And another one! (jumpsuit that is!)

What? Am I crazy? Am I just plain stupid? Or am I obssessed?

Polka dots jumpsuit with ruffle neckline

I think I just went overboard and purchased another Jumpsuit. This time the thing is sleeveless, in a silky material and -wait-with a polka dots print. I do not think I ever owned anything with polka dots. Anyway, I was again in Shimamura, just checking if they had jackets and cardigans since Fall had finally arrived. However, all the things that I was waiting to be marked down plainly vanished. Gone the military style bomber jacket (in green), gone the animal print cardigan! Sniff! Sniff!...But back to the topic du jour: so since all the things I wanted were gone, you would think I would just leave the place. No! I kept on browsing the aisles, looking for stuff and I found this polka dots jumpsuit and it was 3L (my size) and marked down to less than a 1000 Yen. I tried it on and it was perfect. Therefore, instead of just leaving it behind and concentrating on (and saving for) another item more suitable for Fall, I just bought the damn thing without blinking twice.
This time, I am not thinking about how to style the item. I have no idea of what to wear with polka dots. But I am not discouraged. Time willing, I may find something in my closet that will accompany the jumpsuit at least for this Fall/ Winter season and well into Spring, I hope. I just pray that the jumpsuit stays fashionable way beyond next summer because I need to use these two puppies.

Here, I tried to style with a printed jacket and sandals, but I need to think for Fall/Winter mode

Speaking of which, I wore the other Khaki jumpsuit two days after purchasing it. I was going to do some shopping in town and I wore it. I felt great in it. It was the comfiest thing I had wore in a long time (even comfier than my jeans). I paired it with my bronze crocodile skin gladiators and my brown Bottega Venetta insipred weaved bag. Unfortunately I did not take a picture. But for those who were wondering, I went to the bathroom with the thing and it was not as hard as I thought to take it off. Just do not wait until you are bursting to go to the bathroom because your pee may leak while you undress. lol


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