Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Diary: A little grey

It is spring, but I still feel like wearing dark colors. Today I am going out to the mall for some shopping. I wanted to wear something casual that I could take off easily if I wanted to try clothes on.
Here is today' s outfit:

-Paris Blues Skinny Jeans $11.99
-En focus bubble sleeveless dress Ross $8.99
-One Clothing grey shawl sweater Ross $9.99
-Black cotton shawl Walmart $5
-Valley Lane black flats Ross $4.99
-Silver chunky belt worn as a necklace (I had it for so long, I do not even remember where I bought it)
-Orange stone fashion ring (I had it for so long, I do not even remember where I bought it)

In find it dark, very dark and not really suitable for this Spring. I wanted to wear a white tee with the outfit. However I could not find my simple white tee that comes up to my knee and covers my big butt and huge thighs (that is why it pays to have an organized closet). Therefore, I went for a sleeveless bubble dress in leopard print. I originally bought this dress to sell it as part of my business, but nobody wanted it(I still do not know why). That is why I kept it for myself. It is a little big but it was perfect to camouflage my belly when I was pregnant.

Encouraged by my best friend, I bought these skinny jeans. And I have been wearing them ever since every time I step out of the house. They are not that tight; in fact I can wear them with ease. But, they still stick to my booty. That is why, I always wear them with something long enough. I absolutely adore them and was happy with the purchase.
The accessories I chose to complete the look are a black cotton shawl worn as a head scarf

a metallic belt I wore as a necklace, some leather black flats and an orange stone fashion ring. I had this metallic belt for more than 6 years and probably never wore it. I decided to try it as a necklace after seeing so many similar chain necklaces on TV.

The shoes are brand new. I bought them less than a week ago at Ross. As you can see in the picture, they were really cheap. I could not resist considering that I have flats in every color possible except black. I was thinking of adding some golden studs to it to make it even more trendier. However, I am still tempted to leave them as they are. They are so cute and simple.

And the fashion ring was added to bring a pop of color to this outfit.

(God!I am definitely never going to make it as a hand model lol)

Update: I finally went out and bought a cream top that will cover my ass in those skinny jeans. it is very wide, and has some lace detail in the back. Therefore, I am vamping my outfit to be more spring suitable with the cream top. Which outfit you prefer?

Cream top with lace detail in the back

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Diary: Spring Awakening Update

Last week, I started a new thing on this blog called Fashion Diary. My first entry was about an outfit suitable for spring that I was going to wear to my doctor's appointment/ anniversary dinner. However, since I always change my mind, I did not wear the exact same thing on the day. This is what I wore:

- Derek Heart tube dress, Ross $8
- Uniqlo sweater $40
- Joey O red peep toe slingbacks, Ross $12.99
- Zara brown belt, gift
- Chiffon beige scarf, Joa Jewels $2.99
- Satin bows headband, Ross $3.99
- Gold chain, gift
- Brown bag, CVS pharmacy $30

I decided to switch from the longer sweater to the shorter because I felt the previous made my butt look bigger. Besides, the shorter version looks more refined and classy. It looks like cashmere, although it is not.
The peep toes slingbacks are a nice addition because contrary to the white platforms, I feel comfortable in them. And the patent makes the shoes pop.

The brown bag was purchased at CVS two years ago. It was a bag filled with make up kits and other small make up bags. Although the bag does not have an over the shoulder strap, I find it perfect as a diaper bag or travel bag because it is big and stylish.

Finally, I have been obsessed with headband for a while without really having the courage to go for it. This time I mustered the courage to associate a light beige scarf with a dark brown headband with two bows. I feel like a little princess with it.

So what outfit you think is better?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If only I could afford that Chanel Tweed Jacket

I do not know what got into me. Maybe it is the change of weather (Spring is finally here with its warm temperatures and blooming flowers)? Maybe it is just realizing that my blog is so blah...? I do not know but I needed to do something to change it a bit. So along with changing the templates, adding a few gadgets to the layout, I am creating a new page. I would like to call this page: "If only I could afford that"
In this page, I will talk about all the good things I want to have but cannot afford.
The first posting is about the Chanel Tweed Jacket in Pink.
I am not a person who is into brands. I like clothes whether they have labels or not. However, I feel a bit different about brands like Chanel. I find their clothing and accessories very feminine yet classy. I always think that even if I become filthy rich, I am not one to invest in $5000 clothes. Yet, I know that I could go the extra mile for a Chanel Tweed Jacket. The Jacket is so old, yet so modern at the same time. And you could dress it up with a pair of white slacks or dress it down with a pair of jeans. I could see myself attending an event like a fundraising wearing the tweed jacket. And since it is one of those items that never go out of style, and look good on every woman whether they are 20 or 60, I could see myself wearing it for a long time (and who knows passing it on to my daughter)

Other things I love made by Chanel
Chanel Flap Bag :

I absolutely adore the flap bag in white. I used to own a replica when I was 8 (or maybe it was the real deal, I would not know). One of my favorite aunt gave it to me. And I used it only on special occasion like a relative christening or first communion. The rest of the time, it was locked up in my mother's closet (To this day, I still do not know what became of this bag).

Chanel n 5:

is also one of my favorite perfume. Yet, I do not own it. I used to steal some from my mother's vanity. Smelling Chanel n 5 meant being a classy and sophisticated woman

Chanel pearls:

I saw one set I adored in the Devil wears Prada. Anne Hathaway character was wearing it when she was going through her makeover along with some wide pants and a tweed hat to complete the look. Breathtaking....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Diary: Spring Awakening

I want to start something new with this blog. So far I have been blogging about what I like or do not like about Fashion. However, from now on I want to add some spice: I will blog about my own clothes (recently purchased or already owned) and how I can mix and match them to fit certain events of just ordinary days out of the house. I thought about doing it just to break from the routine of my dressing habits. Every time that I step out of the house, I always opt for a pair of jeans, sweaters and sneakers or flats. But If I have to take a picture of my outfit and post it on this site, it will help me up the ante and start dressing up a bit more. In reality, I also hope that this innovation would interest some of my readers, and help me attract more of them.
I would like to call this new page: Fashion Diary.
The first fashion diary outfit I would like to call Spring Awakening
is the following:

- Knee Length beige sweater Walmart $10
- Tube Maxi Dress, Ross dress for less, $8
- Skinny brown belt, Zara (gift)
- White Peep toe platform shoes, Payless, $4 at local Goodwill

I love this ensemble. The dress is very summery even though I find the color palette to be good for fall as well. It is a tube dress, which I hesitated before buying because I cannot wear it alone for religious reasons. But against my usual good judgement, I decided to get it and find out later how I could coordinate it. I was happy to find waiting for me in my closet a sweater to pair it with. I have other cardigans I may try with the dress as well. During the heat wave of Houston, I may even pair the dress with a plain white or beige tee-shirt.
I always wanted to try wearing a belt over dresses or cardigans ever since it became trendy around town. But for some reasons I did not dare to do so. I previously tried this ensemble with a bolder belt and it did not work at all. So I went for the skinnier type, which is a nicer addition.

I absolutely adored the shoes which are barely pictured here. ( I will have to invest in a tripod to take better pictures) They are really high but I can still walk in them because they are platform shoes. I intended to buy them at Payless last year but I was afraid that they were too high. However, during a shopping spree at the local Goddwill to celebrate my birthday, I could not resist them any longer when they smile at me. I wore them only once before but I did not regret the $4 I invested.
I will have to add a bag and a scarf to my garment. I may go for a red or white scarf and a brown crocodile bag. With these color palettes, the sky is the limit. No, let me rephrase that, I have many colors to choose from, granted they are not pink or green...I may be trying to be bold, but I am not quite there yet.

But this is only planning. I hope to wear it next time I go out, which is for my doctor appointment this thrusday/ anniversary dinner (I hope my husband will take me the way should I just hope or drop the hint to him that I want to celebrate?)

So what you think of this outfit I called Spring Awakening?


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