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Back to the Basics: BodySuit

Hello everyone? How is the weather in your neck of the wood?

In my city, it gets relatively cooler, after the rain. Then it is scorching the next day.

Today I will tell you about another important basic that every self respecting fashionista (or woman) should have in her closet: the Bodysuit.

The bodysuit as its name indicates, is like a swimsuit or a play-suit for a baby since it is built the same way. The only difference is that we do not wear it at the beach or to crawl.

I started wearing bodysuits every since I was a teen. An aunt living in Italy gave me my first one: a baby blue cotton and lace one that I loved pairing with short floral skirts back in the day.

Recently I went crazy and purchased two different types of bodysuits: a knit one with a zipper and a cotton one. But I have to admit that I want more.

Here are the bodysuits I think you need:

- The classic Shirt

I was always amazed to see women wearing shirts that looked so polish and stayed in place until I realized that t…

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