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Hello my People! I have decided that BLUSH was going to be my Summer color. This color is like no other, it could be a nude but it is slightly different. It could be pastel pink but it is shade darker. Somehow it is a feminin color and that's why I like it so. And the best way to mark my decision is to get items in that color. Ankle strap sandals: For some reason I am having an ankle strap moment. These shoes are just simple yet sexy. The ultimate goal is to find the right pair that is not too high and in perfect blush. I am not sure velvet or suede will be suitable for Dakar streets but this pair below is absolutely fabulous. Duster: I have been dreaming about dusters for a very long time but never been able to find the right one. I probably need to find me a tailor who can make me one like this below. This duster will be perfectly paired with sleeveless blouses and sexy dresses. Blazer:  It looks soft but powerful. Enough said!!! Open Abbaya or Kimono: If I could, I would liv…

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