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All I want for Summer!

Hello everyone!

 Summer has officially began. The Summer heat also started to invade us about a week ago. We are avoiding going outside at certain hours of the day, and sleeping under the air conditionning at night. I find it almost impossible to get dress decently under the rising temperatures. But with new weather, comes new cravings for my closet. And here they are:

- White jeans and/ or white linen pants

I think I am going to finally get some white skinny jeans. I never buy white pants because, they get dirty very easily. Plus, I have the feeling that the color white just makes me look fatter. However I  I am willing to ditch all my inscurities and give skinny white jeans a try this summer. I also need a loose fitting linen pants to keep me cool.

- Yellow mustard pants

Truth be told, I have been looking for mustard pants with a knotted waist for such a long time. I could settle for cargo or regular cigarette pants but try finding those in that color in my size. The lose cotton…

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