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The Pencil skirt

I have been coveting pencil skirts lately. I am not really sure what brought it on. Maybe it is my constant desire to revamp my look. Or the fact that you can see them on any hip girl in my hometown, Dakar.

Pencil skirts have not really been an option for me because of my expanding curves. I used to think that I did not have the body for it. But I decided to stop worrying about my curves, and embrace them. For this spring, I am going for pencil skirts. And here are the ones I covet:

- Jersey

Even if I already own one in grey, I still crave a jersey pencil skirt. The fabric makes it easy to wear. I also enjoy the fact that there is no ironing needed. I guess I was influenced by countless HIjabi fashion bloggers who enjoyed the skirt for it can be demure yet sexy at the same time. (Don't mind the contradiction!) I really want one in coral and one in black.

Jersey Pencil Skirt

- Textured

When I think of texture, I immediately think of lace or eyelet, which might be my favorite texture…

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