Oops! I did it again!

It is official! I am crazy!

And you know why I declare myself completely insane (without the help of any shrink)? I just bought another jumpsuit.

It was during one of those weekly trip to Shimamura. The military parka I wanted to buy last week was gone. But I found a jumpsuit identical to the one I bought earlier in polka dots. This one has flowers in it! What self respecting girl could resist flowers? Not me! So there I purchase the thing.

It is cute as you can see in the pic:

 I know some people who buy the same clothes in different colors if they really like the style. But so far, I have never done it in my life, until today that is. However, I have been wondering about the polka dot jumpsuit for a while now. It is not as easy to style as I thought. To tell you the truth, even if it was easy to style, I am not feeling it anymore. It was an impulse buy much like this buy as well.

Nevertheless, I am thinking of turning my polka dot jumpsuit into a dress. I am not sure it is remotely possible but I am willing to ask around. Close to where I live, I have many shops that pretend to reform clothes. It cannot kill to ask. And if the price is staggering, I can wait until I go back home and have my neighborhood tailor do it for nothing.

So what do you think about the new jumpsuit?
And about turning the one I already have into a dress?

                                                             (pics courtesy of my son)

Ps: the jumpsuit is so comfy and light that it is perfect even for lounging around the house.


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