Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring cravings

The beginning of the week was beautiful. We had such a gorgeous weather with higher temperatures and sunshine that I thought Spring was already here. I went out soaking up as much sun as I could, and not wearing a heavy coat for the first time in months.

The gorgeous weather made me crave for warmth, sunshine, Sakuras and colorful, brand new clothes. My closet is bursting but for some reasons, I always think that I need one more thing. On my radar this Spring are light printed dresses, pencil skirts and colorful pants.

Printed shift dresses or tunics

I am known for loving maxi dresses. They represent me (when I am tired of my jeans representing me). However, I also enjoy a shift dress from time to time. It is a bit hard to find one my size in here but I am still on the lookout for the perfect one. I think that a dotted one will go well with the trend at hand. However I am also drooling on a flower printed one.

Retro style dresses

I like retro style dresses with the peter pan collar. However, I am not sure I am cute enough for the trend. I am willing to try it on and see how thing go. If I like it then be it; if not, then I will return it or donate it.

Retro style flower printed dress at for 2490Y

Pencil skirts

Some years ago,  I gave away all my short skirts for religious reasons until I realized that I could comprimised by wearing opaque tights or leggings. Now I am trying to fill my wardrobe with practical skirts that do not make me look like a bohemian. I enjoy pencil skirts for they are a tad sophisticated. On my radar are simple one toned skirts in royal blue and black.

Pencil knitted skirt at for 850Y

Colorful pants

Last Summer, I went crazy and bought my first colored jeans in years. They are bright orange and make me so happy for they are not too tight. This year, I think I am going to add more colorful pants and I know just the color I am lusting over (Blue, green, golden brown, mustard and hot pink).

Color skinny fit ankle jeans for 2990Y at

Green pants at for 6990Y- Found one half price at H&M and greener

Men Brazil nut brown khaki pants at Gap for 7900Y - the color of these pants is more beautiful in real life. It looks a tad shinier than in the picture as they were golden brown.

Navajo Printed knits

If this coming Spring is anything like last year's (still chilly), I made need a few knitted sweaters that can keep me warm. I have been looking for heavy knits without success. I am lusting over these but does not dare to order them online for fear they may not fit as well as I want them to. I hate shopping online but for these prices, I may just take the plunge.

Available at for 1980Y

Available at for 980Y

On sale at for 1890Y

Don't you find it strange that my craving list does not include shoes, or bags? I am thinking that I am pretty set when it comes to those. I have way too many bags that I barely use and do not even get me started on shoes. I guess I am going to rest my shoe shopping for a while until I find a new obsession that is.

What are you craving for Spring?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rest in Peace

In the heartbreak hotel they found you
lying cold in water blue.
The echoes of your death schocked
an entire world you left stranded.

Didn't you almost have it all
the money, the fame and the greatest love of all?
Why did you do me this way
Waste your life so soon as M.J.?

For one moment in time
You were all I had in mind.
You made wanna dance with somebody,
wondered how would I know,
pushed me into that show
that was nothing without you.

You gave me exctasy.
You were my fantasy.
For I dreamt that I will grow up oneday
to become somebody like you.

You made me feel
like a million dollar bill.
I looked to you
to find an escape to sorrow
waiting to exhale into
a better person I would grow.

You were the Queen of the night
on stage, tore me apart
with glee.
You did it naturally.
But in real life
You were just every woman
trying to survive that man
learning from the best
fighting for your hapiness.

Now where do broken hearts go?
for they will never find their way home.
Your death was a blow
to the beautiful life I hope.

It is not right but it is okay.
I am going to make it anyway
for I have Bey
Alicia and Adele to count on today.

I refuse to shed tears,
bitter sweet memories
would be all I am taking with me
only holding on to those souvenirs
you helped me create all these years.

For the joy,
for the friend
who taught me how to be coy;
to fall this way you were meant
but immortality you shall obtain.
As to rest they lay your remains
I am singing: I will always love you

Thursday, February 16, 2012


When it comes to fashion prints, I have many obsessions. I like animal prints (Leopard,
Tiger, Zebra you name it). I absolutely adore big flower prints particularly in maxi
dresses. And I am in love with stripes.

Strangely the only print I do not own is Polka dots. What do I have against Polka dots
you may ask. And I would answer absolutely nothing. It is just that it never occurred to
me to get a Polka dots print.

Back in the days (when I was a tween), I owned a polka dots dress (a white dress with
black huge dots) that I had a tailor change into a skirt. I loved the outfit and would rock
it. But after that I cannot remember owning something with dots. (except for a jumpsuit I found too hard to style and ended up selling)

As dots are coming back into the Fashion sphere, it is not a surprise to find me attracted
to them. It is not to the point where I have to have one, but if I find one with the right
style, the right size and the right price, why not?

Here are some I like:

Red Polka dotted blouse with a bow at for 1490Y

Blue tee with white dots and lace collar. Spotted similar one at Shimamura and Don Don Down

Dotted dress for 2990Y at jp

Dotted trench coat for 3880Y at

And a future style steal:

Style pantry polka dots blouse

What about you? Have you tried this trend yet? 


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