IOICAT: Coach tote bag

I am not really into brands. There is no label that I have to have. I just enjoy fashion whether it is from DVF or some no name brand. I like what I like. But once in a while, I fell in love with a big name brand or a product. This was the case of the Coach tote bag some 8 years ago.
I was still living in Japan. Japan is a place where people enjoy brands. Strike that! They live for brands. For example, every where you look you can see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag. They like luxurious things and would do anything to get them such as starve for days or work a part time job just to afford them.
I got so annoyed at this superficial life style. I like luxurious things as well but I think that I live without them.
However, in all this superficial lifestyle, I started to crave a Coach bag. I was shopping in Shibuya with my best friend (who owned a Prada Bag, and who loved brands as well) and came across the newly opened Coach store. I just looked at how cute the window was and fell in love. As daring as I can be, I have a rule when it comes to shopping: never enter a shop where you cannot afford a single thing. Therefore, I was not about to enter the Coach store. However, pushed by my girlfriend, I did. And I did not regret it. Everything was as cute as it was on the window display. I particularly liked the coach suede clutch and tote bag. I checked the price and realized that they were still more affordable than the Louis Vuitton. I made a promise to get myself one very soon. I would pay it with my credit card.
Do not ask me why but I kept on reporting the purchase until I left Japan. And with my new life in the States (where you can find really cute bags for nothing), I forgot about my obsession for the Coach bag. Until I saw another girlfriend with one and died of envy.
Right now, I cannot really afford a Coach bag. I would rather use the $200 for something else. But it is still on my list of things I would purchase if I make it big a the lottery.

 Poppy signature sateen glam tote

                                           Coach Pieced "C" Large Capacity Wristlet (me want it in green or purple)


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