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What to wear to an All white event

Recently I attended a fashion show with an All white dress code.  After going back and forth, I decided to wear a white eyelet tiered dress I recently had tailored made. But I was having other issues about the dress code itself, particularly for the accessories. Does an all white dress code mean that you have to wear all white from head to toe? Or could you mix and match.

I was really puzzled until I asked a blogger I followed on Instagram who also attended an all white party, what to do. She told me that I could go for tan or gold color for the accessories. I followed her advice and paired my dress with gold accessories.

Upon arriving at the event, I realized that I was not the only one. Most people had on outerwear, head wraps, jewelry and shoes in other colors. It seems like it is really difficult to wear all white from head to toe.

Anyway here are some looks I think will be perfect for an all white event:


For me, wearing a dress is the first thing I would opt for. for any…

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