Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to the basics: Cardigans

Summer is around the corner and I have been craving cardigans. It may be because the weather is not really cooperating. One day it is hot, and the next it is freezing. One morning it is sunny, and by the afternoon it is raining. I need cardigans (even jackets) to protect me from this weather. Besides, I just found out that cardigans are part of the basics I need in my wardrobe. They will help me polish any outfit.

These few are on my radar:
Uniqlo Extra light cardigan at 1990Y
Uniqlo Stole cardigan at 2990Y

Zara Wraparound cardigan for 5990Y (can find cheaper version at 109 Minato Mirai or Vivre Yokohama)

H&M White cardigan at 1490Y

Friday, May 25, 2012

A dream come true

While I was in Houston I went and did something I always wanted to do but for some reasons never thought I could do. I met my favorite blogger.

When I knew I was going to Houston, I thought that I had to try to meet Reiko from God's Favorite shoes. I love her, her blog, her sense of humor and her style. Reiko's blog is the only one I check on a daily basis and I get mad when she has not posted anything new. There were days I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and reading her would brighten me up. And although there are some things she wears I would never try on myself (that girl is bold), I still appreciate her style and often goes to her for inspiration.

Feeling that way, I had to meet her. I knew it would be tricky since she is busy. But what did I have to lose by asking? So I wrote to her and she was kind enough to meet me.

And let me tell you, she was everything that I expected her to be and even more. She was stylish as usual pairing mustard men's short with super high heels and arm candy. We started talking about a lot of things: blogging, fashion, shopping, family...I felt like I was talking to an old friend I have not met in years. Reiko was just as genuine, as real as she was in her blog. And I was surprised to find that she resembles me in so many ways.
I had a great time with her and I just wished I could have spent more time with her. I left her feeling light and happy and so inspired. She is just the kind of person that lift you up and I need more of her kind in my life. I need her in my life.

 I can now strike meet with Reiko off my bucket list. Next step, be part of Reiko's entourage, move from cyber stalker to real life stalker (just kidding Reiko). If for some reason, you do not know Reiko's blog yet (which I doubt coz she is very famous in the fashion blogosphere, or at least the one I check), check her at You will not be disappointed.

I stole this pic from Reiko. I had planned on taking pics with her but I was so starstruck that I forgot about it. Thank GOD, she managed to take one of us.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Travel with style: airplane edition!

The family and I are planning a trip back to Houston Texas. I am so excited to go back "home" for three reasons: shopping, eating and meeting with friends. You do not even know how much I miss Ross, Target, Goodwill and other stores in the US. I cannot wait to go there and let myself go crazy. I will also indulge in all the Mediterranean and Mexican foods I cannot get in Japan. I will gain some pounds ( which is sad because I have been losing lately) but it will be so worth it.  Moreover I will get to spend time with friends (and make a new one I hope).

But before I start doing all these things, I need to hop on different planes and travel for a long day with two small kids. I am thinking that this trip will be a headache therefore I am already planning on outfits that will make the travel easier. Here are a few options that really appeal to me and most of these things are already in my wardrobe.

Simply Hip

Fedora hat, leather jacket, denim shirt, colored jeans, shoulder bag and canvas espadrilles

I think this outfit may be my favorite as I have been wearing versions of it several times in the past (in Summer and Winter). Moreover the pieces taken separately are very easy to style. I just need to switch the espadrilles for some ballet flats as I do not own a pair yet. The Fedora hat will add a little bit of edge to the outfit (a la Beyonce).

Stylish Madame

Trench coat, dress shirt, floral scarf, black leggings, jeweled flats and messenger bag

I love trench coats but I am not sure I would like to travel with one as stylish as it may be. My trench coat is really big and if I take it off inside the airport for example, it may be a hassle to carry around on top of luggage. Plus I am sure I will not find any use for it in the heat of Houston. But the other items really appeal to me particularly my jeweled flats which are super comfy and cute.

Ethnic chic

Denim jacket, white tee, printed maxi skirt, wedges and messenger bag

I love the idea of a fluid maxi skirt (or dress) for travelling but never tried it before. And lately I have been obsessed with African prints. My printed dress that I wear as a skirt is great but not really wide enough to be very comfy. I am sure that once I sit on the plane, I will be pulling and tugging at it, which I would hate. But it is really a trendy thing to wear.

Would you like to try any of these styles for a trip? Do you have any other you would like to share with me?

(Update: And to find out what I really wore, read here)


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