Monday, March 31, 2008

Outfit Planner for Hawaii

I am planning a trip to Hawaii with my family very soon. I always wanted to visit Hawaii. I remember back in college, I was trying to convince my best friend to go with me. But she refused after realising that it would have cost us a fortune to travel down there.
So, I hope that this time is the best to check out Aloha country. My husband is actually excited about going to the most beautiful beaches on this earth to snorkel and swim. My baby cannot express his opinion yet, but knowing him and knowing how much he loves water, he will be just fine.
As far as I am concerned, I am excited about the beach, the food, the sight-seeing and everything else Hawaii has to offer. However, as always I am more excited about the packing before the trip. I love packing for a trip, particularly to some exotic places like Hawaii. Before travelling, my husband managed to pack the night before we leave. As for myself, I start the process 3 to 4 weeks before and I am not even done by the time the taxi arrives to take us to the airport.
Since I have plenty of time on my hands before we actually go, I wanted to properly plan my outfits this time. I found this interesting website in which they can help you plan your wardrobe for a business trip, vacation or just for everyday life. What I did is that I copied the ideas from the website and made my own outfit planner. I wanted to share it with you.

Day 1: Departure from Houston- Arrival to Hawaii
I like to travel very comfy, even if it is for a short time. So I always wear a pair of jeans, a blouse and ballet flats. I also carry an oversize bag because I need to pack the essentials me and my baby will need for the trip ( diapers, extra set of clothes, toys, medicine, extra bottles of milk, juice, water, make-up, accessories, sunglasses, and a book).
At the arrival, if my blouse is still clean and not too stinky, I could wear it for a quick walk around town. If the walk is not very long, I will change my flats for some bright yellow platform shoes, and add a little tribal touch with a scarf.

Day 2: The beach
For a day at the beach, the perfect sundress will do like this mustard dress. It is very light and simple. Moreover, it is made with cotton, so it will dry very quickly under the sun. What I like the best about this outfit is that you do not need to fuss a lot to be fabulous. On top of that, you can dress it down with some flip-flops or jelly sandals. And dress it up with these bronze flats.

Day 3: Sight-seeing in town
A simple wrap dress in white cotton will do just fine for a day of sight-seeing in town. I love the flower details of the dress. I am a bit scared about messing it up during lunch time or while playing with my toddler. I guess I will have to be extra-careful. Moreover, the flats are very comfy to walk around. The necklace adds a little classy zest to this outfit.

Day 4: The beach / Romantic dinner
For another time at the beach, I will go very "surfer dude" by wearing a large short in jean and a polo shirt. Add the flip-flop and it will be perfect.
For a romantic diner under the moonlight later on in the evening, a floor length sundress with bold flower prints will be just perfect . I may be dreaming but I guess that I will at least share a romantic time with my hubby (and baby) in some very exotic scene (like a restaurant near the beach, dining under the moon with my bare feet being caressed by the sand.....)

Day 5: Shopping (my favorite activity)
For a day of shopping, nothing is better than a comfy outfit like a short and flowy blouse. I will keep sandals on my feet so it will be easier for me to try on some shoes I may purchase. And if eventually we end up at the beach again, the outfit is also great for sand and sun. The blue accessories I added like the beaded choker, and dingling earrings brighten my outfit even more.

Day 6: Final day-return home
We will be leaving the island on this day. I may be tempted to wear my jean once again with an orange t-shirt, but I like to shake things up a bit by wearing a two-toned skirt. The skirt is very airy and looks sophisticated. It will make me look classy for the plane without looking like I put too much effort in it.

That is all I am planning to take with me along with beach towel, beach hat, sunscream, beach bag, endless diapers and baby clothes. You may ask if I will have enough space left in case I go wild in Hawaii and do some shopping. And I will tell you that if my husband will, I will never shop in Hawaii. But since he ain't GOD, I will pack an extra bag in my suitcase just in case....
I will keep you posted.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What clothes make you a Hoochie?

Last week, I ventured to target with my hubby and kid. In the parking lot, I saw this lady who wore a halter top, a jean short and some strappy gold sandals. Something was not right with her outfit. Never mind the revealing top, or too short short; the shoes just were too much. I then turned to my husband to ask him what he considers to be hoochie shoes. he nonchalantly responded that Mariah Carey's shoes were hoochie shoes. That comment made me laugh to tears. But it made me think as well. What kind of clothes make you a hoochie, or at least make you look like one.
When I got home, I went on to Google images of Mariah Carey. And I found a set that were very interesting. In most of the images on Google, Miss Carey is barely covered. And the shoes, like these ones on the pic say it all.
(After rehearsal for the Fashion Rocks 5-

Let us forget about Miss Carey a bit and re-focus on the subject of this article: Hoochie clothing.
We should start by explaining what is a hoochie. The urban dictionary defines a hoochie as "a female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female's goal in life is to use her female attributes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included."
This definition is very interesting. I am happy to see that I do not qualify as a hoochie then. OUF!
So according to this definition, we can now stress out what I consider to be "Hoochie Clothing":
1- Skinny jeans or hipster jeans. These jeans are so tight that the stitches may pop. They often accentuate the bottom, which is for some girls, one of their best features. Moreover, they are so low at the back that sitting without revealing your ass is mission impossible. Actually for some girls, this effect is very much desired when they are wearing a sexy thong.
2-Tops that reveal everything. And by everything I mean breasts, stomach, and belly button. Those tops are usually in every color you can find, and the fabric is very stretchy or sheer.

3-too short shorts or skirts. Usually they like it in jean fabric. But those shorts are so short that they reveal the buttocks. It is gross. No one need to see that.

4-Too tight dresses (and short at the same time)
What can I say. Unless you are a hoochie yourself, this is not the type of dress you would wear to a baby shower, wedding or prom. Or anywhere for that matter unless you are selling yourself at the corner of the street at 1 PM at night.
5- shoes that have straps, have glass heels, gold heels, and are way too high. They are called stripper shoes. You can find them in lingerie and sex toys shops.

More items of the clothing family could have made this list according to what part of the planet you are from. For example, fish nets are a big no-no in the U.S. but in Japan they are a big hit. However, I am stopping myself since I wanted to keep it simple in this article.

As far as I was concerned, I do not like hoochie clothing. I used to wear them when I was younger. But back then I was so naive that I did not know what was hoochie clothing. I thought I was being sexy and classy, well in fact I was revealing too much. I used to wear hipster jeans that would show my entire ass (or panties) when I sat. I loved sheer tops; I still love them but the difference is that now I wear them with a tank top underneath instead of a bra. And for clubbing, I would put on some strappy high heels whenever I feel like I needed to grow a few inches tall.
Now, that I am grown, I know that I can be sexy without being hoochie like. I know that I do not need to put it out there to get attention.

On a final note, remember that not only the clothing can make you look like a hoochie. I think that attitude also has a lot to do with it from the way you speak, chew your gum, to how you shake your jelly at the club. Basically the way you present yourself to the world can say a whole lot about yourself.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. It is getting warmer,the flowers are blossoming and my allergies are acting up! I love Spring because it means that it is the end of the Winter. No more cold days, no more cold nights. Just beautiful sunny days to enjoy outdoor activities. I love Spring because it is a preview for Summer. You can predict how hot a summer can be by going through spring. And let me tell you that in Houston, it is already hot in March.
Some people enjoy outdoor activities in Spring. I, myself enjoy walking in beautiful parks, or lazily baking under the sun next to my pool or Galveston beach. But my favorite activity of Spring is cleaning my closet.
By cleaning, you may think that I scrub and vacuum my already messy closet. But no! By cleaning I mean that I put my winter clothes away (in my very old suitcase) and put the summery clothes out. I love this activity because it allows me to discover once again all the wonderful colorful outfits that I stashed away. I usually put them on and check myself in front of the mirror. Or I just coordinate them to see how I can wear them in a different way this season. Sadly, I also check the clothes that I can no longer wear because they are either too outdated, or too old, or just do not fit me anymore. It is heartbreaking to get rid of the clothes I love. However, I do not cry over them for hours. I just pack them in a oversize bag and put them away for my next trip home. I know some people back there, who will enjoy them better than I did in spite of their poor condition.
After cleaning all the winter clothes, and organize my closet, arranging the summer clothes in material or color order, I start assessing what I need for the Spring Summer season. A few years back my Spring-Summer must have list would have included lots of colorful cotton or shimery tops, two to three pairs of jeans, two cargo pants, and flats colorful sandals. Nowadays, I changed my way of dressing a bit. So for this season here are the items that I may need:

1 Floor length print dress with sleeves.
In the past, I could not care less whether or not my summer dresses covered some parts of my body. I liked them short and with spaghetti straps. However, as I grew older (and became a Mommy), I became more conscious of my body. I do not mind showing some legs, but I need something to cover my arms and shoulders. That is why I have been looking for the perfect dress. And I cannot find it anywhere. Either they have sleeves and they are short or they do not have sleeves and they are long. I am becoming desperate. I like Old Navy printed dresses but they are tube dresses. They will not be very flattering on my flat chest. And I am scared that they will fall and reveal my breasts to the rest of the world.

So I am still on my quest for the perfect dress. Let us hope I will find it soon

2 White linen pantsLinen pants are so good for summer because they are in a breathable fabric. And if you find the kind that does not wrinkle, you are in heaven. I used to own a pair of pink linen pants (I still have them although they are a bit old). They had pockets and they were very flattering. I like the comfort that linen gives me. So for this season I am on a hunt for a white (or offwhite) linen pant. I like white clothes, but I am never too sure of them, particularly pants. They convey an idea of purety I am not sure I possess. But I am willing to try this year

I like this particular pair from the Gap. It is a wide leg pants.

3 Jelly sandals
I used to own a pair of jelly sandals when I was a kid. They were very comfy and cute. Three years ago, when it became the craze again, I wanted one so badly. But I was too stingy; I thought the jelly sandals are just plastic so why would they cost so much (between $15 to $20, I know I am very stingy). I did not get it. I still don't but this time I would not mind having one. I like these from Old Navy

They are cute and cheap ($12.50). My only problem is that I want them in Orange and they do not have one. See, I have this thing that I need every color of the rainbow in my pallet of shoes. And the one color that I think I am missing right now is orange. So for my spring-summer hunt for shoes, I am concentring all my efforts of finding something bright orange.

4- Flats
I own several flat shoes but If you are an addic like me, several is never enough. So I need one that screams spring. Preferably a pair that has some bold prints like flowers and that is orange. I found this cute on again at Old Navy but it is not orange enough.

Then, I saw this cute one in blue. Then I got to think that I do not have a pair of blue shoes that cute. I do have some sandals that are navy blue, but it is just not the same. So I may settle for this pair. (under)

5- Fitted Jeans
By fitted jeans I do not mean skinny jeans. I just want a pair of jeans that I can wear without using a belt. Moreover, I want it to be sexy but not revealing. I do not want my whole ass to be exposed when I seat or bend over. But to find such a pair has been so difficult that I am about to give up. I guess it it because of my shape (pear shape). However, I see some ladies that have shapes that are more challenging than mine and they have perfectly fitted jeans on. Maybe I should get one of those apple bottom jeans. The only problem I got with those is that they convey the wrong message: Hoochie (see my Hoochie clothing article coming soon)

Well, that is all for my list. I am sure by the time Spring ends, I will have something more to add. For now, my budget forces me to limit myself until I became crazily rich like .....Bill Gates. Then I can really splurge and reinvent my closet.
That would not be a Spring cleaning but a Spring Awakening.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shoes that make me feel FA-BU-LOUS

I love shoes. Anyone who knows me very well will tell you that I adore shoes. There are several reasons why I adore shoes. They can brighten your outfit, or make it dressier. Moreover, if you chose the right pair, it will always fit you. Shoes are not like clothes; they will never betray you by becoming too small or too big (well, in truth, clothes do not betray you, you betray them by loosing or gaining weight). Shoes stay the way they are, beautiful.

I adore purchasing shoes, even though I am not very rich. And the irony is that with all the shoes I buy yearly, I just wear two or three. I probably own 40 pairs of shoes, but I just wear up to 7 pairs a year. I actually own a pair I bought 3 years ago, but it is still sleeping in my closet. I wear the shoes around the house, to try them on or just to play dress up ( I still play that game at my age). When I showed them to my best friend, she asked for them. But I refused. The truth is that I love this particular pair. It is a pointy toe pump made of brown suede with colorful flowers embroidered on the upper part. They are so beautiful and fancy. They just scream "party". But they are also very painful on my left foot. They are a bit tight. Well, they were a bargain, so there was no way I would let them go (even though they were killing me). To be beautiful, you have to suffer and I am ready. Just find me a great occasion (like a cocktail party or a black tie envent) where I could silently cry of pain while everybody else admire my shoes.

I love high heels but I cannot wear them. I look akward in them. And I am almost sure that I cannot properly walk with them. I stumble sometimes and it is a bit embarrassing. When I see Beyonce, with high heels on strut herself and dance like a wild lioness on stage, I could not help but wonder how she does it.
Moreover, high heels just put a strain to your feet. After some minutes walking in them, I feel like my legs are being stretched through a torture machine. That is why, I prefer to wear flats (ballet, flip flop, any kind...)Some can be very pretty and they are easy to wear. You could walk many miles in them without being tired or having blisters. One word: COMFORTABLE.

I am thinking of getting a colorful "springy" pair like this one above very soon (in a orange tone). PS: This one is from Target.

Nevertheless, I keep on buying high heels. I am lying to myself by telling myself these absurd sentences: "Michelle, you are a grown woman and it as about time that I wear high heels". Or "You will need them for a party or an outing back home" (where everyone likes to dress up even to go to the grocery store). And they end up being forgotten in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe.

Lately, I bought another pair or high heels. They are bright yellow strappy sandals with a cork heel. They are just GLAMOROUS. I feel tall in them, and the bright color is perfect for spring and summer or gloomy winter (who cares when I wear them as long as they make me feel happy). I can walk in them (I have not tried a mile yet, but I can manage around the office and drive with them), they are not too tight. They are just perfect. I love them so much that I feel like wearing them everyday. I cannot wait for the next time I would strap them on and feel FABULOUS. I have not had a pair of shoes that made me feel this way since....forever.


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