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"Floral for Spring? Ground breaking!"

If you watched the "The Devil wears Prada" a million times like I did, you know about this famous line. It is sad that every Spring, the fashion industry cannot come up with anything better than floral print. But in all fairness, how can one not be inspired by nature, flowers in full bloom around them.

As for myself, I love anything floral. Over the years I have acquired a few pieces in floral. And I do not think I will stop anytime soon. Today I will tell you about all the fun pieces one could get in floral that will become work wear essentials this new season:

The shirt:

A shirt or blouse is a women's best friend when building a functional wardrobe. But one in floral will instantly brighten any outfit you have. I prefer my florals with a black base but one in white can be very uplifting as well. Get one in a satin or chiffon fabric for extra femininity (also not so much ironing required)

Blouse  Wrap satin bodysuit
The dress:

I love dresses, maxi, midi or minis. A floral…

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