Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There we go again: what I want for Fall (and probably will not get)

I have been so busy with my new blog : that I neglected this one. I realize now that it will be very difficult to maintain both blogs at the same speed.
Anyway, I wanted to post something here before I start seeing cobwebs. My topic du jour is Fall trends.
Every year, since I started this blog, I talk about Fall trends and what I would like to have in my closet for that period. And almost every year two things happen: I crave the same things in my closet, and for some reasons (mainly because I am broke, and it was not that cold back in Houston), I never end up purchasing them. I wonder if it will be the same this year. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. First, let us find out what is up for Fall 2010.
Since I am not really into collections, I had to go online to check what were the fashion trends for this fall. According to we can expect sexy turtlenecks, velvet, large pants, patchwork, capes and ponchos for Fall. Another site: predicts that the military look will still be on, and that camel coats would be back. Is it me, or I do not see real innovations in all the new trends. And the most ridiculous one I saw so far, is the shoes with socks trend. I mean, let us be real: we are not in kindergarten anymore.

Trends that I like

Camel Coat

Donna Karan Winter 2010


Antonio Berardi Fall 2010
(my so wanted velvet dress redesigned)

Large Pants

Richard Chai Love; Richard Chai Love; 3.1 Phillip Lim; Zac Posen

Trends I dislike:

Socks with shoes

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010

But why do I care? I really do not because I do not follow trends. I get obsessed with one item and try to have it at the cheapest price possible. That is my motto. Besides, from the moment I discovered that I would be moving to Japan, I decided to shop for an entire year. I went to the local Goodwill and tried to get all the things I thought I needed to at least survive the Fall and Winter. Besides, Japan is another place where they do not follow the same rules as the rest of the world. In other words, Fall trends here may be entirely different from what we may have seen on the runway.

Therefore, these are the items I am obsessed with-that have nothing to do with the Runway- and may (or may not) get this Fall.

1- Leather Jacket (faux leather may do)
I still have to find that leather bomber jacket. I was not lucky enough last year. I did not find what I really liked at the Goodwill as well. Maybe Japan will be a nice spot to look for that piece of wild/edge I so crave.
2- Suede boots
I purchased Suede flat boots in Australia 6 years ago. They are still good enough but one heel is becoming loose. I am going to repair it because the shoes are still in very good condition. But I want another pair in order for me to rest these one for a little bit.

Lace up Mutton Boots
(only 1000Y=$12 at but they do not have my size anymore)

3- Boat neck striped tee
I have been looking and still did not find the perfect one. I guess the search will go beyond Summer and well into Fall. I will definitely be lucky in Japan. People seemed to be obsessed with stripes here. I see it everywhere and on everybody from babies to seniors.

4- Capes

It is so not me but I love the Leopard print cape

I had two ponchos in the past and loved them to death. They were perfect to camouflage my belly when I was pregnant. But now, I guess I should graduate from ponchos and go for Capes. They are so edgy and look elegant. I am an adult now and need to look the part, right?

5- Turtlenecks (or long sleeves tee)
I already have plenty of those but like my Hijabs I want one in every color of the rainbow and more. They will be perfect for my layering look.

Unlike some people, I am not really looking forward to Fall. I mean, I like Fall and the change of clothing is very much welcomed. However, I am still in the middle of Summer and would like to enjoy every bit of it. I hate it when shops already starts their Fall display right in the middle of Summer. I mean, I may still want to shop for a summer dress and do not need to see sweaters all over.

Anyway, I am just reminded that I was supposed to take the 365 days without shopping challenge. Maybe Fall will be a good period to start (if I do not see something that amazes me and obsesses me before hand)

Monday, July 12, 2010

IOICAT: Coach tote bag

I am not really into brands. There is no label that I have to have. I just enjoy fashion whether it is from DVF or some no name brand. I like what I like. But once in a while, I fell in love with a big name brand or a product. This was the case of the Coach tote bag some 8 years ago.
I was still living in Japan. Japan is a place where people enjoy brands. Strike that! They live for brands. For example, every where you look you can see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag. They like luxurious things and would do anything to get them such as starve for days or work a part time job just to afford them.
I got so annoyed at this superficial life style. I like luxurious things as well but I think that I live without them.
However, in all this superficial lifestyle, I started to crave a Coach bag. I was shopping in Shibuya with my best friend (who owned a Prada Bag, and who loved brands as well) and came across the newly opened Coach store. I just looked at how cute the window was and fell in love. As daring as I can be, I have a rule when it comes to shopping: never enter a shop where you cannot afford a single thing. Therefore, I was not about to enter the Coach store. However, pushed by my girlfriend, I did. And I did not regret it. Everything was as cute as it was on the window display. I particularly liked the coach suede clutch and tote bag. I checked the price and realized that they were still more affordable than the Louis Vuitton. I made a promise to get myself one very soon. I would pay it with my credit card.
Do not ask me why but I kept on reporting the purchase until I left Japan. And with my new life in the States (where you can find really cute bags for nothing), I forgot about my obsession for the Coach bag. Until I saw another girlfriend with one and died of envy.
Right now, I cannot really afford a Coach bag. I would rather use the $200 for something else. But it is still on my list of things I would purchase if I make it big a the lottery.

 Poppy signature sateen glam tote

                                           Coach Pieced "C" Large Capacity Wristlet (me want it in green or purple)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Nautical look

I have a new obsession for this summer. I am not entirely done with the jumpsuit, but since I have not found something that I liked, I am putting it on hold for a while.

My new obsession is the nautical look. I want everything with blue stripes.

A while ago, I saw this DKNY summer campaign ad on a fellow blogger's page and I fell in love.

Well I was in love with stripes before but this ad just put me over the edge. I have been looking for stripes ever since. It is so in right now(or maybe I am just so obsessed that it is the only thing I see). I found several interesting pieces at the mall and Ross. Some were short sleeves tees, with rosette details or a button on the sleeves. But they were too small for me. No wonder, I found them in the Juniors section. I also look at my local goodwill with no success. I ended up with this sheer Nine West top that I like but I am not sure I will wear because it is too short.

Nine West sheer nautical top -thrifted

I want a striped blue and white tee long enough to cover my thighs and butt. But I do not want the shirt to be over sized. I can settle for a short sleeve that is long enough or go for a fitted long sleeve. I can pair the later with my new cardi-vest. The hunt is on.

Things I saw and liked but did not get:

Striped tee with rolled sleeves- Gap (way too simple)

Striped tee with rosette accent- Walmart (just $8 but even the XL size was too tight for me)

Nautical stripe tunic- Forever 21

The two last tees are my favorite:

It seems like they come from the same designer but it is not the case. The navy tee with white stripes is from Vince available at for $98. And the white tee with blue stripes is from J Crew for $115. I guess if I was to get a stripe shirt, it will resemble both. But I refuse to buy it for such a price tag. After all it is just a tee.

I hope I will get the tee. I want it to be my last shopping before I start my year long no shopping challenge.


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