Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Time

For someone who has not been out partying since 2002, it is funny to daydream of a party wardrobe for this holiday season. But what can I say? The holiday season gets to me. I am in a generous mood to celebrate for no reason at all. And that usually means lots of shopping and lots of buying things I never need but want so badly. I want to party, eat buffet style party food and give and receive great gifts. I will probably do none of these things for I do not have that glamourous social life that requires being invited to parties this holiday season. However, dreaming is for free. And giving advice is certainly for free and more than appreciated. So let me dwell on what my recommend/ wish list would be this year for party outfits. This time around, I want to put a twist to it: I want to create two lists: one for when you want to play it nice and another for when you plan on getting naughty...

This list is for the daring edgy woman, who is not afraid of making an entrance and being the center of attention during the entire party.

Party shoes
Lately, designers came up with crazy, absolutely delicious and tremendously sexy shoes. You just have to pick your favorite to sport this holiday season. I usually do not build an outfit starting with the shoes, but the following ones were so inspiring, I could not resist.
First up are Diego Dolcini's Crystal strap sandals.They cost $2,250 and for any fashionista who can afford it, worth every penny of it.
Dolcini Crystal strap sandals

These shoes are just magical. They scream party. Hell, you can even wear them with nothing on. But seriously, the design is very pretty and sexy with a 5 inches heel embelished with crystals. This is serious bling for all the naughty girls out there.I would definitely be noticed in one of them.

Even more beautiful are the Louboutin Jeweled Platform shoes.

There is nothing more I can say about these shoes. I would just let you admire them and imagine all the clothes you can pair them with.
Sergio Rossi Satin and sequin gladiator sandal are just a tad more delicate but would also blow anyone's mind at a party.

My final recommendation for a fabulous party shoes is to get a boot for people with "cold feet". I love the Balmain Crystal Leopard Flap Boots but also the Azzaro Enchantment suede boots.

Sequin, Chain, Bead Dress
I know if paired with any shoes I mentioned earlier, a sequin dress will probably be too much sparkle for one body, but who cares, I am being naughty. I love sequins on pretty much everything. But put sequins on a dress and it is party all day, all night. I particularly love the Emilio Pucci sequin dresses. Some celebrities have been sporting them since last year. They are very pretty and colorful. It is almost like a work of art itself. Some are simple and basic, with some others he played with the ombre.

However if you want to stay sparkly for less, go for the Forever 21 collection. Their dresses are just under $30.

Now, If you want to be edgy but do not like the whole sequin thing, you can always go for dresses with chains or beading (I know, they are so in right now)like this Topshop knit dress.

Killer Accessories
"Less is more" they say when it comes to accessories particularly when you already have a shiny sparkly dress. However, you cannot have the xmas tree outshine you. So I recommend you go for it, after all it is all about being naughty. But seriously, you have to find the right accessory that will complement your outfit not clash with it. Stick with something as simple as a cuff or a clutch. I like a simple cuff with lots of ctystals or metallic like these
Showstopper Cuff for $32 at

Isharya Cuff for $438

Clutches are also huge. Even though they do not have enough space for all the things you may need for partying (make up kit, perfume, money...), they are the finishing touch to a glam tenue for partying.
Rasheda clutch for $420

Metallic clutch for $42 at

If you go with a tube dress that would leave your neck bare, get a necklace that is as edgy as your dress. Go for a mix of chains and pearls, layers and layers of liquid gold, or just silver. Think of making a statement with your accessories, so look for something that would definitely make you as noticeable as the misletoe.

Jacket or Coat
Unless you are partying in 85 degrees Miami, you will probably need a jacket to keep you warm on the way to the party. Tuxedo inspired and military jackets were so big this year. But for some reason, I love the short leather jacket, dress combination. It makes a sweet girl looks edgy.
I also adore jackets that are out of the ordinary. You can be sure to make an entrance with the Topshop Yellow faux fur boxy coat. For some people, you can end up looking like big bird wearing this. However match with the right accessories, it can be a huge hit.
Topshop Yellow faux fur boxy coat


This list is for the woman who wants to shine but still wants to play it safe and conservative. This list is more for a woman like me, who could never let herself be naughty.

- Jeweled tone party dress
You do not need sparkle or sequin. You just need a jeweled tone dress in silk or other shiny yet comfy material. The color I particularly recommend is fuchsia this year. I found this tuxedo inspired fuchsia dress in a magazine but for some reason I forgot the designer. It looked like this dress V Beckham is wearing.
Antonio Berardi Drop Waist Dress Coat for $1585

I would love to have the short dress paired with luminous black leggings.
I like colors but if you are a bit on the boring side, you could always get a LBD (little black dress) but with an added effect on the material such as lace, tulle, rusching and so on. I like this one I found on The rosettes makes this dress modern.

Classic Jewelry:
For the classic look, stick to pearls and gold necklaces. Diamond are always a big hit if you can afford them like these Van Cleef and Arpel snowflakes ear clips (vintage).

As myself, I like to keep it so simple, I will just go for the cocktail ring or a sparlky brooch on my dress, a la Michelle Obama.

To add just a tad of funk, I am dreaming of adding a feather headband to my hair or scarf. "pimped" headbands as I call them are really in lately. I enjoy the velvety texture of the feather. It is all so 1920s.
Audrina Feather headband $34.50

Ok, the price is ridiculous for a headband so just check retail stores such as Ross. You can find one there for less than $3
-Fancy Coat
Nothing says classic and nice like a white long coat. It is insane to think of white for a party because it can get dirty so easily. But white says clean, it says also winter. Therefore I recommend it for a classy look.
Supertrash Bowback Princess Coat

Furr (faux, that is) is always in style as well, and it makes you feel like a snoby, filthy rich housewife.
However, if you want to keep it clean but modern, go for a coat with an unusual design such as the following lace coat by Topshop

or this cute cropped coat with a bow by Wetseal

- Pumps
There are all sort of party worthy pumps. For a very nice yet girly look, think bow, flower, sateen, suede and maybe a little bit of sequin. I enjoy the ones in sateen with some kind of design like flower or lace. The plain pump in suede is also very flattering. Louboutin is a genius when it comes to pumps that are a bit unusual like these Anemone pointed toe.

The good thing is that Wetseal has its own version for us broke girls. Moreover, I absolutely adore Nina shoes. Most of them are in satin and have this gorgeous rich color on them.
Nina Ulexa red rouge

Voila. All or almost all you need it to make the holiday party rounds a success (fashion wise, you are on your own for the rest). Now, it does not matter whether you are naughty or nice, just go for it, have fun, socialize, eat plenty. And worry about the calories after New year's Eve.
Happy Holidays

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Hair or My love and hate relationship with my hair

The comedian Chris Rock made an interesting documentary about the relation between African American women and their hair. The documentary called Good Hair is airing in theatres nationwide. After hearing so much about it and seeing clips on the Internet, I decided to go watch it. I was looking forward to see Good Hair because like any black woman I have had, and still have a love hate relationship with my hair. Some days, I love my coarse hair, some other days, I just wished I had long, silky and straight hair. My hair is usually short (neck length, although in the past it had reached my shoulders), brown and naturally thick. I always wanted it to be long and silky smooth. Back at school, I always envied my friends who had longer hair than me. I wonder why I was not blessed with the good hair genes.
I come from Senegal, a country where like the United States, women spend a lot of time and money on their hairs. As far I could remember, all women I knew, would do anything to have this perfect do, this perfect hairstyle that could make them more beautiful. As any woman, I enjoy having my hair done. Yet I went through several stages with it.

Hair do (made at a salon after having my hair relaxed)

When I was a child, I did not worry much about my hair. My mother was there to do the worrying. She would style my hair in way she thought was appropriate. I would have cornrows, petite-queues (a hair style in which you have your hair parted and braided with a string in it). As I grew older, I took interest in my hair. I started to have it relaxed. It was sometimes painful. However, when my hair became straight and smooth, I realised that the pain was all worth it. I kept straightening it in between hair styles such as braids, cornrows and something called Live (it is just hair that is breaded without extension). I would never leave my hair natural because I am so bad at styling it myself. And going to a hair salon every now and then is too much time and money consuming.
In all my teenage years, I had all kind of hairstyles that was fashionable back then. However, after 18 years of living at home and having no problem when it came to my hair I departed for Japan. Having and maintaining a hair style there proved to be a hurdle for the simple reasons that first of all, it was hard to find a relaxer, second Japanese hair stylists did not know how to do African hair and finally I did not have someone I could go to for help. Therefore I had few options when it came to doing my hair. The first one was to do braids that I would keep for 3 months whenever I went back home for vacations. The second was to stack up on relaxers to use later on. And the third was to do my hair myself; my favorite low maintenance hairstyle is Live.

My favotire low maintenance hairstyle: Live

In Japan, I was also independent for the first time in my life, therefore I was free to have any kind of hairstyle I wanted. I decided to color my hair red. Needless to say that my mother freaked when she heard about it. But she should have not because the red was so dark that it blended with my brown hair making it barely noticeable.
I liked my hair the most when I was in Japan. Living there I became aware of my uniqueness, because I was probably one of the few African women in a college full of Japanese and foreigners. I stand out even without trying. Therefore, every hairstyle I tried would bring out curious looks and comments. I always remember the look of one Mongolian guy when he saw me taking off the extension of my braids from my hair. He screamed:" Michelle is taking off her hair". He, and other foreigners believed that the long extensions braided were my hair and that I was getting rid of them.


To top it all, in college I lived with a fine hair white girl who was in awe of my hair, particularly when I kept it all natural. She was always touching it and astonished at the fact that it was so thick it could go all the way up without the help of styling products. She always asked me to have an Afro. She made me feel like I was special.
I was always experimenting with my hair but for some reason, I stayed away from having a weave. Some of my girlfriends were trying the trend. Yet, the weave was not the thing for me. I guess I was afraid because it was a hairstyle that required the use of needles. I am sure people are careful with those, but the only thought of the needle puncturing my scalp made me quiver. The first time I tried the weave, I was 25 years old, married and pregnant. The moment I had it on, I regretted it. First of all the style was not as pretty as I expected it to be. And to top it all, it was so painful and itchy. I did spend days patting and scratching my scalp, unable to breathe. It kept it for three agonizing weeks. Then I had one of my girlfriend redo the whole thing, leaving my front hair free of the weave. Only then could I stand the style.

Weave (my second and last weave. I kept it for 2 weeks because it was so painful and itchy)

After seven years in Japan, I moved in the US. I was happy at first because in here I would not have any problems maintaining a good hairstyle. I was so happy when I saw an important variety of relaxers and black hair products on the shelf at Walmart. I eventually used some on my hair. Moreover I tried to go to salons from time to time but they were so expensive, I stopped going there altogether. I would just go when I had a special occasion like a cocktail party.

Cornrows with extension ( I had these done at a local hair salon before leaving for a vacay in Hawaii. I did not want to have to comb my hair every day during the stay)

After giving birth to my first son, I did not have time to take care of my hair. So one day, I just decided to shave it all. It was the first time since I was a toddler ( My mother shaved my hair then because I had lice) that I shaved my hair. At first I was surprised but then I began to like this new style. I was skinny then so my small head matched well with my figure.

Bald Hair

Unfortunately I quickly realised that there was not much I could do with a bald head. I could not style my hair and I became extremely bored with it. Moreover, I went back home for a visit and my family was worried of my new style- I have to admit that I looked like a starving child back then-. I had to hide my bold hair with a wig. Eventually my hair grew and I could style it better. However by then, I had discovered how efficient wigs were. They were cheaper than weaves and easier to put on. In less than 6 months, I had bought 6 wigs that I would switch depending on my mood.

Wig 1 (this was the first wig I bought after shaving my hair)

Wig 2 (My favorite wig. I was so cute I looked like I had a weave on)

Wig 3 ( I hated this wig because it made me look old, I bought it before a high school reunion)

Since last year, I have started to cover myself. Therefore I do not bother with my hair that much because no one except my loved ones is going to see it. I keep a low maintenance hair style, and relax it whenever I feel it becoming to coarse. And I do not use extensions, wigs or weaves in my hair anymore because I discovered that it is against my religion. It is kind of hard because all the beautiful hairstyles require some kind of extra hair. But I am trying to stick to my choice.
Recently I have decided to have dreadlocks. They are low maintenance and they make your hair grow longer. I would have them pretty thin, not thick like Whoopi Goldberg. With dreadlocks, I do not have to waste my time doing and redoing my hair. I would probably just have to rub some oil or other hair product in it to keep it shiny and healthy. And I would make them so I could take them down whenever I feel bored. Because that is the problem with me, and every other woman in the world, we are bored easily.

Good Hair was very interesting and funny. I have learned a lot about hair, hair products, hair industry ect..I was astonished to learn that the hair industry was worth $9 billion, but that only a fraction of black people profited from it. The people who benefited the most from it were Asians and White. It was also interesting to see how dangerous relaxer was for my hair. And I laughed at the fact that weave can indeed shape the sex life of African American women and their partners.
Overall the documentary opened my eyes on how ridiculous it is to spend so much time and money on a hair. From the get go, I do not like to spend to much time and money on my hair because I believe that hair-or what they call good hair- does not define me. There are so many other interesting things about me besides my hair. However, from an early age, I was coerced into thinking that having a good hair makes me a better person. But as India Arie put it so well: " I am not my hair"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dream Wardrobe for Fall 09

I am sitting in my living room watching the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TV. Next to me, my newborn son is napping on his rocking chair. The windows are all down, and I am thinking of turning the heater on. I have been a little bit sick since a cool front blasted in the usually hot Houston's summer. I know now that Fall is on its way. And this could mean only one thing: my love hate relation with Fall will start again (hating the unsettling weather, loving the new fashion trends).

A little fashion therapy would probably chase my cold away (at least for a few hours). Frankly, I am so itching to go shopping right now, I cannot stand still. But since I do not have the money to go crazy, I will scratch my itch with these following two options: daydream about the fabulous Fall wardrobe I want, or just update the clothes I got during the summer (and never wore because I was as big as whale pregnant).

In this post, I am going for option number one. Daydreaming is very easy and surely cost free. So here it is: my Fall 2009 Dream Wardrobe:

1- Black or Brown Leather Jacket.
I so want a short leather jacket to harden a soft look. I think that the color black is the safe route to go since it goes with every color. As Stacy and Clinton would say, it is a neutral. But so is brown for which I am rooting for. Brown is such a fall color. And I have an idea that it would look great on my skin. Real leather jackets are petty expensive therefore go for the "faux" leather jackets that pop up every where lately.

Heritage Faux Leather Jacket available at ($34.90)

2- Suede Platform Pumps
I have not bought a pair of pumps in a while. I used to think that pumps were just made for work. But recently I saw so many celebrities rocking the pumps casually that I am beginning to change my mind about them. Furthermore, I was never a fan of platform shoes. They make me think of hookers or trannies whenever I see them. Yet, now they are more and more associated with high fashion. Therefore for this Fall, I would love to find a pair of platform pumps in suede. They could look great under a dark wash jeans for casual days or paired with a great dress for parties.

YSL Trib Two Blue Suede Pumps ($795)

Abaete for Payless Dauphin Pump ($34.99)

3- Animal Print Blouse
This has probably nothing to do with Fall, but I always craved an animal print blouse. There is something wild about wearing an animal print. It makes you look instantly hot. I particularly like this one below with the ruffles. A blouse with ruffles, is also something I am looking to get my hands on. I used to have one in spring colors that I gave away because I could not figure out how to match the ruffles with my Hijab. Yet now, I am ready to step into this daring look.

Silk animal print blouse with ruffles

4- Animal Print or floral cardigan
Out with the plain colored cardigan (black,off white)! This Fall, I am going for the daring by choosing a cardigan in some kind of print like animal print or floral. The print can be hard to match with other outfits but that is the challenge.

Animal Printed cardigan Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue available at QVC ($59.00)

Merona Printed V neck cardigan Rose Bouquet available at Target ($8.74)

5- Long Striped Sweater
I absolutely love sweaters. There are the reason why I enjoy Fall/Winter so much. I do have multitude of sweaters in every color and every design. Yet, I still want to get a long sweater with stripes. I cannot get enough long sweaters because I like how they cover my thighs. Last week end I saw a woman wearing a white and navy striped open sweater like this one below.

Navy and White Stripe Pocket Cardigan available at (£16.99 or $29)

It was so gorgeous yet laid back. I immediately wanted one just like that. I did not ask her where she got the sweater from but I got an Old Navy or Gap vibe out of it.Unfortunately, I checked at both Gap and Old Navy but could not find the same piece. Yet, they had other options.

Women's Striped Toggle-Front Sweater Coats available at$44.50)

6- Hooded Wrap Cardigan (or Open Shawl)
I already own a grey open shawl or wrap cardigan. Yet for some reasons I cannot stop thinking about this hooded cardigan Mary J Blige was sporting during an AT&T commercial. Unlike my actual cardigan, this one is very long and has a hood. It is so Hijab friendly. The brand is Alexander McQueen and as you guessed, it is very pricey. That is why I will be on the look out for cheaper versions on the market.

Alexander McQueen Waterfall Hooded Cardigan available at ($1208)

7- "Animal" Bag
It is said that this year trend is some kind of "animal" material on the bags such as python or crocodile. Python is very in and can be found practically on any major designers collection.

Gucci Galaxy Large Shoulder Bag available at for $3500

I am not necessarely into trends or animal material bags. However, I found myself falling in love with this beautiful patent crocodile handbag by Serena Signature, a new line made by the famous tennis player/designer Serena Williams. I came acrsoss this bag last week when I inadvertly clicked the HSN channel button on the remote. Serena Williams was invited at HSN to present her new line. I loved everything she was selling (particularly the jewelry-I will talk about it in the next section) but the bag interested the most. It is a nice size and very affordable compared to what is out there designer bag wise.

Serena Signature Metal Handle Time To Shine Handbag available at for$69.95

The designer sporting her own bag

8- Bold Jewelry
All this summer, I had stocked bold jewelry and barely wore it. Being pregnant during summer, I felt like it was too hot to wear a big necklace or cuffs. And if I eventually wear them, I end up taking them off after just an hour. However, this fall, I reckon I can afford to wear big bold jewelry. I would start my shopping with the Serena Signature line of cuffs and tennis bracelets like this one below. The thing is to get many of them and to stack them (beautiful). What I like the most about this design is that it is leather, something I have not seen done recently.

Serena Signature Rings of Bling Woven Leather Bracelet 2009 Edition available at for $59.95

I also have my eyes on this bold ring, perfect for a party or special event. I just need to put one of these and nothing else (I mean accessory wise).

Serena Williams Signature Statement The Winner's 2.53ct CZ Pavé Open Circle Swirl Ring available at for $49.95

I also found this amazing necklace while checking QVC (I never check TV shopping channels, but since I saw some nice pieces on HSN, I was curious about QVC as well).
It is from the fabulous Joan Rivers collection. This thing is so pretty, and I can think of plenty of ways to wear it. I may even stop my backward thinking that this necklace just need to be showcased during an event, and pair it with a casual look of white tee and jeans.

Joan Rivers Couture Faceted Crystal Adjustable Bib Necklace available at for $54.84

9-Event Dress
I am always on the lookout for the perfect event dress. It is very ironic since I am a person who does not get to go out much. Yet, considering that this all a daydream, let me elaborate on what I think could make a perfect party dress for this fall. Again while watching the Rachel Zoe Project, I fell in love with this Matthew Williamson dress, the stylist was wearing to one of his event. The dress is an asymetric print maxi dress. But what makes it exceptional is the beading around the neckline and the waist: simple, yet chic.

Amboise georgette asymmetric beaded gown pink orange by Matthew Williamson, available at for $2369

There it is, my fabulous dream wardrobe for fall. It is a pity I do not have enough money to afford it. Maybe someday....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What goes around, comes around

It usually happens to me twice to tree times in a year- usually when the season changes-. It feels like I get possessed. I look at my closet or at my suitcases, and all of a sudden I get into this rage, this frenzy. I discrimately separate all my clothes in two to tree packs: the one I will keep, the one I will donate and the one I will throw away. I usually end up with this huge pack of clothes to donate. I pack them all in boxes and send them to the nearest donation center or box, or save them until I go back home to give them to my cousins.

I was raised with parents who each had a strong opinion when it comes to clothes. My father is a giver. He would always "clean" his closet, offering clothes he judged that he did not need anymore to his family members or people in need. If you take a peek at my father's closet you would see just the necessary items (shirts, t-shirts, pants, suits and traditional clothes). My mother, on the contrary, is a keeper. If you search inside her overstuffed closet, you would find "vintage" clothing. By vintage I mean clothes that she used to wear when she was still single (almost 30 years ago). My mother is generous but she finds a sentimental value to her clothes. Therefore she keeps them all the while accumulating new ones. She also thinks that clothes always come back in style even her old ones. Therefore, she thinks that it would be a waste of money to give them away.

As far as I understand where my mother is coming from, I grew up hearing my father say : " if you give something to someone, you will receive something even better in return" Over the years I found this saying to be true. Whenever, I gave something to someone, sooner or later I would receive a gift of the same nature. For example, if I gave my best friend a black pair of shoes, I would receive a black pair of shoes. At first, the concept fascinated me. But over the years, I got used to it so much that I was indeed giving away things expecting to have something in return.

However, my giving urge does not have anything to do with the idea of payback. I just give stuff away because I have so much (not that I am bragging). I am a shopaholic. And I find shopping to be a great stress reliever. Therefore, when I have little money, I go into this shopping frenzy. I buy stuff that I do not need and they end up being lost in my closet. For example, I have this pair of brown suede pumps with embroidery that I bought in Australia in 2004. They were a bit tight but the price was so affordable that I just purchased them (even my hubby confirmed that it was an occasion that I should not miss). Well, as much as I love the shoes and find them elegant, they sat in my closet for over 4 years, waiting for a moment to shine. I decided that maybe I would take them home on my numerous trips there. For sure, in Senegal I would find an occasion to wear them. But when I think of the suede being damaged by the dust on Dakar's streets, I always decide against it at the last minute. My best friend even asked me to give her the shoes several times and I just refused. Eventually I found an occasion to wear them during a party at my hubby's company. And I was not even going to do it but my hubby forced me to by saying that if I did not wear the shoes, he would pack them and send them to my best friend in England. The shoes are not the only items in my closet which were never worn. So whenever I get tired of having a dysfunctional closet, I just clean it.

The cleaning up and giving part leave me always refreshed. My closet looks like it has space and I can now find items that I need. Moreover, on the spiritual level, I feel great knowing that people are going to benefit from my clothes. However, from time to time when I think of some of the clothes I gave away, I have this pang of regret. Two days ago, I was looking at some old pictures of my shoes. I came across this picture of white heels that I had purchased at Payless during my working days. They were cheap and slightly worn, but they were nice. And I just gave them away. I am sure that I would not need them in my new lifestyle (stay at home mother). Nevertheless, I like the option of having them. There are other items I regret giving away: a white blouse that would have been perfect for my pregnancy, a red hot leather coat (how stupid of mine), snake skin wedge shoes and assorted bag. I just give and give like I am possessed. And months or years later, when I take time to think about it, I regret it.

Well, this teaches me a lesson, actually tree:
1- always shop for items I will wear (or that I actually need)
2- never wait for an occasion to wear clothes
3- always think it through before giving away clothes

I hope I can stick to these rules in the future.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does Style comes with age or you have to be Michelle Obama?

Ok, I will do it again. I cannot help myself. I will have to write another post on Michelle Obama. I was just browsing through my favorite black gossip page when I saw pictures of her in this dashing red hot sheath she wore during the Medal of Freedom award ceremony at the White House last week. As I was admiring the dress and also the way she made it work, I could not help but wonder why Michelle Obama seems so stunning every time I see her, whether dressed up or in casual clothes.
The answer to this question is plain and simple: Michelle Obama knows what works for her. She developed a signature look or style that suits her very well. And it is not very often that we see her derailed from it. Her signature look is simple chic. She loves to wear sleeveless sheath or full skirted dresses, sometimes in one tone, sometimes in prints. She also likes to pair them with cardigans.

President and First Lady at the Medal of Freedom Award Ceremony

Another signature look of hers is the knee-length skirt, with plain top or blouse and cardigans.

Mrs Obama on the Tonight Show

On casual days, you can see her work cargo pants. The black flats are another statement piece of hers. Moreover, Mrs Obama knows how to make an outfit stands out. She always adds a little sparkle to what she wears by adding a statement brooch, a belt or pearls. You would never see her with a myriad of accessories on her.

Mrs Obama at now Justice Sotomayor swearing in ceremony

I do not know if her style comes as effortless as it looks. She must have stylists and make up artists who have for sole task to make her look good. Nevertheless, I am still under the impression that even though there is a team behind her elegance, she is the one to chose what she will put on and how. At the end of the day, she is the one who makes the decisions concerning her wardrobe. And she is not afraid of criticism. Furthermore, her sense of style did not emerge when she became a first lady. We all know how dashing she was during the elections. And being a first lady does not automatically put you on the elegance list because we had some first ladies in the past who were not big fashionistas (pantsuits anyone?).
I have the feeling that you have to have a certain age to know what looks good on you and not be afraid to wear it. When you are young, you are still searching for that style that suits you perfectly but also makes you you. I would like to believe that Mrs Obama did some experiment in the past and now she finally owns her style. Because if I do not think like that (that age and maturity will bring out the elegance and style in a person), I should abandon all hopes of being classy, stylish and elegant one day, don't you think?

Mrs Obama different looks


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