So my birthday came and went. I am 30 now. I should feel the pressure to grow up but I am still a big kid.
Anyway, I had a big list of things I wanted to get myself for my b-day. I planned a day of shopping at Harajuku, which if you know is a big shopping place in Tokyo, where you can find high end brands like Vuitton and such, affordable ones like Zara and Forever 21 and really cheap ones like Sankyu Mart (a 300 yen store). Harajuku is also the hub for Cosplay or costume play. In Japan, many people like to put on costume and walk on the streets. In the past it used to be the Ganguro, or girls who would blacken their faces, wear colorful clothes and ridiculous make up.


But now, the trend shifted to Lolitas. I cannot even know how to define them, so just take a look at this picture.


 Anyway, just understand that Harajuku is a fun place to be.

However, on the day of my birthday I was so tired because I have been running all week with food shopping, organising play dates for my kid, and having both of my sons catching a cold that I decided to postpone the Harajuku trip (besides it is an hour train from my place).

Instead I went to World Porters in Minato Mirai. I walked a long way because they way I usually take was closed due to the APEC conference (Obama and other important people were coming so you can imagine that the security was tight). World porters was a bit disappointing. I end up buying room shoes and bag for my sons, and some accessories and plates for myself. I finish my shopping by checking H&M as usual. They had all their holiday clothes on display but I was not interested. I was looking for this very warm sweater but there was only one left and not in my size.

A friend wearing the longed sweater at a lunch party

So I end buying this one instead,

and some very cute room boots with the Hello Kitty design. And wait for it, both of the items only cost Y800. I have been wearing the room boots ever since. And they are so comfy and they do keep me warm. The best shopping I did in a while.

Hello Kitty room shoes

I finished my Bday celebration by receiving kisses from the other moms at school, and eating a very decadent chocolate cake offered by my hubby. I have not eaten such a delicious cake in a while.

B-day cake-decadent chocolate sponge cake wrapped in hard chocolate and nuts

I did not get all the things in my list (except the argyle tight---I have to do a post about how cute they are). And I may never. I am like that, I always change my mind when it comes to shopping. I can never stick to the list.


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