Monday, April 25, 2016

On my radar : Off shoulders

Hello readers!

Today I want to chat about the latest fashion trend that is inspiring me: Off Shoulders. Truth be told, I had second thoughts about blogging on a trend I am not likely to enjoy publicly. As you know by now, I dress modesty for religious reasons. Therefore I am not about to expose my shoulders on this blog or in the real world. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realize that it should not stop me for blogging about what I like. For one thing,  most of my readers do not cover up like I do, and they might enjoy learning about this new trend. Furthermore, just because I may not wear the trend in public does not mean that I will not indulge in it in private. So today I give you my latest obsession: Off shoulders (anything)

The trend will be big for Spring Summer this year. It had already been featured on the runway and on some fashion bloggers. What I like about it is that it is a trend that anyone can enjoy no matter your size. Shoulders are not something even body conscious women like me, tend to hide.  They are easier to flaunt than some other body parts ( thighs and butt for example). Moreover showing a bit of shoulder can also be very sexy not to mention refreshing when it is super hot.

I am not going to lie, I did own some off shoulder tops in the past. It was a big trend in my country growing up and it is still making its way back in the ethnic wear department.

There are different ways to try the trend and I will show you my favorites below:

Peek a boo:

This style will let you show just a bit of shoulder skin if you are the shy type. Usually they come with simple blouses or dresses with round cuts on the sleeves. They are still sexy but demure at the same time.

Low boat-neck:

This is also for the people who are not quite sure about flaunting it all. The boat-neck style will help you flaunt your collarbone without going too deep into the shoulders. For this type it is best to stick to dresses or tops in stretch fabric which will make it easier to pull it down lower and hold it in place.

Two ways:

I would also recommend investing in a top ( or dress) that has drawstrings or elastic shearing in it. That way you can wear it properly or lower it when you want to try the trend. You can adjust the string to show one shoulder or both, as you like. Whatever you decide to do, you will have different tops ( or dresses) for the price of  one which is what I call a very good deal.

Down low:

These are for the dare it all type of woman. The top sits very low on the body, almost on top of the breasts and the sleeves look like they are unattached to the top. I really like this style but you have to be extra confident to pull it off. No to mention that the bra you will wear it with need to be extra special and supportive.

With fun sleeves:

There is something very dramatic about bell or bubble sleeves. They will upgrade your fashion game as they are but paired with an off shoulders, there are just too fabulous and fun.

Final points:

The cut of the item already makes it a focal point so you need to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Choose items in airy fabrics like cotton or raw silk. I am drawn to colors like white, beige, or pastel blue but you can go for prints such as stripes or check. African or tribal prints can also work provided that you keep the rest of the ensemble low key. If you go for a top that has a flowy or layered hem, pair it with a high waisted jeans or pencil skirts. If you try off shoulder dress pair it with gladiator sandals if it is short or espadrilles if it's long for a bohemian easy breezy look. As for accessories, either go for long drop earrings to let your neck shine or add some pizzazz with a fancy choker. Do not forget to moisturize you neck and back for a smooth and glowing effect. A bronzer would be also helpful.

There you have, all you need to know to start rocking the trend. I am thinking of Diy mine, and I will hopefully blog about that too later. Watch this space!

This is how my Gambian sisters rock the trend, in ethnic wear from Phuzion boutique

If there is one person who is obsessed with off shoulders, it is Geneva
She even DIY hers!

This off shoulder dress of Kela is giving me major vibes. And when she layers it with the jacket, it is oh so modest. 

Chastity shows that anyone can rock the trend with panache. 

Saily in a tie dye dream of a top

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Jersey Skirt!!! (Part 2)

In the previous post, I showed you all how easy it would be to style my jersey pencil skirt.Well now, it is time to put my theory to the test. Here are some of my fave ways to wear the jersey pencil skirt:


Scarf - Dmart
Men's shirt - stolen from Hubby and Diy
Tee - some shop in Harwin, Houston
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Sandaga market
Sandals - Westside
Bag - old, Shimamura Japan

Shades of Grey:

Grey scarf - Sandaga market
Black top - Shimamura
Shirtdress - G.U.
Skirt - Sandaga market
Mules - Westside
Bag - M.G. road


Turban - Sandaga market
 Blazer - Max
Tunic - HM
Skirt - Sandaga market
Pumps - Much more
Bag - M.G. road

Ruffle & Fluff:

Scarf - gift
Open cardigan  - Old, Shimamura
Ruffled top - Westside
Skirt - Sandaga market
Shoes - Westside then diy
Clutch - Sandaga market

It was really easy to style this skirt once I put my mind into it. Now I just have to chose which style to go with and step out of the house! Which one is your favorite look?

The Jersey Skirt!!! (Part 1)

I love everything jersey (or Lycra or knit fabric). I particularly love the way it drapes. And also the fact that you do not need to iron it . I have been looking for a grey jersey maxi skirt for a long time and finally got lucky during my Xmas holidays back home. But now I am faced with a problem on how to style it.

I do not like the fact that the jersey skirt being a pencil type ( I would have preferred a maxi skirt), it drapes the body in a way that all of its nooks and crannies show (being a plus size also does not help). It is great if you are into that sort of  thing. However I dread that my assets shall be exposed in such a way. Therefore I need to find a way to rock that skirt without looking overly sexy. If you have the same issues as me, here is what to do.

Try it with a blouse:

An over sized blouse is my go to item to mask the assets. A nice white or black shirt will compliment the skirt perfectly. Or go for bold prints if you are the adventurous type. Adding a belt will cinch the waist and make the look even more polished.

With a shirtdress:

Shirtdress are perfect for camouflaging bulges. I often use them over jumpsuits and tight pants. With the skirt, the trick is to chose a shirtdress that already have a cinched waist built in. If not find one that comes with a belt, or use a belt you already have.

With a long coat or vest:

Coats or long vests are a lifesaver. They add a chic factor to any outfit, let along a casual jersey skirt.

With an oversized cardigan:

In Summers, use cardigans that are in light knit fabric and in Winters the heavier, the better. Either way, cardigans are also a no brainier and fuss free.

With a peplum top:

I absolutely love peplum tops with cascading effect at the back. They are just so classy and fun at the same time. Here, the cascading back will hide the big butt.

With a high and low tunic or dress:

High and lows will never go out of style for me because they let me wear otherwise too revealing bottoms all the while letting me stay modest.

There you have it. You will notice that I used all Hijabis for picture references. It was done on purpose to show that one can be stylish without having to reveal anything at all. All these ladies are covered from head to ankle, yet they are still hip. As I said earlier, it all depends on your style. If you want to go and flaunt your curves, more power to you. As for me, the more covered, the better. 

Read here to see how I finally managed to style my own jersey skirt inspired by these fabulous Hijabis. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kerela (in pictures)

Some pictures for you to have a glimpse of our fantastic time in Kerela

Inside Jayalakshmi store in M.G. road, Kochi

Nice saree inside Jayalakshmi that caught my eye (and no, I did not buy it!)

Breakfast at International hotel

Never seen a Bougainvilliers I did not like, International hotel

Banana car


Backwaters cruise

Diner at Thaff restaurant : Fried tuna, Appam and fried rice

Fish in banana leaf

Luxury houseboat at Lake Palace resort

Saree display at Maheshwari store in Mallakal, Allepey

Sarees at SM Silks in Mullakal, Allepey

Kerelan lunch buffet at Revi Heights, Mullakal, Allepey

Backwaters in Allepey center


Captain of the sea

Sunset on cruise

Night ferry boat ride

Inside Lake Palace resort

Kerelan sarees and lungis

Matching Lungi and shirt

Kerelan sarees

Fish Palak at Sardarji ka Dabbah restaurant in Kochi

Mutton Rara

Chicken biryani

Gold jewelry display on M.G.road

Saree display at The Chennai Silks store in M.G.road

"I found a perfect match in a Muslim"
Interesting donor ad on the highway to Kochi airport

Man in Skirt


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