Monday, December 23, 2013

Tioman getaway in pictures

Our short stay in Tioman island in Pics (this post is overdue. It was supposed to be send back in November)

Interesting piece of furniture at the hotel lobby


Fish fry in Sweet and sour sauce topped with vegetables at the restaurant outside the hotel

Can you see the bats on the trees?

Dipping my feet in the sea


Baby dragon

Kids and Daddy going to the sea

Getting wet

Monkey on trees

Another island 

Our breakfast: Mourtabah

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What to wear at a hotel or lounge party

I was invited to attend a party at a lounge in the city recently. It was for a young crowd and you can read all about what I wore here.

Before attending the party, I thought about what one should wear to such a party particularly when there was no mention of a dress code.

I think that for such occasion, wearing a dress is always appropriate. A cocktail dress, printed, embellished or in bold hues is always elegant. If you want to be classy, do not go for a uber short length, just above the knee should be fine. The fit is also a must; do not go for that super tight bodycon that will dig into your body and makes you feel uncomfortable all night. To bring the outfit to the next level, add a cover up such as a blazer or a cropped kimono.

Deepika Padukone for Van Heusen collection

Blazers available at and Max

Lace dresses from Only and Zara

Dare color a la Kelly Rowland at Vero Moda

Another option would be to go for a deconstructed suit. By deconstructed I mean  pants and blazer that are not in the same color or print. Skinny pants with added details are so in right now. Some even come all sequined but go for darker colors like black and bronze, and smaller sequins to avoid looking tacky. A white or black simple top will complement the outfit.

Same style pants can be found at Splash stores

A jumpsuit is also a fun and different approach. I like it because it is hassle free ( except when you need to go to the bathroom) and can still be elegant.
Try Globus stores for something similar

Although I enjoy maxi dresses, I think that they are a bit too much for a casual party. Unless you have one that is very light and not boldly printed. Something classic and simple will make you fit in with the crowd.

Now, no outfit will be complete without the right accessories. The shoes always make or break an outfit. For this occasion, opt for high heels, the higher the better. Platform sandals, peep toe pumps, even booties would do. But make sure that you can walk in those killer heels or else...Jewelry is also a must but always remember that less is more: statement necklace on its own, dangling earrings or studs, cuffs or watch but do not decorate yourself like a Christmas tree.

 The shoes ( similar can be found at Inc 5 or Sole to Soul) and clutch (Forever New)

Accessories ( Accessorize, Forever New and Much more stores have the same styles)

Now, I know that the party being casual, one can be tempted to rock jeans. But for me, this is a big no no. It will make you look like you did not bother or try hard enough. There are other ways to go for that effortless look that does not involve denim. So keep them at home, and look you best.

Finally, be confident and opt for comfort. It does not matter if you are wearing a rug or a couture gown, if you do not look confident and/ comfortable, you will never shine.

So what option will you rock for your next party?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One denim shirt, endless styles

One of the most versatile item in my closet right now is the denim shirt dress that I bought last winter. It is also one of  the most valuable thing I own, not for its price (cost me less than $10) but because it is my to go to top when I do not know what to wear. Furthermore, it covers my butt perfectly so I can wear it with skinnies and fitted pants.

I have worn it several times on my other blog (here, here, here and here) and always in the same manner. So today, I wanted to try different styles just to see how I can revamp this sweetheart.

Relax: Layered over a maxi dress

Dress - Ross
Belt - 399 Mart
Bangle - H&M

Almost Preppy:

Skirt - Nissen online
Oxford shoes - Shimamura

Sexy Heeled:

Belt - 399 Mart
Pants - H&M
Heels - Inc 5

Asian tribal:

Scarf  - Big Bazaar
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Sole to Soul

Lady like:

Sweater - Forever 21
Bag - gift from my Dad
Skirt - thrifted Don Don Down
Shoes - Oriental Traffic via Don Don Down

Light Winter

Fur vest - thrifted via 399 Mart
Jodhpur pants - Fos Malaysia
Boots - Shimamura

So what do you think? I hope this inspires you to find new ways to style your denim shirt. And if you do not have one, go get it. Believe me you will not regret it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mumbai in Pictures

We went to Mumbai over the Independence day long week end. You can read about the trip here. But for now, I thought I would show you some interesting sights the city had to offer.

(Attention: most of these pics were taken from the car so the quality is poor)

Some old (colonial) building in the city center

View from our hotel's terrace

Haj Ali Mosque

A decorated tree inside the Mosque

No honking zone along Marine Drive (did not stop some)

Couples sitting along Marine Drive

Mosque in Crawford Market

and more...

 and more.

Some offerings washed on Chowpatty Beach

Looks like a Rakhi

View from Chowpatty Beach

A couple apparently talking about their dreams on the beach

Mumbai was an experience. I am not sure I like the city. Driving around was hectic; the city was humid and filled with people. It was overwhelming. The trip to this metropole made me realize that I am very happy not being a city girl. I prefer Pune and I find that I like the later better now that I have been to Mumbai. I am not saying that I will not be back but maybe next time I am there, I will enroll the help of an Indian friend who knows the city better than me (or my driver who boasted of living and driving a rickshaw in Mumbai but did not even know the main tourist traps or how to get there, le Sigh!)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bargain time

It is that time again where Summer is not yet over but we are starting to think about Fall ( or at least in the Northern hemisphere). Normally, I would be mad at shops for displaying Fall clothes when it is so damn hot; then I would try and make a list of all my Fall must have items.

But this time, I will not. My new normal is to spend the last moments of Summer wrapped in the Monsoon' fog. Because here in Pune, India Summer has passed during the scorching months of April and May to make way to Monsoon till October. It is raining every single day and the temperatures are low. Winter will start in November and even then, it will never be that cold (only nights maybe).
All that to say that I probably do not need to make a Fall must have list (or purchase sweaters and such)

But wait, there are things that I may need ( Translation: want) in this season. And since it is bargain time in Pune, (all stores be it at malls or just markets are having huge sales with price cut of 50% to sometimes 80% off) what better time to go for them?

So, after boring you with all my excuses for shopping, let me excite you with what I want:

Lace top and/ dress:
for the girly girl in me


Printed Pajama style

This one from Zara

With a stripes on the side

Something similar can be found at Splash

Colorful Blazer:
For a touch of sophisticated fun (a printed one would not be so bad either)

Raincoat or windbreaker:
Because the rain never seem to cease here

Panties: because according to the hubby, I have been wearing the same ones for a while now (and if he notices, then it is a bad thing)


Loafers (glittered, studded, printed or simple)

Printed wedges
Small clutch:
Therapy Therapy Small round studded cross body bag
Studded Crossbody Bag located at a random store in FC road 

 And finally, an Indian suit:

This pink cotton on from Melange at Lifestyle

So what you think? What is your Fall or Monsoon wish list? Or what are you planning on getting via sales this season?


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