Monday, December 31, 2012

On my radar: Studded handbags

Hi! It's been a while. My other blog got me too busy but today I am back bringing you more interesting trends from Japan.
It is about  handbags. I have not bought many bags recently because as much as I love them, my collection is piling up (literally), and I want to invest in a statement bag a la Coach or Michael Kors. Nevertheless, that does not stop me for noticing interesting bags around these parts. Two have been on my radar:
The Goyard bag
Japanese ladies are all about Designer's bags. For a while there was a craze about Louis Vuitton but now everywhere you turn you can see women rocking Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. However, the trend nowadays seems to be about Goyard St Louis tote bag.  I did not even know what Goyard was. After noticing the bag everywhere I turned, I went into a used brands store just to try and figure out the name of the designer. Then I went home and google it.  Apparently the Goyard Tote is from Maison de Goyard which is a French luxury brand that predominetly sells luggages and such. I am not sure as to why it is popular now but probably a celebrity started rocking the bag here in Japan and everyone else followed. These puppies retail at 100.000 Yen or around $1000.

Goyard StLouis Tote

Personally I do not see the appeal of the bag. I do not find it remotly beautiful. But the reviews on the Internet are that it is sturdy and less common than LV bags that are everywhere and easily knocked off. I can bet a few bucks that somewhere in Thai or China, you can find a knock off of this bag for less than $20 and it will look (maybe not feel) as nice as the real deal. 
The Studded bag
Studded bags have been the rage here in Japan since the beginning of Winter. I started to notice them after seeing one mother at school carrying a coral one that was to die for. Then, all of a sudden, everywhere I looked I could see studded bags. The studded bags I am talking about are a bit different from your average studded bag. These ones have a myriad of tiny little studs (sometimes rhinestones or crystals) that gives it a certain sparkle without being too edgy. In fact, I find the tiny studs to be elegant. Personally I am not into edgy, punk, in your face kind of fashion that is why (except from my studded beret), I do not own anything studded. But I am willing to try the trend because it is so darn cute (and probably less costly than the Goyard).
Jayro white studded bag available at for less than 5000Y 

Casselini Bijou Studded bag available at for less than 3000Y  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stylish Friends: Mame

As much as I love to blog about my style, I know that I have a lot to learn and to dare to wear. However, I am surrounded by friends with bold and great style. Last time I introduced my bestie Marieme Faye and her crazy style. Today it is all about Mame.
Mame is not only my friend, she is family. She is my father's baby sister but we have been partners in crime ever since I met her for we are barely one year apart. Every year for Summer, I would spend time in her hometown of Banjul, meeting with her friends, discovering R&B and reading her English books. As we grew up, we did so many crazy things and build so many memories that I hold dear to this day.
But I am not going to get all mushy about Mame. Instead I want to share her sense of style. Mame has this great body. She is super tall and has curves in all the right places. She has a beautiful dark skin, sexy eyes and a killer smile.She also dresses to impress without being too over the top. But do not take my word for it. Check her pics and read what she has to say:

 Ode to Fashion: How can you describe your style?
Mame: Urban yet classy. However I try sometimes to wear African, bohemian and even rock chic

For Eid- Love the hair
What was your favorite thing in your closet right now?
My favorite thing in my closet right now is a blazer I bought inspired by Kim K. (although I am not a big fan of hers)

The blazer
What was your favorite thing to wear when you were a kid, teen?
 Tops, trousers and trainers (aka sneakers)

 Who is your style icon?
 I love Dame Elisabeth Taylor but for everyday stuff I like Lisa Ray McCoy

Keeping it simple
How much are you willing to spend on a great pair of shoes?
A healthy amount. It has to stay within the hundred pounds though. I promise I will never do more than that even if I could afford it.

My favorite outfit
What is your make up routine and how much time do you spend doing your make up in the morning?
I am not a make up worshipper. I only wear it for special occasions and even then it has to be subtle. I only wear foundation powder and eye pencil when I go to uni or work.

Going to a concert

 What trend will you never try no matter what?
 Punk fashion. It is just a no go area for me. But hey, never say never, right?

 What style advice can you give me?
 My advice? Keep it simple to make it elegant. Always have perfect hair and shoes then you are good to go.

There you have it, an homage to Mame's style. Who will be next to fall prey to my blog? Daba I have my eyes on you...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Isabel Marant sneakers

I have not done a IOICAT post in a while for as much as I drool over luxury items, I am not crazy enough to obsess about them (for what is the point in obsessing about what you cannot have). Yet there is something approachable about these shoes that make me think way too much about them lately. Blame it all on some bloggers or celebrities for sporting them with ease or on fashion magazines for naming the pair a must have.

Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneakers in cobalt blue
Anyway, as a girl who rarely wears sneakers (I do not even own a pair), it is unusual for me to even like one. Yet, the sneaker that comes in various shades and styles is so darn cute. I favor the Suede texture of it, but also (and I think it is everyone's favorite thing about the shoe), the concealed heel. The shoe is actually a wedge, but it is designed in such a way that from the outside, it is not noticeable.

These shoes are available online for the hefty price of 24000Y (or roughly less than $300).Not impossible but just unthinkable on my none existent salary of a housewife. So, I will either have to forget about the obsession du jour or just do like every other broke fashionista out there, resort to the cheaper "fake" version on the market. For starters Topshop in Japan has what they call the Acrobat Wedge trainer for around 10.000Yen.
Topshop Acrobat wedge trainer
But I  would rather put my money on Shimamura. It has the same exact pair in black and brown for 2900Y. And those I got my hands (or rather my feet) into. Let me tell you that they were comfy for the price. I may wait for it to drop a little to get them. I am cheap like that. Truth be told, they just have the black and tan version where I would rather get the cobalt or red one. A girl can wait, right?
Celebs who love the shoes (Kate, Mirranda and Beyonce)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Iftar at home (some things never change)

My stay back home has been very pleasant. I am spending half the time at my in laws and the other half with my parents and brother. As I was telling you in earlier post the last time I spent Ramadan with my family was back in March 1999. I managed to spend Eid back in 2001 with them but that was about it. So getting to spend Iftar again with my family after such a long time was a blessing.
Iftar at home was always a pleasure. My Dad would go out of his ways to buy us delicacies fit for a king. And my Mother would cook us succulent dishes. Back in those days we did not fast much my brothers and I for we were still young. However that did not stop us from partaking in the feast. Usually my Dad would drink hot milk tea, my Mother coffee and us the kids would get hot chocolate. Then we would all eat bread with butter, lunch meat, cheese and sometimes fried eggs. After that feast, we would rest for a while, my Dad would pray and my mother would rush to finish her dinner. Dinner was usually a local dish on weekdays and the fancy treat of Jolof rice on Saturdays and fried chicken on Sundays. 
After almost 13 years, I thought that Iftar back home would be different. My family is a lot smaller, we used to be 7 or 8 people lliving in our house, now we are just 4. My Dad although still having a full set of black hair seems smaller and tinier. And him who was a workaholic is retired now. My mother is hiding her grey hair underneath her moussor and she had lost a lot of weight. My younger brother is an adult ready to spread his wings and fly if only...The house is falling apart here and there but if you are new to it you would not notice because every space on the walls is covered with some paintings or statues my Dad brought back from Eastern Africa (where he used to work). We have a live in maid now, who is a relative.
Yet, with all those changes, Iftar managed to be the same.
Before it is time to break the fast, the maid and my mother would set the breakfast table with boxes of powder milk, cocoa, coffee, sugar, butter, French bread, dates, and the thermos with hot water. Noticing all this, I was kidding asking where was the lunch meat, thinking that there wasn't any. Then my Dad asked the maid to take it out of the fridge. You will have to understand that even when we were kids, lunch meat was a luxury that we did not have everyday except during Ramadan time. Imagine now years later living in a world with perpetual financial crisis, I did not imagine that my family still afforded that luxury. Boy was I wrong! On top of having lunch meat, they also had loaf of bread, which contrary to French bread is also a delicacy. There I was sitting at this table trying to drink my milk tea when I see my Dad making his cup the same way he used to all these years: mixing powder milk with a little bit of hot water and making a paste out of it before adding more hot water and tea. I was back in 1999. Right then and there, I could have cried of hapiness, because this is exactly what I call hapiness: coming back to the house you grew up and realise that some things did not change. It made me feel safe. Alas I was too hungry to dwell on this. So I praised the LORD and went back to my milk tea....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dubai in Pictures

Tea set at our hotel

Decorations at Mall of Emirates

View of  Dubai from Hotel roof

Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Stary ceiling in Dubai Mall

Waterfall in Dubai Mall

World tallest building Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa at night

Fountain show in Dubai Mall

Restaurant where we had our last Iftar in Dubai Mall

Fancy restaurant boat in Dubai Marina

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Outfit Planner: Dubai

       Ramadan Kareem everyone!

For those of you who do not know about Ramadan, it is the holy month where all Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset, avoid doing bad things (from little things like loosing one's temper and so forth...) devote more time to praying and connecting with GOD. It is also time for feasting and great family gathering.
I am going back home for Ramadan this year. I have not spent Ramadan at home since 1999. I am a bit excited to go back into that festive and pious mood that you rarely find in Japan or the States. The entire country (or almost) is fasting, plus there is an ambiance of copious diners, long prayers and time spent with family. It is just priceless.
On my way back home, I will stopover to Dubai. My husband realized two years ago that stopping somewhere on our long trip back home (26 hours long to be exact), gives us the time to recuperate from long flights, but also the opportunity to visit others places. We visited Istanbul that way last time we went home and although it was short, it was a great stopover. This time we are off to Dubai and let me tell you that I cannot wait to see with my own eyes what is all the fuss about it. And to top it all my girl lives there. I have not seen her in three years so I am expecting long girl talks.
Anyway, I am not planning to take many things with me as I have clothes and shoes waiting for me at home. But for our stopover in Dubai, I need somethings. And here is what I plan on taking with me:

- Beige shirtdress
- Eyelet shirtdress
- Black skinnies
- Snakeskin wedges
- Dolman open cardigan
- Pink Maxi dress
-  Jellabah
- Tees and Tanks
- Scarves
- Sandals
- Flats
- Bag

Some styling options for the trip on the plane

I cannot wait to stopover to Dubai. I am more excited about visiting this place than going home. Yet I am still looking forward to seeing all my family.

On my radar: Sweater tops for Fall

Summer holidays are over, at least mine are. I am back from 3 weeks vacations which I still have to tell you all about. But in the meantime, I would like to tell you about my new obsession: Sweater tops.
Early in Summer, I started to write about all the basics I was lacking in my wardrobe. There are lots of things missing, which makes my everyday dressing a bit difficult. So for the rest of the year, I decided to purchase only the basics. I already started with some pants and cardigans but with Fall on display in every shop I see, I am craving sweater tops.
I absolutely love sweater tops. They are soft and easy to wear. Plus they add instant class to any casual outfit. I used to have a lot of them in the past but I had to part with because they were getting too old or I gained weight. However this year, they are top on my list on things I want and need this Fall/ Winter season.
I love my sweater tops to be soft, preferably made in jersey or cotton. It would love for them not to wrinkle but I can deal with a bit or ironing. I also would like them to be in rich color tones such as camel, rust, navy, grey, pink, red, green and mustard or yellow. I will look for fitted ones but I may want one or too to be over sized just so that I can layer with shirts.

Here are the ones on my radar:
By the way, all of these goodies are 2000 Yen or less (sometimes less than a 1000Y). I can't wait to snatch them before the temperatures drop (which is not now judging by the inferno we are dealing with on a daily basis)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I like in hotels (reviews)

The family have been stoping to Dubai on our way home for some well deserved Summer holidays. We have been in the fabulous city for 3 days now and so far we are liking our stay. I have not seen much but everything was like I expected and more. But I will come back to that on later posts in my other blog.
Today, I would like to talk about hotels. I traveled enough in my life and stayed in enough hotels to know what I look for and like in them. In Dubai, we are staying in a hotel called Corp Executives. The hubby booked it based on the Emirates airlines recommendations. The Corp is nice enough. We have an apartement with a kitchen, a spacious living room and spacious bedroom. My only problem is that it is not a 4 stars like it is pretended to be. For starters the bed is not big enough for 4 people. We would have prefered two different beds. Besides the location is not great. The area is underconstruction (but to be fair most areas in Dubai look like they are under construction) therefore the view from our room are some dusty roads and constuction sites. However, there are severals restaurants, supermarkers and even the Mall of Emirates at walking distance so we cannot really complain. What I like about the hotel is the kitchen, and the pool. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, a microwwave, a toaster, a coffee and tea maker. It also has a washing machine so I can wash the kids clothes right in the room. The pool is very nice and not deep so even my younguns can play there at ease. Plus the layout is very loungy and comfortable. It also have wi-fi which is not the case inside the rooms (weird?). I would give the Corp a rating of 6 out of 10.
If you want to know why I would give a 10 to a hotel, read further.

Great location:
A good hotel needs to be at walking distance to all the attractions and touristic sites available to the city you are visiting. If you have kids under 6, you do not want to travel a long time to get to fun places. And since it is not in all places in the world that the transport system is functionning properly, you want to avoid being stuck in traffic, stranted on the side of the road or a taxi driver with a bad attitude. Furthermore, good restaurants and supermarkets should be available nearby. If the hotel is somewhere far from everything, they should at least offer a shuttle service to the city and back free of charge. Some hotels I have stayed in offered a shuttle service in the 3 miles radius, some other would literally take you downtown.

Great for kids:
Back when I was without kids, I did not mind if my hotel was crappy, as I would spend most of my time out discovering the country, and coming back in the hotel at night only to sleep. But things change with kids; you cannot stay out all day. You have to respect their needs which means that you will have to go back in the room for them to rest from time to time. Therefore the room needs to be roomy; have enough space for them to run around without disturbing the adults. The beds need to be spacious enough, preferably two beds. And it would be wonderful if the hotel could offer an extra cot free of charge for the baby. The bathroom needs to be clean, and have running hot water. Once I stayed in a hotel without hot water and let us just say that the kids hated it.  I like to have the option of a bathtub so I can run bubble bath for them (which I do not do back at home). Plus the bath should be covered enough so to avoid water spills on the floor. The hotel needs to have other amenities that are attractive to the kids such as a kids club. But even if they do not, a small playground, and a shallow pool shall do.

What I need in the room:
Your room in the hotel is the most important part of your stay. And if you do not like it, it can jeopardize your stay altogether. As far as I am concerned there are things that I absolutely need in a room. For instance, I need a clock. People often underestimate the importance of a clock in a room. My house has a clock in all rooms (except the bathroom). I hate to wake up in the middle of the night in a hotel and not knowing what time (or day- jetlag anyone?) it is. I do not have a hand watch so often times when the hotel did not have a clock, I had to go get my computer in my suitcase or call the desk to know what time it was.
Moreover, having access to the Internet is vital. In this day and age, a hotel without proper Internet cannot survive. With people constently on the social medias, there is a need for Internet and wireless at best. Who wants to stay in a hotel where you can have the Internet only when you are in the lobby?
A TV with relevant channel is also a must. By relevant I mean CNN or BBC, a good movie channel and Disney channel cannot hurt. I mean I have nothing against local TV but most of the time it is in a language that I cannot understand. So give me the basics. Plus add a chanel list to the room so I don't have to zap for hours to find what I am looking for.
Don't you hate it when you are four to stay in a room and they only give you two towels. What is up with that? I need towels, lots of towels. Most hotels will ask guests to reuse wet towels for environmental reasons, but really it is just for them to save money. So spare me from that and give me as much towels as I need, at least one for each person staying in the room per day. 

A great breakfast buffet:
Although I find this to be a bit bad now, I truly enjoy a breakfast buffet with a variety of delicacies both international and local in a hotel. With a breakfast buffet, you eat so well that you do not need a lunch. You can save money. However, breakfast buffet feast make you lazy because you are so full after eating you do not want to move. Then you also miss the chance to try the local food for lunch as you are too bloated to eat. Yet, for me a stay at a hotel would not be complete without a good breakfast buffet.

Great service:
Your stay is even more enjoyable when you are in a hotel where the service is great. The staff go out of their way to make you comfortable without expecting a tip. They play with the kids, provide you with assistance, information and extra attention. They should make you want to come back .

The hotels I stayed in and liked:

Berjaya Tioman (back in 2001)
I stayed there during the low season so there was practically nobody. But the place was nice and they provided enough activities for the tourists such as snorkelling and island hopping. The hubby and I just enjoyed the pool, and the breakfast buffet. We did a bit of snorkelling as well. 

Berjaya Langkawi (back in 2003)
I went there with my girl. The hotel is nice but what we liked the most my girl and I was the spa and massage services. We booked twice and both times we enjoyed it so much. After my first spa, I felt rejuvenated, and so relax. Most days of your stay, we would just lounge by the pool reading books from the hotel library or playing games like scrabble borrowed from the desk. There was also a nightclub in the hotel but we did not get to try it because the region was mourning the recent death of its king.

Sirkeci Konak Turkey  (back in January 2011)
The staff there was so nice. After my husband asked where he could buy the apple tea we tried at the hotel for tea time, they offered us a new box. They always put extra delicacies in  the room. They were prompt to serve us or answer to our inquiries. Plus the room was fabulous. It had a jacuzzi in the bathtub where I indulged in a bubbly relaxing bath. And the hotel was just so beautiful. The lobby and lounge was decorated in this beautiful Turkesh tapestry, lamps and tiles. Plus the hotel was at walking distance from all the attractions. In our short stay we walked everywhere.

Ming Garden Kota Kinabalu Malaysia (in January 2012)
The hotel just opened when we stayed there. Therefore I am not sure that with time, it will stay great. However I really enjoyed our stay there. It was located from walking distances to the hub of the city so we walked everywhere (unless we had loads to carry). The staff was extra welcoming and even overbearing some time. I like that they were always smiling and greeting us. We felt like Kings. The breakfast buffet was to die for with even Sushi, although I was not going to Malaysia to eat sushi. So I indulged in usual breakfast and local treats. The room was not that spacious but had two comfortable twin beds and nice bathroom. I deplored the lack of bathtub but the shower room was interesting enough. Anyway, I like my stay there but as the hubby said we need to go back in two years time to see if the hotel stayed the same to review it properly.

Arwana Langkawi
There is really nothing special about this hotel. It is in the middle of nowhere and you need a taxi to go to eat out or for shopping. But the staff was extra nice. They serve the kids and entertain them giving us parents free time to enjoy breakfast. And the pool was so kids friendly with water jets coming out of Mushroom shaped things and even two different slides. Moreover I really enjoy their esplanades that was perfect for Sunset stroll.

The hotels I never want to go back to

Likas Square Apartment Hotel Kota Kinabalu
That thing was a dump in the middle of nowhere. The appartment was big enough with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms, huge living room and kitchen. But the paint on the walls was peeling off (my kids played with that), there was no hot water. For me space is everything so I did not mind that too much. Plus it had an ok pool the kids could enjoy. But really the fact that the hotel was far from everything really did it for me. Even to go out and eat we had to take a cab.

Berrengis Kota Kinabalu
Let us put it that way, the only thing I liked about the hotel was the local restaurant across the street from it. They call it a resort but it was really a dump in front of a beach that was not all that. There are only two nice places in that dump: the hotel lobby that is super luxurious with decorated walls, huge flat screen TV and flower arrangements, and the pool with its slides. Our room was dingy, and damp. It was also tiny, there was barely enough room to move. The bathroom had hot water but it was just wet and humid all the time. The staff really tried and they were really nice. But I hope to never go back...

There are some other dingy hotels I stayed in the past, but they really do not count because I cannot call them hotels. Most of my travelling happened in South East Asia, Australia and America. South East Asia is just starting with the hotel business therefore they have a lot to learn about hospitality and service. They are trying though reason why you can find great hotels in the region and not so great ones. The thing you should do before booking there is read the reviews but also chat with your friends who have been there. I am really happy that Internet can help me get an idea of a hotel before arriving there. Sometimes it is dubious but most of the time it is right on point.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Layered Top Maxi dress

When everybody else is obsessing about the high and low maxi skirt (FIY: I was too until I tried the thing and decided it was not for me), I find myself intrigued with a different kind of maxi: the layered top maxi dress.
If you do not know what I am talking about, take a look at this pic below.

In fact, this picture and SJP are solely responsible for my interest now turn into slight obsession of this dress. I find the layered top to be somehow refreshing, different from what is out there at the moment. Plus, it is a kind of top that works great with ladies without a big bust. And even though I have been blessed in that department, I am still liking the romantic effect of the top. Actually I own a jumpsuit with a layered top and I really like the fluidity of it. I am not sure I will find a layered top maxi that is floor length in Japan (it is very hard to find floor length maxi dresses or skirts here because Japanese ladies tend to be on a shorter side) but I am willing to try. These below are also interesting picks:

G.U. Floral maxi dress on sale right now for 990Y in stores and online (tried it but wanted it to be a bit longer)

Layered pleated maxi dress available at for  3380Y

Oriental maxi dress at for 7900Y

Embroidered layered top maxi dress at for 6500Y (I wish you could see the embroidered details on the top- magnificent!)

And some of my favorite bloggers rocking this style:

Hijabi and the city at

Jentina at

Eboni of the

I will go on the hunt. It is bargain time everywhere you turn in Japan so I may get lucky! As much as I like printed dresses, I think for this style, I will stick to monotone type in a vibrant color like green, yellow (so bias towards yellow this summer) or even red. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to the basics: Pants

The new topic of my Back to Basics series - where I talk about all the things basic missing in my wardrobe- are pants. I am really lacking good pants in my wardrobe. I used to have lots of pants because I practically lived in them (wearing dresses and skirts are a bit new to me). But since I gained so much weight, all my favorites pants are too small at the waist. I think that I need to find me new ones (or at least get back in shape but truth be told shopping for new ones is an easier and way funner option). When I think of pants, I think about the kind that I would need in a professional setting. Let us face it, I want to work and may someday. And when (or if) that day comes I will be needing some good pair of pants. I also find that having new options for casual fridays or the week end would not hurt either. I mean I cannot just live on maxi skirt and maxi dress so the hunt is on:

Black slacks:
This is a must in every girl's closet. Like Jeans, it is an element that can easily be paired with anything. My favorite one was from Zara. I bough that thing back in 2001 and I wore it with everything and almost every wear from school, to part time work, to the club to even a wedding. But the pants got stolen from my washing machine (that I had outside of my apartment) and I cried over it. I never found anything as great as that slacks after that. But I am still looking.

Black or Grey legging pants:
I love wearing leggings with short dress and tunics. But it is not Hijab friendly. Yet I like the comfort leggings bring me. So now I want some that can pass as pants. You know the types that are like pants but are so comfy that they resemble leggings. I found some nice looking ones with zipper and other hardware at Zara shop in Motomachi on sale now.

Zara leggings with zipper at for 1990Y

It is really hard to find a great pair of denim that will not cost you and arm and a leg. Truth be told I have never had a pair of denim that I was hundred percent satisfied with. There was always something wrong: too tight, too big, gaping at the waist, too light, too dark....But that did not stop me for trying to look for the perfect pair and for me the are two types: one bootcut style in a dark wash and one in lighter wash boyfriend style. For those who are on the normal to petite side, GAP, Uniqlo and G.U. have some great selections of denims that are less than a 10.000Yen (or sometimes less than a $1000 at G.U. ). For bigger people like myself, Forever 21 have some denims that are okay. They and H&M also have a vast selection of colorful denim that are affordable.

Denim bootcut at

Silky harem pants:
The ones I like do not have the drooping inseam a la Aladdin. No, they are more are elegant. G.U. has a great selection for only 990Y right now. I tried them and although they fit, I wanted them to be a bit loose.

Silky yuru pants at G.U. for 990Y

Palazzo pants and or Wide legs pants:
I think Palazzo pants are a great way to stay cool in Summer without showing much skin. Plus it is an alternative to the maxi skirt. I really like those in scarf print, and polka dots.

Palazzo pants on sale at

Printed pants at for 1190Y

I am also interested with Wide leg pants with a high waist. Paired with a crisp white shirt, and killer pumps they can even be professional. 

Zara pleated wide legs pants

See anything you like? What is your absolutely must have pants?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrity Style stealer

Note: I have been working on this post since early 2011!

This is the second time I am trying this, stealing outfit from celebrities. I am not literally stealing from them (although I wished I owned the real deal), I am just reproducing the style. After all, isn't what we all do.

J-lo glowing style

I love everything that is in leopard print. I think I love leopard print as much as the next Osaka Obasan (Japanese old ladies leaving in the western part of Japan love to wear animal print). But I was blown away when I saw this Blumarine dress on Jlo.  On the model in the picture, the dress is kind of blah, but on Jlo, it comes to life.
This is how I reproduce the style

Leopard dress - H&aM
Golden sandals - Thrifted
Golden accessories - Gifted and H&M
Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop

Drew Barrymore hippie look

I have been dying to reproduce this look ever since I saw this picture back in 2010. This outfit looked so unexpected for me back then. But now it comes as a no brainer as I have been wearing a differen version of it over and over again pairing my fave and only denim shirt with my black maxi skirt. This is the first time that I am reproducing it almost to a tee:

Scarf - 100 yen shop in Eon Honmoku
Chrambray shirt - Ross
White maxi skirt - Sandaga market
Belt - Ross
Sandals - Shop in Langkawi shopping mall
Rings - H&M and Shimamura

Solange Knowles Effortless style

What true fashionista does not love Solange? She is young, beautiful, talented(?) but above all she is stylish. I used to think that she was trying too hard but now I cannot help but love her outfits that I find bold yet effortless. She looks classy but you also see that she is comfortable. Here is how I reproduce her look:

Turban - Jerusalem Halal shop
Red wool Coat - H&M
Blush top - H&M
Pink pants - Zara
Clutch - Chatuchak market
Shoes - Betsey Johnson via Ross

Beyonce street style:

I did not really want to put the sisters together in the same post but I can't help but like Beyonce's casual style. I am not a big fan of Sasha Fierce's outfits on stage or on the red carpet. But I can find myself in lots of the no fuss yet stylish outfits Beyonce wears on her days off. Now if only I could get a car and a driver, I would walk around in those crazy heels of hers all day. But for now here is how I plan to wear this look:

Fedora hat - Freemantle market
Top - Forever 21
Pants - H&M
Shoes - 300 Yen store

Miley or the oversized open cardigan

I am not a fan of Miley. I could not care less about her style (or her music although Party in the USA always lift me up). But I could not help but drool when I saw this pic on the net   a while ago. This pic is solely responsible for my obsession with striped open oversized cardi. After looking years for something similar, I got lucky at Marshalls last Spring, so now I can reproduce the look:

Crocheted hat - so old
Striped hooded open cardigan - Marshalls
Tee - Shimamura
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - Target
Accessories: H&M and Forever 21

 Writing this post has been a hassle from "pinning" (aka copying and saving pictures of celebrity styles I like in my computer before I knew about pinning), then trying to find the perfect clothes to reproduce them, then styling them, then modeling (aka taking pictures with a timer) them has been a pain in the butt. However I am happy with the results? Are you?


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