fell in love with in the store like this black romper that was on sale for 2000 Yen (less than $24). It was so cute but yet again I wonder what I would do with a romper? Wear it only at home? There is no way I could layer it to be modest. And it would be such a pity to wear it only inside the house. My other problem was the size; I could not try it on therefore I did not want to take the risk of buying it and later find out that it is too tight.
The only thing that I absolutely loved and was worth really buying was this blouse in coral (the same color as my H&M flats). The blouse was sleeveless and had pockets. It was worth 4000 Yen ( around $50), which is way too high for my budget. I checked the label and decided that if it was silk, I would grab it. Unfortunately it was polyester, therefore no purchase. I am putting it on hold until the price drops during Winter maybe.

As I was checking the store, which was already in Fall/ Winter mode, I could not stop but drool over two items: a khaki trench coat and a brown poncho. As far as I could remember, I always wanted a trench coat but never found the right one. I think this one by H&M may be it. And it is less than 5000 Yen.

H&M Trench Coat

The Poncho was among my Fall must have items. And this one is closed on the sides by buttons therefore it is easier to style by adding a belt.

H&M Poncho

I cannot wait for Fall to come to snag these two jewels. Who knows, by any chance I may even get them cheaper if I wait because Summer has been so hot and long that these Fall season maybe short. Which means that stores will have problems getting their Fall items sold, before they can start putting Winter items in display. All these equations lead to cheaper price. Well, I am hoping!

I am happy because although I have not seriously entered the no shopping for a year challenge, I am managing to stay away from buying anything just because it is cheap or cute. I am doing good and I am damn proud of it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There we go again: what I want for Fall (and probably will not get)

I have been so busy with my new blog : that I neglected this one. I realize now that it will be very difficult to maintain both blogs at the same speed.
Anyway, I wanted to post something here before I start seeing cobwebs. My topic du jour is Fall trends.
Every year, since I started this blog, I talk about Fall trends and what I would like to have in my closet for that period. And almost every year two things happen: I crave the same things in my closet, and for some reasons (mainly because I am broke, and it was not that cold back in Houston), I never end up purchasing them. I wonder if it will be the same this year. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. First, let us find out what is up for Fall 2010.
Since I am not really into collections, I had to go online to check what were the fashion trends for this fall. According to we can expect sexy turtlenecks, velvet, large pants, patchwork, capes and ponchos for Fall. Another site: predicts that the military look will still be on, and that camel coats would be back. Is it me, or I do not see real innovations in all the new trends. And the most ridiculous one I saw so far, is the shoes with socks trend. I mean, let us be real: we are not in kindergarten anymore.

Trends that I like

Camel Coat

Donna Karan Winter 2010


Antonio Berardi Fall 2010
(my so wanted velvet dress redesigned)

Large Pants

Richard Chai Love; Richard Chai Love; 3.1 Phillip Lim; Zac Posen

Trends I dislike:

Socks with shoes

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010

But why do I care? I really do not because I do not follow trends. I get obsessed with one item and try to have it at the cheapest price possible. That is my motto. Besides, from the moment I discovered that I would be moving to Japan, I decided to shop for an entire year. I went to the local Goodwill and tried to get all the things I thought I needed to at least survive the Fall and Winter. Besides, Japan is another place where they do not follow the same rules as the rest of the world. In other words, Fall trends here may be entirely different from what we may have seen on the runway.

Therefore, these are the items I am obsessed with-that have nothing to do with the Runway- and may (or may not) get this Fall.

1- Leather Jacket (faux leather may do)
I still have to find that leather bomber jacket. I was not lucky enough last year. I did not find what I really liked at the Goodwill as well. Maybe Japan will be a nice spot to look for that piece of wild/edge I so crave.
2- Suede boots
I purchased Suede flat boots in Australia 6 years ago. They are still good enough but one heel is becoming loose. I am going to repair it because the shoes are still in very good condition. But I want another pair in order for me to rest these one for a little bit.

Lace up Mutton Boots
(only 1000Y=$12 at but they do not have my size anymore)

3- Boat neck striped tee
I have been looking and still did not find the perfect one. I guess the search will go beyond Summer and well into Fall. I will definitely be lucky in Japan. People seemed to be obsessed with stripes here. I see it everywhere and on everybody from babies to seniors.

4- Capes

It is so not me but I love the Leopard print cape

I had two ponchos in the past and loved them to death. They were perfect to camouflage my belly when I was pregnant. But now, I guess I should graduate from ponchos and go for Capes. They are so edgy and look elegant. I am an adult now and need to look the part, right?

5- Turtlenecks (or long sleeves tee)
I already have plenty of those but like my Hijabs I want one in every color of the rainbow and more. They will be perfect for my layering look.

Unlike some people, I am not really looking forward to Fall. I mean, I like Fall and the change of clothing is very much welcomed. However, I am still in the middle of Summer and would like to enjoy every bit of it. I hate it when shops already starts their Fall display right in the middle of Summer. I mean, I may still want to shop for a summer dress and do not need to see sweaters all over.

Anyway, I am just reminded that I was supposed to take the 365 days without shopping challenge. Maybe Fall will be a good period to start (if I do not see something that amazes me and obsesses me before hand)

Monday, July 12, 2010

IOICAT: Coach tote bag

I am not really into brands. There is no label that I have to have. I just enjoy fashion whether it is from DVF or some no name brand. I like what I like. But once in a while, I fell in love with a big name brand or a product. This was the case of the Coach tote bag some 8 years ago.
I was still living in Japan. Japan is a place where people enjoy brands. Strike that! They live for brands. For example, every where you look you can see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag. They like luxurious things and would do anything to get them such as starve for days or work a part time job just to afford them.
I got so annoyed at this superficial life style. I like luxurious things as well but I think that I live without them.
However, in all this superficial lifestyle, I started to crave a Coach bag. I was shopping in Shibuya with my best friend (who owned a Prada Bag, and who loved brands as well) and came across the newly opened Coach store. I just looked at how cute the window was and fell in love. As daring as I can be, I have a rule when it comes to shopping: never enter a shop where you cannot afford a single thing. Therefore, I was not about to enter the Coach store. However, pushed by my girlfriend, I did. And I did not regret it. Everything was as cute as it was on the window display. I particularly liked the coach suede clutch and tote bag. I checked the price and realized that they were still more affordable than the Louis Vuitton. I made a promise to get myself one very soon. I would pay it with my credit card.
Do not ask me why but I kept on reporting the purchase until I left Japan. And with my new life in the States (where you can find really cute bags for nothing), I forgot about my obsession for the Coach bag. Until I saw another girlfriend with one and died of envy.
Right now, I cannot really afford a Coach bag. I would rather use the $200 for something else. But it is still on my list of things I would purchase if I make it big a the lottery.

 Poppy signature sateen glam tote

                                           Coach Pieced "C" Large Capacity Wristlet (me want it in green or purple)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Nautical look

I have a new obsession for this summer. I am not entirely done with the jumpsuit, but since I have not found something that I liked, I am putting it on hold for a while.

My new obsession is the nautical look. I want everything with blue stripes.

A while ago, I saw this DKNY summer campaign ad on a fellow blogger's page and I fell in love.

Well I was in love with stripes before but this ad just put me over the edge. I have been looking for stripes ever since. It is so in right now(or maybe I am just so obsessed that it is the only thing I see). I found several interesting pieces at the mall and Ross. Some were short sleeves tees, with rosette details or a button on the sleeves. But they were too small for me. No wonder, I found them in the Juniors section. I also look at my local goodwill with no success. I ended up with this sheer Nine West top that I like but I am not sure I will wear because it is too short.

Nine West sheer nautical top -thrifted

I want a striped blue and white tee long enough to cover my thighs and butt. But I do not want the shirt to be over sized. I can settle for a short sleeve that is long enough or go for a fitted long sleeve. I can pair the later with my new cardi-vest. The hunt is on.

Things I saw and liked but did not get:

Striped tee with rolled sleeves- Gap (way too simple)

Striped tee with rosette accent- Walmart (just $8 but even the XL size was too tight for me)

Nautical stripe tunic- Forever 21

The two last tees are my favorite:

It seems like they come from the same designer but it is not the case. The navy tee with white stripes is from Vince available at for $98. And the white tee with blue stripes is from J Crew for $115. I guess if I was to get a stripe shirt, it will resemble both. But I refuse to buy it for such a price tag. After all it is just a tee.

I hope I will get the tee. I want it to be my last shopping before I start my year long no shopping challenge.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A year without shopping? (faut le faire!)

In my ultimate quest for passing the time (now that Hulu is making us pay to watch shows), I like to browse for fashion blogs. I already have my favorite such as (Hello Reiko!) but I am always looking for more because I have too much time on my hands. Recently, I discovered this interesting blog called It was two lady friends who decided not to shop for 365 days, an entire year. And their blog was dedicated to their journey. I read some postings and got literally blown away. And it inspired me to enter their challenge: stay an entire year without buying a single thing.

But let me explain to you why I want to do such a crazy thing.

- I am a shopaholic. I buy things that I do not necessarily need or wear just because I can buy it or it is trendy or on sale. I shop as an outlet, a way to relieve stress. Back in college, I would shop with my best friend after we finished exams as a way to relax. Some people would watch a movie, take an R&R, but she and I would shop until we drop (literally). Since then, it became a habit. Whenever I am stressed, at home or at work, I would shop.

- Due to my excessive shopping, I have no money and I am in debt. All the money I earned while working for a short period of time before giving birth was spent on clothes, shoes and bags. (but also on my son's tuition...). As a result, I have a closet full of clothes that I never wear -because most of those clothes are not suitable to my lifestyle of a stay at home mother- and a bank account in the red.

- I want to take this time off from shopping to learn a few things about myself, and about what is important for me. I want to learn about what I like, dislike, what I can wear and cannot. I would also want to learn to invest in finer things instead of cheap things. Let us face it, it is not in my plan to be a stay at home mother forever therefore I need more than jeans and tees and flats. Someday hopefully, I will be a career woman and I will need to look the part. But more than that, I am not 20 anymore therefore it is about time that I stop shopping at the Juniors department. I am not sure I can rival Rene Russo in the Thomas Crown Affair but she is my goal (her and Mrs Obama) as to what a stylish and elegant lady is.

- I also hope that by stopping shopping, I would get creative with the clothes I already own and take a better care of them. I am so messy with my clothes that it is hard for me to find them when I need them. And since I cannot find them in the mess that is my closet, I always end up buying something new, thinking that I do not own it. For example, I wanted to buy a light cardigan to cover my shoulders for when I wear my tube maxi dresses. I was about to buy a brand new one when I discovered (while cleaning up my closet) that I owned several already. This habit of mine costs me a lot of money already. And I am not about to repeat the same mistake.

Now, to stick to the no shopping for a year thing, I may need some rules. The ladies of 365 fashion rehab had some but I am inventing my own:

1- No shopping for a year means no buying a single thing for myself such as clothing, bags, shoes and accessories.
2- I can shop for items for my house, my husband and my children only when it is a necessity and not a hobby or a stress reliever.
3- Beauty essentials can be bought because after all I need to look and smell good. (I am not that vain but there are some products I cannot live without such as Olive Oil hair conditioning) Therefore hair products, deodorants, perfume, beauty creams are not off limits.
4- I can buy presents for my family and friends
5- And if the hubby or someone else buys me something without requesting it while we are say at the mall, it does not mean that I am shopping.
6- I am allowed to have a relapse (well, this is fashion rehab after all) on periods such as Christmas.

It will be extremely hard for me not to buy a single fashion item for a whole year. I am shaking even thinking about it. What will happen to me if I do not shop for an entire year? Will I die? Will I loose inspiration for my blog? Will I get bored of my already owned clothes? Will I succumb to temptation when I see something nice? I have no idea. Maybe I should stick to a period of time that is relatively safe such as 3 months. See! I am already having cold feet.
I am embarking on this journey because I need to do this for myself. This is not about someone else but just me. I need to grow up and cure myself of this obsession. Maybe I will get great things out of this experience. What? I hope to tell you in a year

Check out Ali and Perdy challenging and fun blog:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If only I could afford that : Michael Kors Sheath Dress

I had a funny conversation with my husband when we were at Ross yesterday. He was looking for some shirts to add to his collection and I saw a white Michael Kors shirt with light blue vertical stripes ( so cute) for $14.99. I told him that I would get it for him for Father's day. And I added that he was lucky to get a MK shirt for that price. He had the audacity to answer that he did not know MK. Well, in true fairness, he is not into name brands. He always says that he'd rather have his name on the tag than wear someone else's.
Anyway, that made me think that so far I have not been lucky as to own a piece of MK fashion world.
I discovered MK while watching Project Runway. At the time, I have to admit that I did not know anything about him. But as the show progressed, I learned more and more about the designer. The fact that Heidi Klum was also sporting some of the designer's creations on the show did not hurt either. I became to appreciate the classic yet ageless style. Michael Kors is all about clear cut and perfect fit. The man knows how to dress woman.

Heidi Klum

There is only one thing that I want from the designer and it is its sheath dress. The fit is just so clean and so perfect. I have never tried it but I want it so bad I cannot contain myself. Obviously, the price tag is the only reason why I have not rushed to the nearest MK store to get it. Maybe someday, I tell myself while daydreaming. Actually, I am not sure that I have the body for a sheath dress by MK. The people he dresses are usually so petite or thin, the dress compliment their figure. I am thinking of Kelly Ripa, Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Mrs O.

Michelle Obama

But since, MK claims to be designing for women of all shapes, I am pretty much optimistic. Hell, even the curvaceous MJB is wearing Michael Kors. So, I guess, if I loose a few pounds and get the money, the dress is all mine to wear.

Marie J. Blige

Check MK ready to wear dresses for this season at


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