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How to build a wardrobe suitable for work

This post is for women who just started working and are finding it hard to build a work appropriate wardrobe.

 Before you start building a work ready wardrobe, you need to know what kind of environment your work has. Is it formal? Is it business casual? Based on that information, here is how you build your wardrobe:
Step 1:
Start by pulling out all your clothes from your closet. You can use this occasion to completly clean your closet by deciding on what to still use and what to purge. Then from the pile of clothes you decide to keep, chose five basic color bottoms. Basic solid colors are black, white, brown, grey, beige and navy. They can be paired with any other color:

Bottoms - black formal slacks
- grey formal slacks
- blue skinny jeans
- beige or tan  pants
- navy pencil skirt

Step 2: Choose basic tops. These are tops you absolutely need on a daily basis:

Tops par sinnistre

- a white buttoned down shirt
- a black bodysuit
- a grey tee
- a chambray shirt

Step 3: Add outerwear. H…

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