Monday, May 30, 2011


It is raining. A typhoon is at Japan's doorsteps. Therefore, we will have rain the entire week. Rain is great when you want (and can) snuggle in bed the entire day with you hubby. But when you have a life outside of the bedroom, rain can be a pain. However I found the perfect way to fight it: by wearing colors.

If you know me, then you know that I am into colors, bold bright colors. I own several pieces in my closet that make me smile everytime I see them. However, I think that I do not really indulge in my love of colors. I am still very into dark basic colors when I dress because it is easier. The truth is that I pick my outfit 5mns before I get out of my house in the mornings, therefore I always snatch the easiest and the most worn clothes( lately, jeans or cargo pants, top and grey sweater). However, when I have to go somewhere different, I do tend to prepare in advance. And at that point I indulge in colors.

There are some fashion items I do wish I could own in several colors. And here they are:

- Cardigans:
I always bought my sweaters in colors. But I was never really into cardigans until this Spring. Maybe because everywhere I turned there were myriad of colorful cardigans. Japanese women tend to wear cardigans even during Summer to protect their skins of UV rays. That is why you can still shop for light cardigans all year around here. I already indulged in my love of cardigans by purchasing one in white and coral at Gap the other day but I want the following colors: navy, olive green, teal, mustard, red and of course my favorite: white and blue stripes.

- Pants:
My pants are all in basic colors: black, brown, beige. But I am thinking that this Summer, I could leave the safe zone and enter the fun one by getting cargo pants or jeans in the following colors: blue, fuschia, yellow and printed ones. I am not really sure that it will suit me. I am bottom heavy therefore colors may attract attention into the parts I want distraction from. But maybe with the right fit and styling, I could get away with it.

- Shoes and bags:
I do purchase shoes and bags in colors instead of style. For a person who stays into basic color more than half of the year, they are a great way to add color into my life. However for this year, I was really thinking of getting into the printed sphere. I love prints particularly African prints but I never come close to purchasing accessories in those fabrics. They are just so fun to look at and wear.

Printed accessories

Printed accessories by Chilel Aissitou featuring wedge heels

So how are you going to wear color this Summer?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I dream of Wedges..

I decided not to shop for a while because I need to save for my business (but also for a trip somewhere nice where I get to go on a shopping spree). However there is one fashion item that is on my mind so much lately I think I will have to give in and shop a little. That fashion item is something called Wedges.

I do not need to explain what wedges are. For me there are a way of adding some height to myself without hurting my feet. You know I am all for comfort when it comes to fashion so much that I have at least 5 to 6 pairs of ballet flats, and my high heels are sleeping in a trunk under my son's bed. In fact the last time I wore heels, it was during the xmas holidays. In that sense, wedges are a way for me to compromise.

As of now I own 5 pairs of wedges: 1 brown from Payless, one gladiator style from Rockport, one orange from Bandolino, a black slingback one and red stripes from Walmart. I absolutely love all of them but I rarely wear them even if they are comfy. It is just that since they are under my son's bed, it is kind of hard to remember them. Plus, wedges and the hill that goes to my house do not go well together.

Wedges are so trendy in Japan right now, it is kind of hard not to notice them. I tried to convince myself that these shoes are for the true fashionista, not a simple lifer like me. However I was not successful because some mothers at my son's school- who usually wear flats-  have been sporting enough edgy wedges to get me obsessed. Can't a lady catch a break?

So I went to the nearest Shimamura to get myself a piece of the trend for less. And I was happy to see a variety for everyone taste. Unfortunately the wedges I wanted were only available in a small size. I was so pissed I could have killed someone. I was on my home when I spotted really cute and very affordable wedges at ABC Mart next door. I prayed to find my size and I saw a box with XL. Hoping I took the box and tried the wedges. They fitted but the straps were a bit tight. No worries, I told myself; I will just punc an extra hole in them. Then I tried walking in them and they were so high my ankles started to hurt. The old me would have bought those shoes and never wwear them because they would kill my feet. But the new me just walked away waiting for better and more fitting shoes.

So I am still on the search for a wedge that is edgy, but not too high I cannot walk in them. I would prefer something in the earth palette: brown, tan, camel. Suede or leather can be cute but optional. Really anything that can make my heart race and my feet feel like jelly, I am up for...and the price tag should be seriously affordable.

Here are a few I would not mind having (providing that they fit my criteria)

Crossed ankle strap wedges

Leopard wedges

T-strap wedges

Gladiator wedges

                                                            Another t-strap wedges

Peep toe bootie wedges

I used to own a pair like these but all in black suede back when I was 14. They looked more like clogs and made horrible sounds as I walked but I loved them.

Exotic wedges

Sunday, May 8, 2011

One pair of cargo pants, endless possibilities

Remember back in January when I made a post called One shirt, endless outfits? Well, I had so much fun styling myself around just one shirt, I decided to do it again with my fav pair of cargo pants. Here it is:

Cargo pants- Chino style

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Black cap - Ross
Beaded top - Ross
Golden sweater- Thrifted
Flats - H&M

Chino style

Close up on the beaded top

                               Folded hem on the pants and room shoes turned into ballet flats

Although these pants can be worn as cargo, I decided to turn them into a chino pants just by folding the hem a bit. I was inspired by a lady on the streets who owns real chino pants. I love chino pants and would love to own one in the same army green as these cargo pants. But I figure I cannot buy every single item I love in every single color I love (I already have chino pants in pink) just because. So I am working with what I have now.

Cargo pants - Folded style

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Printed dress - Ross
Tank top - Honey's
Floppy hat - Bday gift
Rockport wedges - Ross
Basket bag - Fam's Market

Folded style

Love this bag

Perfect summer accessory: floppy hat

And the love of my life (for now): the wedges

I love this dress. It was one of my first purchase in Ross. I do not wear it as often as I did because obviously I gained some weight. It looks so "beachy"... styled like this.

Cargo pants as long pants

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Scarf - Walmart
Yellow men's shirt - H&M
Bandolino Wedges - Marshalls
Accessories: earrings and bracelet from India (gift), ring bought years ago in an Indian shop in Japan

Normal slacks

Men's wear with feminine twist

Close up on the colorful scarf

The love of my life (number 2): Bandolino wedges

The accessories; dropped earrings + matching bracelet and random ring

I am trying to go for a color block look but it is not very bold, maybe because the scarf pulls it all together. I enjoyed the color of the shirt. It just makes me happy. I wish I owned more yellow clothes. It is definitely one of my fav color right now.

Cargo pants for a party

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop
Ruffle leopard shirt -
Flower clutch - H&M
Green sandals - bought years ago in a random shop in Tokyo

Folded a bit to show the ankle design on the shoes

Close up on the turban and clutch

Can you see the ruffles?

Close up on the shoes

I finally found my ruffle leopard shirt. I saw this beauty online and had to have it. Unfortunately the sleeves are too short for my taste. I thought that being a size LL, it would be perfect for me. Imagine my disappointment. That is why I almost never shop online. I am too scared to be disappointed. Anyway, I like the shirt and will use it until I find a better replacement.

So what do you think? Have you tried doing the same with your clothes? It is so much fun!! And a great way to restyle never worn clothes (and avoid shopping).


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