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Closet cravings: the Dry season

Hi Everybody!

How is everyone doing?

I am doing great. I have been keeping an account of how much I spent on clothes (and accessories) for the last few months. I will not tell you the total but let us just stay it is staggering. I have decided to put myself on a shopping hiatus. I will only buy things that are on my list until next year. Nothing more, and nothing less!
Yet, with this upcoming change of season, I see myself craving a few things (hopefully that have been on the list forever). Fall in Senegal is an interesting time of the year. We do not call it “Fall” but rather the "Dry Season" which starts in October and goes on till March. Like fall, trees do lose their leaves and temperatures drop but it never gets too cold. The mornings are chilly, but by midday it is very hot. There is a strong dry wind blowing. One can catch a cold and be coughing easily if they do not layer up. It is also known as the Flu season.
Here are a few pieces I crave that would make me Dry S…

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