Outfit Planner: Turkey and Xmas at home

I am going home (Senegal) for the holidays. I am excited at the idea of spending time with my family, and for my kids to see their grandparents. I have not planned for any activities yet, but I know my son wants a xmas tree to decorate. I may also celebrate some December birthdays (both my husband and I have family with birthdays in December). Anyway I am praying for it to be a hassle free and fun time.

Since, I am going to travel via Istanbul, I have to plan for some outfits. I have plenty of traditional clothes sitting in my closet back home that I am planning on wearing. However, I need a few more to survive the 3 days trip to Turkey and to wear if ever I have to go somewhere fancy at home.

According to the weather forecast, it is not going to be freezing cold in Istanbul in December. But I may need to keep myself warm. Therefore for the trip and 3 days stay in the beautiful city, I am taking:
- H&M Trench coat
- Blue skinny Jeans
- Green cargo pants
- Grey sweater
- Beige and cream sweater
- Colorful sweater
- Brown boots
- Wrap
- Infinity scarves
- Travel bag

I recently purchased this big wrap. It looks more like a wearable blanket in Native American design (very popular in Japan right now). I am in love with it because it is cute but it can keep both my baby (who is always on my back) and I warm. For some reason, it is always freezing in airplanes and the thin blanket they give us is never enough. So this time I am combining function and style by using this wrap.
With the wrap I also got two infinity scarves: one heavy knitted in purple, and another lighter one in olive green. They can both keep me warm and they have double function as they can serve me as hood. 
The rest of the outfits are just easy to wear clothes that can help me to walk around the city of Istanbul.

For the holidays, I wanted to wear a dress. I saw some cute ones in H&M. But since I want to save money to do some shopping in Istanbul (and probably at home), I have decided to "shop in my own closet". I may finally wear my thrifted pink dress with some black slacks. The dress is in a beautiful color but is very plain. That is why I want to add some brooch to punch it up a bit like Heidi Klum did to her dress in this Marie Claire magazine cover.

Heidi Klum wearing the dress

I will complete the look with my red jeweled shoes bought for my B-day last year (have not worn them yet) or some jeweled peep toe.

Thrifted dress, thrifted shoes all from Goodwill

                                                     Black Turban and gold accessories

I have other options but I still need to think about them. But I really want a dress like these:

                                                                         H&M dress

                                                                    Talbots dress ( I heard Sequined dress were a hit back home)

So what are you planning on wearing for the holiday parties?


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