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Trying on Airbnb (vacations)

Since May, I have been dying to get away from the city. I did not want to spend a lot of money, so I joined Airbnb and looked at homes I could rent that were a few hours outside of Dakar. At first I just wanted to get away by myself for a couple of days. However at the last minute, I decided to go with my kids, my brother and his wife.

My brother and I looked at few homes on Airbnb. Our criteria were : an hour or two drive from Dakar, a big house with a private pool, air conditioning, Wi-fi and not far from the beach and other major super markets. We found just the gem in Keur Dane and booked it for three nights and four days.

We departed on thursday after 2 pm and arrived at our destination 3 hours later. There was no traffic on the road as we took the toll. However upon entering Mbour, we stopped by Auchan supermarket - Mbour has the biggest Auchan in the entire territory-  and did some grocery shopping. Keur Dane is a house located in Mbour city. It is a big house with three spaci…

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