Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stylish Friends: Mame

As much as I love to blog about my style, I know that I have a lot to learn and to dare to wear. However, I am surrounded by friends with bold and great style. Last time I introduced my bestie Marieme Faye and her crazy style. Today it is all about Mame.
Mame is not only my friend, she is family. She is my father's baby sister but we have been partners in crime ever since I met her for we are barely one year apart. Every year for Summer, I would spend time in her hometown of Banjul, meeting with her friends, discovering R&B and reading her English books. As we grew up, we did so many crazy things and build so many memories that I hold dear to this day.
But I am not going to get all mushy about Mame. Instead I want to share her sense of style. Mame has this great body. She is super tall and has curves in all the right places. She has a beautiful dark skin, sexy eyes and a killer smile.She also dresses to impress without being too over the top. But do not take my word for it. Check her pics and read what she has to say:

 Ode to Fashion: How can you describe your style?
Mame: Urban yet classy. However I try sometimes to wear African, bohemian and even rock chic

For Eid- Love the hair
What was your favorite thing in your closet right now?
My favorite thing in my closet right now is a blazer I bought inspired by Kim K. (although I am not a big fan of hers)

The blazer
What was your favorite thing to wear when you were a kid, teen?
 Tops, trousers and trainers (aka sneakers)

 Who is your style icon?
 I love Dame Elisabeth Taylor but for everyday stuff I like Lisa Ray McCoy

Keeping it simple
How much are you willing to spend on a great pair of shoes?
A healthy amount. It has to stay within the hundred pounds though. I promise I will never do more than that even if I could afford it.

My favorite outfit
What is your make up routine and how much time do you spend doing your make up in the morning?
I am not a make up worshipper. I only wear it for special occasions and even then it has to be subtle. I only wear foundation powder and eye pencil when I go to uni or work.

Going to a concert

 What trend will you never try no matter what?
 Punk fashion. It is just a no go area for me. But hey, never say never, right?

 What style advice can you give me?
 My advice? Keep it simple to make it elegant. Always have perfect hair and shoes then you are good to go.

There you have it, an homage to Mame's style. Who will be next to fall prey to my blog? Daba I have my eyes on you...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Isabel Marant sneakers

I have not done a IOICAT post in a while for as much as I drool over luxury items, I am not crazy enough to obsess about them (for what is the point in obsessing about what you cannot have). Yet there is something approachable about these shoes that make me think way too much about them lately. Blame it all on some bloggers or celebrities for sporting them with ease or on fashion magazines for naming the pair a must have.

Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneakers in cobalt blue
Anyway, as a girl who rarely wears sneakers (I do not even own a pair), it is unusual for me to even like one. Yet, the sneaker that comes in various shades and styles is so darn cute. I favor the Suede texture of it, but also (and I think it is everyone's favorite thing about the shoe), the concealed heel. The shoe is actually a wedge, but it is designed in such a way that from the outside, it is not noticeable.

These shoes are available online for the hefty price of 24000Y (or roughly less than $300).Not impossible but just unthinkable on my none existent salary of a housewife. So, I will either have to forget about the obsession du jour or just do like every other broke fashionista out there, resort to the cheaper "fake" version on the market. For starters Topshop in Japan has what they call the Acrobat Wedge trainer for around 10.000Yen.
Topshop Acrobat wedge trainer
But I  would rather put my money on Shimamura. It has the same exact pair in black and brown for 2900Y. And those I got my hands (or rather my feet) into. Let me tell you that they were comfy for the price. I may wait for it to drop a little to get them. I am cheap like that. Truth be told, they just have the black and tan version where I would rather get the cobalt or red one. A girl can wait, right?
Celebs who love the shoes (Kate, Mirranda and Beyonce)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Iftar at home (some things never change)

My stay back home has been very pleasant. I am spending half the time at my in laws and the other half with my parents and brother. As I was telling you in earlier post the last time I spent Ramadan with my family was back in March 1999. I managed to spend Eid back in 2001 with them but that was about it. So getting to spend Iftar again with my family after such a long time was a blessing.
Iftar at home was always a pleasure. My Dad would go out of his ways to buy us delicacies fit for a king. And my Mother would cook us succulent dishes. Back in those days we did not fast much my brothers and I for we were still young. However that did not stop us from partaking in the feast. Usually my Dad would drink hot milk tea, my Mother coffee and us the kids would get hot chocolate. Then we would all eat bread with butter, lunch meat, cheese and sometimes fried eggs. After that feast, we would rest for a while, my Dad would pray and my mother would rush to finish her dinner. Dinner was usually a local dish on weekdays and the fancy treat of Jolof rice on Saturdays and fried chicken on Sundays. 
After almost 13 years, I thought that Iftar back home would be different. My family is a lot smaller, we used to be 7 or 8 people lliving in our house, now we are just 4. My Dad although still having a full set of black hair seems smaller and tinier. And him who was a workaholic is retired now. My mother is hiding her grey hair underneath her moussor and she had lost a lot of weight. My younger brother is an adult ready to spread his wings and fly if only...The house is falling apart here and there but if you are new to it you would not notice because every space on the walls is covered with some paintings or statues my Dad brought back from Eastern Africa (where he used to work). We have a live in maid now, who is a relative.
Yet, with all those changes, Iftar managed to be the same.
Before it is time to break the fast, the maid and my mother would set the breakfast table with boxes of powder milk, cocoa, coffee, sugar, butter, French bread, dates, and the thermos with hot water. Noticing all this, I was kidding asking where was the lunch meat, thinking that there wasn't any. Then my Dad asked the maid to take it out of the fridge. You will have to understand that even when we were kids, lunch meat was a luxury that we did not have everyday except during Ramadan time. Imagine now years later living in a world with perpetual financial crisis, I did not imagine that my family still afforded that luxury. Boy was I wrong! On top of having lunch meat, they also had loaf of bread, which contrary to French bread is also a delicacy. There I was sitting at this table trying to drink my milk tea when I see my Dad making his cup the same way he used to all these years: mixing powder milk with a little bit of hot water and making a paste out of it before adding more hot water and tea. I was back in 1999. Right then and there, I could have cried of hapiness, because this is exactly what I call hapiness: coming back to the house you grew up and realise that some things did not change. It made me feel safe. Alas I was too hungry to dwell on this. So I praised the LORD and went back to my milk tea....


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