Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to the Basics : Cotton

A few days back, while I was browsing through my closet, I realized that I did not have enough clothes in cotton. I have a lot of man made materials and blends but not much cotton. I thought it to be weird because I love cotton. It is a natural fiber and it is breathable. But it also wrinkles and I do enjoy clothes I do not need to spend too much time ironing. However due to this excessive heat in the middle of the October month, I cannot stand fibers other than cotton on my skin. That is why I decided that I need these following items to survive till cooler months arrive:

Cotton tees
A girl will never have enough tee. Actually I have plenty of cotton tees but since I gained weight, they do not fit me properly. I am tempted to toss them aside and buy me some new simple cotton tees in plain white, black and with flowers or logo. Max have nice cotton tees with fun logo from their new Fall line. I also like the Sporty cotton tees from Reliance. But the ultimate would be to find the perfect Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse baseball tee.

Something similar is available at Reliance and it comes with a matching pants but in Grey. Itching to get it!

Try Brandmart, they have a great selection of tees and if you are lucky even a Minnie Mouse one

Colorful cargos or chinos
I love me some cargo pants and owned three in the past. But only one fits me now and its color is fading because I wear it so damn much. I need at least two new ones in nice feminine colors such as baby pink and red orange or green. The fit also has to be great. I do not want them too slouchy or too tight. Just a tad oversized to be comfortable will do.

Cayenne Classic Chinos at 959 Rps at Patang

White blouse
I love white blouses that are so light they are sheer. Some have kimono sleeves or peplum. Others have eyelet at the hem or colorful embroidery at the yoke. I know they scream Summer but it is never too cold in Pune, so I can rock them all year long. Furthermore they compliment any casual outfit. Believe it or not I found a really nice one at my neighborhood grocery store but the size was too big. Hopefully they will restock with a smaller size.

Summer tunic dress at 

Full skirt
I have plenty of maxi skirts in chiffon but I need some in breathable cotton and bright colors. For this item I decided to sew myself midi skirts with pleats, and full skirts. I found them to be so lady like even if paired with casual tees. But I never work up the courage to just go for it. It should not be too much work, right? (lol)

I love, love Asos midi skirts. If money was no issue, I will get one in pink, one in yellow, one in royal blue and the beautiful flower printed one. 

Cotton should not be lacking in your wardrobe particularly when you live in a hot country like I do. It is comfortable and natural so there is really no excuse. There are several others items in cotton I would also like to add to the list like outerwear, pleated pants, and blouses (but I think I am set when it comes to the last one:10 and counting).  Let us just hope that by this time next year, when the October heatwave strikes, I will have all my cotton essentials waiting. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I would never Wear! (This is not for me)

Hello faithful readers!

I often write about what I like or obsess about in fashion in this blog. But today I thought I would share what I dislike or at least what I think is not for me when it comes to recent fashion trends.

Don't you look at Street style pictures or any designer's latest collection and think: "I will never wear that!"  Fashion is all about making new trends (or recycling old ones) breaking rules and pushing boundaries.  Sometimes it is beautiful, it makes perfect sense. But most of the time you are left wondering "what were they thinking?". Here are a few trends that just won't do for me:

Ripped or distressed jeans.
Maybe it was the way I was raised but I cannot wear torn jeans (or torn anything for that matter) .  Give me boyfriends, high waisted,  hipsters, low rise,  bell Bottoms, dyed, anything but distressed jeans.  I do not see the appeal. Plus some of those jeans are so torn,  you might as well wear cut offs. Moreover,  the do come at a hefty price.  Does that make sense to you?

I would have preferred to see these ladies in normal jeans or plain cut off jeans instead of these atrocities. 
Cropped top
Truth be told,  I like cropped top. I even own one I layer over maxi dresses.  I find the trend cute but it is not for everybody.  I think that if you have a pouch, you should not wear a cropped top. They are for people with flat tummy. But if you must rock them in spite of your muffin top, try them with high waisted Bottoms for that classy peekaboo effect. Personally, even if I did not dress modest and I were a size 0, I would not wear it like that. Again maybe it is because of my background where exposing the tummy even a little is a big no-no. 

These ladies are doing it right but it is still not ok for me to try!

There are cutouts and then, there are cutouts. When they are well placed they can be cute or elegant. Cutouts that expose more body parts that the actual outfit do more than irritate me,  they make me gag. It is just bad taste.

Forever young  Halle Berry shows us how to do cutouts while Amber Rose, seriously wtf? 

Talking about exposing body parts, the latest trend,  at least on the red carpet is all about exposed thighs. A few celebrities have been rocking dresses that do not only bare their legs but sometimes entire thighs. It is just disturbing to see so much skin in broad daylight or even at night. Plus I wonder if they wear underwear. (Actually,  some wardrobe malfunction incidents proved that they don't) I am all about pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion but certain body parts need to stay hidden.

Showing a bit of leg a la Kerry Washington is acceptable but exposing all the thighs and bikini zone is a don't. 

I love sheer clothes and own a few. They are perfect for layering. But recently wearing sheer is just another excuse to go naked without having to be completely naked. I like sheer outfits that leave something to the imagination,  instead of revealing everything.

Olsen sisters shows us how to do sheer without going the half/naked way like the other ladies

Fugly shoes or accessories
The fashion world is all about quirky lately. Accessories are no longer cute but turn into nerdy, weird and sometimes ugly. There are some that I find appealing but others are just wrong. Why would I wear fury shoes that make me look like a Yeti?  There is certainly a clientele for such things but sorry, they are not for me.

The bag I dig, the necklace acceptable but these shoes are a criminal offense. 

That is all for me, at least for now. You may feel differently about my choices. But I would love to know what makes you tick when it comes to fashion.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What to wear for a road trip

I love travelling.  And I have been blessed enough to be able to travel at least once a year via airplane.  But since my family and I moved to India we started to travel more by road.  Depending on where you go,  the trip can be a hussle or easy breezy but never boring.  We are about to go for another ten hour drive to Goa and it got me thinking about what to wear for a road trip.

When planning your outfit for a road trip,  you have to think about several factors:
What kind of car or bus will you be travelling in? How long will you be travelling for?
How comfy your seat is? What the weather will be like? Will you stop on route?

Basically for a road trip,  the key is comfort.  You need to wear something that is easy to put on and easy to remove ( bathroom stops).  Something that does not wrinkle easily is also a must because you do not want to arrive at destination looking like a mess. You also want to layer in case you are travelling in cooler or rainy regions.  So based on all those factors, here are a few outfits I think would be perfect for a road trip.

Tops : Chambray shirt, striped tee or embroidered blouse

Bottoms: Cargo pants, denim, capris

Outerwear: Windbreaker, denim jacket,  bomber or jumper

Shoes : booties, sneakers,  jellies, thongs,  canvas and pool sliders

Accessories : sunglasses, hat, scarf and bag

I did not include skirts or dresses into the mix because I find them rather tricky particularly when you have to sit for long hours (unless it is a cotton tee shirt dress) .  I often find myself tugging or pulling at them to be at ease.  Moreover they seem to be a bit fancy for road trips.  You want to wear something you do not mind getting dirty as it will get dirty eventually.  I also think that one should stay away from white,  at least for the bottom part.  White tees should be fine if layered with a darker cover up.
As for the accessories you absolutely need sunglasses,  a sun hat or cap,  a travel bag like a tote or backpack.  I enjoy jewelry but they annoy me after hours on the road and I end up removing them so I suggest to keep it simple with studs,  and a thin necklace. A smart phone with music and games,  a magazine and or a book will keep you sane and entertained. If you find some space,  a small travel pillow will be a life saver.

 Travelling in India by road can be a bit tricky depending on where you go. You may find several restaurants and rest areas along the way.  But that does not guarantee that they will have clean bathrooms. So wear shoes that cover your entire feet to protect them and clothes that do not drag to the floor.  Always carry a hand sanitizer and water.  Moreover,  India is kind of a conservative place particularly outside of the city so I would not recommend wearing short shorts or revealing attire. That is also an important factor when travelling by road,  knowing the culture of the places you plan on stopping by.

I hope this was helpful. You can take a peek of what I wore during the trip to and back from Goa here

Sunday, July 13, 2014

On my radar: Tropical prints

Tropical prints have been trending for a while now. They caught my eyes recently as many shops in Pune put them on display to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Pineapple and palm tree prints, colorul parrots, jungle prints among other are popping everywhere. I really like them because one I am a sucker for a good print, and two it is colorful. Think : lush greens, deep blue, striking orange and yellow and shocking pink. What is not to love?
Here are few printed items I am eying at the moment:

Printed pants
I am still obsessed with printed pants and owning one in tropical prints by the end of the Summer is my goal.

Bossini available at Max, Lifestyle and Splash in Phoenix Mall

Summer dress:
Absolute must. Enough said.

 ( my kids told me that I already have something similar but what do they know, lol)

Bomber jacket or blazer
Because a girl needs a casual alternative to the blazer. And in case I do not find it, a printed blazer would do. I am getting tired of my basic ones.

 Gap and Vero Moda jacket at

I have to add a fun print to my plain collection. The bolder the print,  the happier I will be.

Rio at Reliance trends ( in fact the shop has an entire collection of Tropical prints on sale right now. I tried this jumpsuit but it was too tight)

Tropical graphic tee
I have been into graphic tees recently ( always thought I was too old to rock them) and would love to get one with something interesting written in tropical prints.

This one is nice too, Parrot tee at Reliance Trends

I am not sure I will score all of these items or something similar. Only time will tell. 
These prints are not for the shy dresser so if you are not sure they are for you, start with something small like an accessory or a tee. If the bold prints scare you, try one that is in a tiny version. The key to wear those prints is not to overdo it. One print at a time if you are going for seperates like a printed blazer with skinny jeans and plain white tee. It is also advisable to keep the accessories in the gold palette to uplift the look. Moreover tropical prints on a black canvas tend to be edgier and casual whereas those on a white canvas are classier. 
So, like me will you go tropical this Summer?

On the Runway 

Hermes, Karen Millen, Just Cavalli

Hight Street: Clemens and Ribeiro, Addidas x Farm, River Island

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ramadan collection?!

Ramadan is upon us.  For many Muslims it is time to try to get spiritually closer to God.  Many believe that it is just about fasting from dusk till dawn but it is much more than that.  The entire body, mind and soul should be fasting as well, by avoiding doing bad things, and focusing on increasing good deeds. 

For me Ramadan is many things: sleepless nights,  trying to top myself in the kitchen,  being bloated,  trying to be more modest, reading the Koran more.  Never has it been about fashion or getting a new wardrobe ( even when Eid is approaching). Ramadan is equal to austere times. 

However due to recent travelling in Muslim countries during Ramadan,  I came to see the holy month in a new light. Ramadan is a celebration.  In Dubai for example,  I would see advertisement for Iftar parties held in posh hotels or product promotions.  Even in India,  gossip magazines would focus on Iftar parties hosted by celebrities.  It became more and more certain to me that Ramadan for some was much more than a deeper spiritual connection with God,  it was also a way of socializing, thus requiring shopping for new outfits. 

To respond to this Ramadan rush, special collections are appearing here and there. The most recent in question is the capsule Ramadan collection from DKNY.  It is designed by two Muslim ladies from the Middle East and consist of modest yet trendy clothes. Almost immediately posts for and against the collection starting popping on social medias.  Some were being happy about the collection, others simply called it the devil.

It got me thinking: is Ramadan a new fashion season,  something that we can expect between Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter?

For many years the fashion Industry has been ignoring the Muslim woman. Some of them would find inspiration by the way Muslim women dress but it would stop there. However,  many affluent Middle Eastern women love luxury fashion brands like Chanel, Dior and such. They would travel to European capitals to get the latest designer clothes.  With the economic crisis hitting many fashion houses hard, and oil money being the only steady thing in this world, more and more luxury brands (even high street) have turned to the Middle East to stay afloat. It all started when they wanted to redesign the Abbaya or black cloak Muslim women wear, then they practically would have shows in the Middle East instead of the usual places of New York, London, Paris and Milan. Now, it seems they want to start a new season and open more fashion outlets.

Actually the Ramadan season is nothing new. Many designers in Muslim prominent countries would have collections during that time anticipating Eid. Last year while I was back home in Senegal during Ramadan, I watched a fashion show on TV where young local designers were presenting their collection for Eid. I was impressed that the process of purchasing an Eid outfit was easier as one could just visit a local fashion house as opposed to a few years back when one had to have it custom made from the neighborhood tailor well in advance.The entire talk of Ramadan season just hit the roof because it was a major fashion house doing it. Just imagine how social media would react had it been Chanel or Louis Vuitton?

I am all for fashion. But I find it to be devious to have a special collection for Ramadan just to get more money. But isn't it what fashion designers have been doing for years? They go where the money is. They could go on and on about fashion being a way to express their creativity but at the end of the day, it is also about making money. And they are doing it shamelessly. In these tough economic times they find ways to reinvent themselves and avoid bankruptcy. Why do we have more and more collaboration between luxury fashion houses and mass producers like Target? Why do we have the resort collection ? They are just strategic ways to get the business flowing. Plus let us face it, who in the world can nowadays afford to put thousand of dollars on bags that will be out of season as soon as they hit the shelves? Not royalty or old money ? Not your average modern woman. But oil money and nouveaux riches.

I also find it interesting that some Muslims would shone the collection. They are being judgmental to call for a boycott of the collection just because DKNY dared to make a Ramadan collection. It is funny to see minority complain that they are not being considered by the fashion industry yet when one fashion house starts we all scream foul play.  DKNY is not a Muslim business, it is just a business, which wanted to cater for Muslim women in this collection. You may like or dislike the collection but why proclaim that it has ulterior dark motives? I even read somewhere that since DKNY is being owned by LVMH, buying their collection would be like buying alcohol. It made me laugh the same way I laughed at my best friend who refused to buy a Michael Kors bag just because he was gay. Maybe they are right: we should all try to do our best to follow our religion. However how can we call for boycott of this and that when we are not even sure that what we are consuming is 100% Halal? Where do most of our clothes come from, our houses, our cars, the food we eat? Let me answer that: most of our clothes are either being made by Chinese or by Bangladeshi women who work in horrifying conditions. Our food ( at least in the meat section) come from Brazil or America - by  farmers who uses interesting ways to produce more ( by the way have you ever seen how  bulls are being castrated and cows are being inseminated ?). Japanese and Korean design our cars, South African miners dig our diamond and Indian lower class look for our gold. Banks are owned by Jewish who  handle our money. Do not even get me started on movies we watch and electronics we use. Even the social media outlets we use to blast our messages, who owns it?  Think about it: can we really talk about living in a world where everything is done by Muslims for Muslims, the Muslim way? That is highly unrealistic. Unless you are living in a farm, isolated from the world eating what you produce and wearibg what you sew.  No. We are living in a world where everyone and everything is related. We are all connected whether we want it or not. Therefore before criticizing a fashion house for finding new ways to increase their business by targeting Muslim women, we should take a good look at ourselves first.

On top of it all, Ramadan should not even be about Fashion and dressing up for Iftar parties ( oxymoron much?) I am all for Fashion, but Ramadan is a special time, a precious time to reflect on spirituality and abandon everything superficial.  Instead of putting big bucks on that new dress, why not give that money to the poor. Instead of shopping for that Eid look, why not put aside clothes you are not wearing and donate them to charity. It dawns on me that it would be just the Muslim thing to do.

As for myself, I find this debate highly irrelevant because I just cannot afford anything on that DKNY Ramadan collection. End of the story.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Essentials

My husband told me one day that since we moved to India, I stopped doing something that was essential to my life in Japan or the States. It was checking the weather forecast. It is true that the weather in India is so good to me. I love the hot Summers ( even if they come with migraines from heat stroke), the cool months of Moonsoon, even the Winter which feels more like the beginning of Autumn somewhere else. I do miss wearing heavy coats and knits and hate going out while it is pouring outside. But I cannot really complain.
It is Summer now in Pune. It is hot everyday, all day. It is so hot that without air conditionning I would be melting. But I like it. The heat gives me craving, craving for clothes that will keep me cool and stylish.

 Here is my list of Summer essentials

Summer whites
It could be a flirty white eyelet dress, wide legs pants, a crisp white shirt, or all. It is said that white keeps you cool under the heat so I better bag those babies. I really want more white tees in my closet though, simple, fitted white tees can be paired with jeans and skirts or layered with dresses.

Denim Jacket
Summer does not mean that we should forget about outerwear. Often it is super cold in restaurants, cinemas or at the mall with the air conditionning on full blast. I do layer with super light and soft knits in Summer but it is time to go back to Denim. Last year, I gave away my Gap denim Jacket that pampered me for 8 years just because it was a bit torn ( major regret). Therefore I want something as ageless and as strong as my long lost jacket.

Kimono ( or Kaftan)
It is also on my list because it the perfect colorful cover up. I layer 365 days a year but it is hard during Summer unless I find something airy. Plus Kimonos are so cool and chic; they are great for the beach, running errands or party time.

Strappy sandals
Summer calls for flat colorful sandals but I need a pair of cute and sexy heely sandals. I got my eye one a block heel for a change. Yet I am also craving caged heels.

I need a new pair of sunglasses. I want the aviator style as a true bollywood officionado. I cannot decide if I want to go for classic shades  or go with the mirrored sunglasses. I will have to think more about it.

Tote bag
Come Summer, I dig out my navy inspired tote or my basket weaved bag. Ain't nothing like a great tote where you can put all your essentials and more. This year, I dig the PVC style ( so 2013 but still like it). I got my eye on a small crossbody in glittered PVC.

Fedora hat
I love fedoras for Summer. They protect you for the sun but also instantly upgrade your style. I would love on in straw this time. 

There you have it. Everything ( well almost) that I need to make me happy durig Summer. What is your Summer must have? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I dream of Block Heels

Have you noticed the latest shoe trend? Now,  shoes tend to be lower with wider heels. Several fashion houses brought block heels on their catwalk. And I am not mad at it. In fact,  for someone who loves heels but cannot walk in them ( ok! I can but I do not feel comfortable in them), this is a trend I can follow without breaking my neck. So far I have enjoyed my yellow sandals and color block pumps. But obviously I want more.  And Summer being officially here, I am on the hunt for that perfectly strappy block heels. 
Here are a few on my radar:

Done by none at


London Rebel

So,  are you ready to jump on the block heels trend? 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

On my radar : All NUDE everything

Baby pink, Beige, Blush, Camel, Cream, Flesh, Ivory, Natural, Nude, Sand, Tan or whatever you call it, this (these) color(s) has been on my radar lately. Blame on the Zara patent nude loafers I saw on sale online back in January (and ended up buying a similar pair at Central). Or just thinking about the perfect lace dress with a nude lining modest enough for me. I am not sure what it is, but I am hooked.
Truth be told, nude or beige is not really my color. I usually go for bold hues. But nude represents a certain sophistication that is lacking in my wardrobe. And I am going to remedy to that pretty soon. Here are the nude items I am lusting over right now:

Nude skirt

I saw a two toned nude and gold skirt in a shop at M.G. road today. It was so classy but for some reasons I did not get it. Now the more I think about it, the more I feel like going back to get it. I already own one that is pleated so I really do not need a new one. But..

Nude dress

This one I already bagged. I was at the market searching for new dresses to add to my new inventory when I stumbled into this cute little nude dress. The price was just too good to let it go ( buying at the market is risky because you can never try clothes) . When I tried it on at home, it was perfect: wide enough and long enough. The plan was to wear it for an anniversary dinner but I got distracted with suits that day. Nevertheless I still see myself rocking it for another date!

I bought something similar on M.G.road

Nude bag

As I said above, I need sophistication and adult things. So I need a ladylike bag

 Zara Shopper Basket

Nude pumps

Nude pumps just like black pumps are a must. They uplift any style and the right color makes your legs look longer. After searching a long time, I finally found a pair of low heeled round toe nude pumps in Malaysia during a holiday years ago. They were perfect except that they peeled the first time I wore them. I was disappointed but I kept them to turn them into something different. Recently, I took advantages of the January sales to look for new nude shoes but the first pair I loved was still overpriced and the second was too high. My feet are flat so I am not comfortable in heels that have an arch or are too high. The price was pretty tempting but I am done buying shoes that do not make me comfy. So the search is still on.

Zara  pumps

Got a lookalike of these at Central Amanora Mall

Nude lace blazer

Lace is feminine, and the color is classy so there no need to explain further why I need this in my life.

Marc Cain lace jacket

There you have it, all the sophistication in color I am longing for to become more ladylike and less boho chic. Would you go for them?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I am not really a suit person. However I do know the importance of a good suit. Growing up watching American TV shows ( Melrose place), I did dream of having a career where I could wear sharp suits. Furthermore, my Mother who would make me wear suits on all important family functions or parties. It is the most formal outfit a person can own. When you wear a fitted suit, you look instantly proper and people will respect you for a suit expresses power and style.
Unfortunately I do not need suits in my life. I like to keep it casual and I never really think about suits. I was rather into investing in colorful fitted blazers that would upgrade any outfit. But seeing a picture of designer Masaba Gupta rocking a pink suit on her Instagram made me crave a suit, so much that for a diner date I ditched the dress I had planned and wore a black blazer and black pants.

Anyway, here are a few suits I would love to own someday:

Black Tuxedo
A woman wearing a tuxedo is very sexy I think. And it has been the trend on the red carpet this past award season. Although there have been new trends of colorful tuxedo, I am still partial to the black one paired with a crisp white shirt or ruffle blouse.

Angelina Jolie at the recent Bafta Awards

Dark colored and feminine suit
Just because we stole the suit from men does not mean we have to keep it masculine. Ruffles, peplum, cut would turn a suit into the most ladylike outfit. And going dark makes the suit ageless.

Sonaam Kapoor in a ladylike Dior suit

Prints seem to be a trend that refuses to die and it is a good thing. I love me some prints. It is not secret that I am obsessed with African prints. It would be nice to own a bright African printed suit but I could also go for stripes, dots, animals, tribal, floral...The sky is the limit.

Tropical or floral


African printed suit

Colorful one
This one may be my favorite although I have to admit that I am not sure I have the confidence to go for it. Growing up I owned several colorful suits. My absolute favorite was this yellow linen suit short. I loved the color and the cut of the short. It was such a bright outfit that you could also party in ( I did several times). Now I want a suit in red or shocking pink or a pastel color that suits me( they rarely do). But as I said, I will have to master the courage to walk around with such a bright number first.

Love this baby pink one
Colored suits for the bold ones

The ultimate suit
For me, a channel tweed suit is the ultimate must. I used to own one inspired by the brand, a short skirt and jacket bought in Italy by an aunt. The color was a pale pink. I wore it for my graduation ceremony. The skirt hugged my curves and gave me long legs. It made me looked good and happy. I had to part with it when the skirt became too tight ( come to think of it, I should have kept the jacket). I have been dreaming of replacing it ever since but this time with the real deal. If only money was no issue. Sniff, Sniff!
Lupita in a dress and bolero ensemble and Ashley in short suit

Friday, January 10, 2014

I dream of loafers

I confessed my love of flats once or twice in this blog before. But today I want to talk about a particular flat: the Loafer.

I have been dreaming about loafers for quite a while now. Actually I have been working on this post since last year when I was still in Japan. I did not manage to get a nice pair of loafers although it was the trend there. After searching a while in Pune, I just scored my first pair of studded loafers during the January sales. I could not be happier with them but if money was no object, these would be added to my shoe collection:

Animal loafer
A printed loafer is always fun but I am bias to the leopard print ones. In fact the sole reason why it took me so long to score a loafer was that I was looking for a leopard studded one. I prefer the ones with fake animal hair, they look expensive.


Textured loafer
Forget about the studded one! I am talking about loafers with some kind of texture wether it is velvet, lace, sequin or glitter. The later ones make me feel like Michael Jackson.

In silver available at Foot- In 

Patent loafer
I like the simplicity that lies in the patent loafer. The shine makes it pop without being too out there like the ones I talked about above. This loafer will definitely give me the Otona (adult) effect aka sophistication I long for. And would still be useful even after the trend fades away.

Zara nude slip ons

With a little something something:
These loafers come with extra baggage being a golden cap toe, a tassel here and there, or a quirky image (like cat face or mustache). I really like to keep things simple, but some I saw made me drool like the one with pearls on the heels. Ah, Le Die!

loafers with a little something

With tassels, cap toe or quirky design

If you are looking for affordable yet cute loafers go check Westside at Phoenix mall or SGS mall. They have different kinds of loafers ranging from Rps 399 to 799 right now. In fact I bought mine there. You can also find good prices at the market but they are of low quality, so beware.

 I got something a bit similar from Westside


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