Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IOICAT: Kate Spade New York Charm Heel

I rarely write about High end Designer's because I truly cannot afford what they make. And even if I could, for the life of me I could not justify putting 1000 dollars into a dress or a pair of shoes. However, this does not stop me from dreaming about something a designer would make. I call it IOICAT (If Only I Could Afford That).
I came across this picture of Kate Spade New York Charm Heel while browsing for some glitter shoes on the Internet.
Perfect combination of Sparkle, hot pink and bow

 I fell in love with them because they looked so ladylike and cute at the same time. I mean they have a rather low heel, a bow and a touch of pink under all this glitter. What is not to love?
These babies will set you back at around 300 dollars which is fine if 300 dollars is just pocket change for you. As far I am concerned, I could perform miracles with that amount of money so there is no way I would get these shoes. Moreover as much as I like them, I have yet to try them to know if they would be perfect for my feet. I am pretty particular when it come to shoes after buying ill fitted shoes time and time again just because they were cute or trendy. They ended being either never worn, worn but tortured my feet, donated or still sleeping in my closet. I learned my lessons and now only buy shoes I can walk a mile with without hurting my feet.
Anyway, I am pretty sure they are cheaper version of the shoes somewhere. I already know where to start looking for. And who knows I may get lucky.

Other Kate Spade things I like (and would have got if only cheap)

Delavan Terrace Little Nadine


Adore this striped dress
Gena Sandals

and last but not least this cutie of a hat:

Monday, March 26, 2012

One skirt, the sky is the limit!

I decided to participate to the EBEW challenge once again. I love those challenges but can't never remember when they are due. But this time, I got myself informed and I am getting prepared.

The challenge is to wear this Spring biggest trend (a part from pollen allergies): pastels.

I recently bought this mint (?) skirt from G.U. but had yet to wear it. I started thinking about how I could style it. Should I go the color blocking route and pair it with a sweater? Shall I try it with my patchwork jacket? Or just my faux leather jacket? I had so many choices and I could not decide on one. So I tried them all for my series: one item, endless possibilities.

1- Simple

Scarf - Gifted
Leather jacket - Shimamura
Top - Walmart
Skirt - G.U.
Boots - ABC Mart

2- Jelli

Scarf - Walmart
Sweater - Thrifted
Tee - Walmart
Skirt - G.U.
Shoes - Don Don Down

3- Party time

Sequin beret - can't remember where
Open Cardi - Gap
Skirt (worn as dress) - G.U.
Boots - Nine West

4- Wild

Turban - Jerusalem Halal Shop
Printed reversible Jacket - gifted from more than 12 years ago
Sequin top - Forever 21 via Factory 2 U
Skirt - G.U.
Shoes - H&M 

So which one is your favorite style? I like the simple ones but the last one by far is my fav. For some reason, the jacket paired with the sequined top just makes me happy. I was giggling all the time I was wearing it, and while I was taking the pics. I just want to go out right now wearing this. But it is not warm enough yet. Think this will be the outfit I post for the challenge on April.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Closet cleaning

As I was discussing with a friend about taking my blogging to the next level, she revealed to me that another friend of hers payed a stylist $1000 to help her clean her closet. In other words, she paid the stylist to help her throw away all the stuff that was too old, not fitting and more. She ended up with two piles of clothes she had to part with: one made of relatively good stuff aka designers she gave to my friend and another pile she gave to her helper (nice word for baby sitter or maid)

I was amazed that in this day and age, someone was willing to pay that amount of money for tips on how to clean her closet. If this is the case, then I need to become a stylist and get paid to act like Stacy and Clinton.

Anyway, all this got me thinking. The friend of my friend paid an arm and a hand for that closet cleaning but I am going to give you tips on how to clean your closet for free. Here is how you are going to proceed:

1- You need to take all (even the one hiding in your suitcases like me) your clothes out and separate them into two groups: clothes you will part with and clothes you will keep. Clothes that you should part with are those that are torn, have holes (that you cannot repair) or do not fit you any more. There is no need to keep that pair of skinnies in case you loose weight. Clothes that do not fit your lifestyle or sat in your closet for years without being worn should go a well. The rule is that if it is there for more than 2 years, let it go. And the price should not matter because there is nothing worse than an ill fitted dress even if it is a Chanel. For this process, it is recommended to get an honest friend who will tell you how it is. It is hard to part with some clothes for sentimental reason and this friend should be strong enough to help you make good decisions.

2- After you are left with only one pile of clothes, you need to arrange that pile in order. Put pants together and dresses together. You could also arrange your clothes by color or material. If you have a small closet, get some tools that will help you clean things up like triple hangers or closet organizers. Ikea has a great collection that it is not too overpriced. In Japan, I also like to check the 100yen store Daiso for they have great tools such a hanger for belts.

You will have to understand that this process will take time. If you have lots of clothes there is a big chance that this may take more than one full day. Do not stress about it but take it as light fun thing you need to do.
Moreover, just because you found a new space in your closet, does not mean that you need to indulge in shopping. On the contrary, make this cleaning a lesson as to what not to buy in the future. Do not fall back in the habit of impulse buying that put you with a closet bursting out in the first place. Think hard about what you need and what you want to be in your closet. And if you must buy, invest in timeless pieces, and items that you can wear all the time. There is no reason why you should buy that fancy pair of glitter shoes for your best friend wedding now when she just started dating a guy.

These are just the basics. More work can go into cleaning a closet. However, I recommend you not take on such a big task when you are pregnant or have a new born on your hands.
Last time  did a major closet cleaning I was pregnant with my second son. Blame on it the hormones but I got rid of great items such as a red leather coat just because I thought it did not fit my life in Houston. Houston being on the warm side, I had never worn the coat in 3 years of living there. But as it turns out, the following winter got really cold and then I moved to Japan where a coat like that would have come in handy.
Furthermore, I think it is important to think about alterations before throwing all ill fitted clothes. A dress that is slightly too big can become perfect with a belt. Or a skirt that is too long can be altered to fit if you give it to a great tailor.

I hope this was helpful. Now let me go and try it on my closet....

For more info go to these sites

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marni is coming to town

I do not know much about Marni. The first time I saw something of Marni was while watching an episode of Sex and the City with my friend Chrissy. Carrie was wearing a Starfish coat that was so adorable I had to know where it was from.

Marni Starfish Spring Coat

After googling it on the Internet, I learned that it was from Marni. I started to search everywhere for the brand in Tokyo and finally found in Roppongi Hills. I also found that it was way too expensive for me.

Then, imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Marni was collaborating with H&M. I saw some pictures of the collection online already. I find it very African inspired. I am not sure of the prices yet but I am praying that they are not too high. A girl can hope!

 Check for Marni coming to H&M commercial here  and go here to check the entire collection. 

What to wear at a Babyshower

A close friend of mine invited me to her baby shower. I am very excited because it will be the first time that I am attending a baby shower. We do not have baby showers in my country. In fact we do not even acknowledge a pregnant woman because it is bad luck. For example, you will never say to a pregnant woman:
- How far along are you?
- Do you know what you are having?
- When is your due date?
Moreover, when you see a pregnant and want to brush the subject with her you just tell her:
- You are very pretty (meaning you are heavily pregnant)
A pregnant lady at home will try to hide her pregnancy as long as she could wearing baggy clothes. So you see, baby showers are not popular at home.

However, I watched enough TV to have an idea of what happens during baby showers. I know there is a bunch of ladies eating canapes an cupcakes, sharing stories and having ames, and bringing baby related gifts. My entire image of a baby shower is a room full of pastel colored balloons and gift wraps.
I am in trouble then, because my friend with the shower is Indian and she is having a Bollywood theme party. I am expecting bold colors, gold and silvers, and a not so subtle baby shower.

Nevertheless, I did some research online and I found out that for showers that are casual, one should wear something comfortable but not too outthere. The attention should be on the mother to be and not the guests. Moreover, sexy attires are a no-no. On top of that if one wants to wear a heel, she should go for a lower one.
Based on this, I narrowed my search and came up with the following outfits

Option 1: A dress
You cannot go wrong with a dress. I think one that is not tight, and below the knee is the perfect option. Think Mrs Obama and you have an idea of what I am talking about.
If the dress is sleevless you can add a cardigan to contrast and appear more modest. A belt is also another great way to accessorize. A bold ring is probably all the bling you will need with some nice slingbacks or ballet shoes.
Formal baby shower worthy dresses

Option 2: Slacks or pencil skirts
Go for the trend of colorful slacks (not jeans) or pencil skirts. Use nice colors like green, pink or even mustard. But pair those bold pants with white shirts or a polka dot blouse to tone them down a bit.
Colored slacks or skirts

Option 3: A coloful blazer
The blazer is no longer just an outer. It is a statement clothe that will wow anyone paired with the right outfit. If you want to keep it casual wear it with some striped tee, a long blouse or over a printed dress.
Colorful blazer

Option 4: A maxi skirt
Maxi skirt with pleats or dots are very much in this time of the year. Wear one in pastel color and style it with a blouse, a cropped sweater or a lace top. Ankle boots will finish the outfit. I also love the option of a printed full skirts. I own some African print skirts and they always make me very happy and stand out from the crowd.

Maxi or tribal skirt

For this shower I think, I will go for option 4. I am very much at ease with maxi skirts and already find one (or two) that may fit the occasion.

Or maybe I should wear something Indian like a Shalwar Kazeem?
Oh what is a girl to do?

PS: Check to see what I finally wore for the shower.


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