Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex and the Fashion

So I decided that I will go and watch Sex and the City the movie next week. I had planned to watch it on opening day this Friday, but by some miraculous mistakes, I am working that day. I could not believe my eyes when I checked my schedule and saw that I was on duty. S....!S....!S....!

So I guess I will have to wait, and avoid all the spoilers until I see it for myself. And by myself, I mean: alone, completely alone with a big bowl of pop corn and large soda.

I will be watching it alone. I wanted to take my husband but he is not such a big fan,although he enjoys "the bitchiness of Samantha Jones"(his words, not mine). I just wished I had my girl Chrissy with me. We watched so many Sexy and the city shows together (the finale included) and we would spend hours, days talking about them. So I guess that if she was by my side, I could convey in her all my excitement, joy, sadness, briefly all my emotions by just giving her this look and holding her hand...
But Chrissy is not her. She is hundred of miles away in her home of Taiwan. And she will probably watch the movie with her Taiwanese girlfriends. Bugger!!!

I will be watching Sex alone, but like doing sex alone, it does not mean it will be boring. I am expecting to be swept away in a tumultuous, hilarious, furious energy of drama, sex, laughs and shoes (fashion) for two hours-worth every second of it- long. I hope that I will drift away in this secret and utopic world of Sex in which I will dream of becoming Carry, and having the perfect friends, the perfect and rich man, and wearing the perfect clothes.

My life is oh so not perfect. I am married, with a kid (it can be wonderful sometimes but if you are in my position, you sure as well know that it is not pretty in pink every day). I do not have my dream job, I do not make thousand of dollars a week, and I cannot remember the last time I had a date, let along a girls' night out. So understand why a simple woman like me can find herself drawn to Sex and the city.

I will be drawn to the clothes as much as I will love the story. I will drool over Carry's new wardrobe they promised would be bolder and costly.
I am not sure I like Carry's taste. Watching the series, there are several of her clothes (like this one pictured under)I would never wear.

However, I admire her adventurous spirit. She tries something different every time, and it may not work but that does not stop her from being fabulous.
The item I loved most in the series was her Marni spring coat. She wore it when she went to visit Aidan at his new bar to offer him a plant. The coat had handprinted pink starfish. it was such a playful, yet classy coat.

Moreover, I also enjoyed her summer white dress she wore when she wanted to confront the waiter she had sex with when she was in her 20s and who fathered her aborted child. It was such a breezy dress, and the white color made her look almost angelic and pure.

I guess the ultimate wedding dress would be this outfit from Badgley Mischka. She looked gorgeous at this event. And I can understand why Aidan wanted to marry her then. Since I did not have a wedding reception, yet along a wedding dress, I consider this dress a serious choice if I was to wed again (or at least celebrate my wedding)

I cannot wait to watch the movie and fall in love all over again. The trailer makes me crave for more. On TV and the Net, they keep on showing the latest crazes the quartet adorn during the movie. I cannot wait (oops!I am repeating myself)
This is going to be fa-bu-lous!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

So, I finally went to Hawaii, Oahu for 5 days with my hubby and baby.
Hawaii was great. More than I imagined. The beaches were beautiful, the moutains were gorgeous, the people friendly and the food exquisite.
Before going, I have planned 101 things to do there. But it seems that laying down on a beach was the most attractive attraction I could enjoy. 5 days is not a huge amount of time to do some sight-seeing, museums-visit, enjoy food and shopping.
Remember the packing process I share with you before going? Well, the packing process did not go as smooth as I have planned.
First, I found time to pack just the night before our departure. I already figured what I wanted to take but I had to make some changes because I am a very undecided person.
Second, I was very tired that day, having worked all day inside and outside the house.
And finally, I was very upset at my baby who would not sleep and at my hubby for not helping.
So the packing was critically rushed. I took out some clothes thinking that I may not need them. And I kept just the minimum because I did not want to have excess weight.
Here are the following items I packed:
-6 or 7 panties
-2 bras
-1 slip
-1 t-shirt for sleeping
-1 black beach pants
-4 tops (white,yellow, black and pink)
-2 tank-tops (black and white)
-1 black and white skirt
-1 printed floor length dress
-1 black knit bolero
-1 linen short
-1 linen beige pants
-2 swim suits and cover ups
-1 pair or red espadrilles sandals
-1 pair of golden flip flop
and my jean, pink blouse and gladiator sandals for the trip, and extra accessories.

I regretted what I packed and what I left behind, the moment we went outside and checked the city we were staying. Everyone was wearing colorful shirts (aloha shirts- with big bold flower prints) and very short shorts, or skirts. No one was over or formally dressed. They even wore sandals or flip-flops. Around the beach, swim wear was the way to go.
I felt out of place with my t-shirt and oversized long dark pants. I just wanted to go back home and pick some shorts. The thing is I do not have shorts coz I think I am too old to be wearing short shorts.
The fact that short shorts must be innapropriate did not cross the minds of many Hawaiian, elderly included. Everyone, and I mean everyone-tall, short, fat, slim, young, old in Hawaii owns a pair or more of shorts shorts.
I wanted to go shopping and get myself, some sarong, pareo, cover ups, bold printed short dress, short shorts, beach short, jean skirts, and colorful flip-flop.
Before going, I was so busy planning for the things to do in the Island that I did not made some good research about what clothes people wore.
I made the best out of the clothes I had and did not shop for any new ones. Nevertheless, I made a mental note of planning the clothes that I will take with me next time I go to Hawaii. Let us hope that there will be a next time.


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