I have been good!

I have been very busy with life recently. I just moved with my entire family to a new place: Japan. With a new place comes a new life, and a new lifestyle. Now, not only am I a stay at home mother, I am a busy stay at home mother. In the States, I was literally a stay at home mother because I would stay at home and take care of my baby and the household while my husband would go out and do the shopping or send my elder kid to school. However now, I do all that. And it has been hard because I do not have a car. I do everything by bus or by walking. I would not mind the walking so much if I did not have hills and stairs to climb. And I would not mind the bus if I did not have two kids under four to look after while I board it. And the heat! Oh the heat! It seems like this summer has been the hottest of all time in Japan. I usually do not sweat but 5 minutes outside and I am like a walking kettle.
Anyway with all this new busy lifestyle, I hardly found the time to go shopping (for clothes I mean). The last time I went, I was in Sakuragicho to run an errand (go to the bank) and I passed by H&M and the Gap to check them out. H&M was crazy busy as usual. And they had great things on sale for practically nothing. I was about to buy myself a white knee length shirt with a black bow for 300Y (less than $4) and this red and white stripes sweater for 500Y (less than $6) when I asked myself the same question: do I really need these?
Although the shirt was at a very likable length, I could not push myself to buy it because the material was polyester. The sweater was cute and baggy like I like them but the sleeves looked tight and since I had my baby sleeping on my back I could not try it on. Therefore I decided to leave them. They were other items I fell in love with in the store like this black romper that was on sale for 2000 Yen (less than $24). It was so cute but yet again I wonder what I would do with a romper? Wear it only at home? There is no way I could layer it to be modest. And it would be such a pity to wear it only inside the house. My other problem was the size; I could not try it on therefore I did not want to take the risk of buying it and later find out that it is too tight.
The only thing that I absolutely loved and was worth really buying was this blouse in coral (the same color as my H&M flats). The blouse was sleeveless and had pockets. It was worth 4000 Yen ( around $50), which is way too high for my budget. I checked the label and decided that if it was silk, I would grab it. Unfortunately it was polyester, therefore no purchase. I am putting it on hold until the price drops during Winter maybe.

As I was checking the store, which was already in Fall/ Winter mode, I could not stop but drool over two items: a khaki trench coat and a brown poncho. As far as I could remember, I always wanted a trench coat but never found the right one. I think this one by H&M may be it. And it is less than 5000 Yen.

H&M Trench Coat

The Poncho was among my Fall must have items. And this one is closed on the sides by buttons therefore it is easier to style by adding a belt.

H&M Poncho

I cannot wait for Fall to come to snag these two jewels. Who knows, by any chance I may even get them cheaper if I wait because Summer has been so hot and long that these Fall season maybe short. Which means that stores will have problems getting their Fall items sold, before they can start putting Winter items in display. All these equations lead to cheaper price. Well, I am hoping!

I am happy because although I have not seriously entered the no shopping for a year challenge, I am managing to stay away from buying anything just because it is cheap or cute. I am doing good and I am damn proud of it!


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