I finally found it

Remember way back in May, I did a post about my obsession of the moment:"Jumpsuits (Forget about the maxi dress obsession!)"?

Well, as it turns out, I found the one I wanted.

I have to admit that back in the US, I did not look that hard. I was too busy preparing a move to another continent. However, ever since I arrived in Japan, I realized that the Jumpsuit trend was way advanced here. Young girls would adorn jumpsuits from every style and color. And it suited their petite frame. I so wanted one after seeing it everywhere. However, knowing how small Japanese clothes could be, I did not dare to even try one.

That is until yesterday. As part of my weekly routine, I went food shopping in a big supermarket near my son's school. On the second floor or the supermarket, they have Japanese clothing stores. The one I particularly like is called Shimamura. Back when I was living in Japan, I used to visit the store often because they had unbeatable prices. Think Forever 21, Japanese version. I got the one item I loved the most and get many compliments on- my Bogetta Venetta inspired bag- there way back in 2005.

Anyway, I like to check the things they have in Shimamura, not only for me but for the kids as well. Last week I bought summer sleeveless tees for my son because it was way too hot to wear tees with sleeves. And this week, as I was checking (and with no intention of shopping at all), I found the Jumpsuit I so longed for.

Finally we meet : Khaki Jumpsuit

They had a wide selection of Jumpsuits in Shimamura, from the short to the long one, with flowers and thrills to the basic cotton one. I picked several in the LL and LLL size (which is usually my size in Japan) and went into the booth. There was one in grey silky material I liked but it was a bit tight. I could pull it off but I wanted to be comfy in a Jumpsuit. The other one I tried on was in cotton and had no sleeves. It was another favorite but the length was a bit short for my taste. The third time proved to be a charm. I tried this short sleeve, dress shirt style on the top, cargo style on the bottom linen jumpsuit. It was like wearing a second skin. It was not too big, and not too tight. Just perfect. Plus it had a sash. I could move around in it and I felt very "Kakkoi" (cool as they say in Japan) in it. I purchased the damn thing without thinking twice. Plus it was marked down from 2300Y to 1470Y. On my way home, I was already daydreaming about how to style it. Would I wear it when it gets a bit colder? Would I try to style it with my Old navy yellow and white cardi? Can I wear it with my Suede boots? Or should I go for my gladiator wedges before the end of Summer? I had so many choices, I was getting dizzy.

                                                                      Kakkoi (cool!)

It goes well with the Gladiators (don't you think?)

Anyway, I am happy I found the one. Now, I just have to be daring enough to wear it in public. Because I do not want this jewel to sleep in my closet forever. 2010 is all about daring and doing what I dream of doing. No more being negative and stopping myself just because.

Side note: Before I left Shimamura, I had time to check their Fall/ Winter collection and I found some jewels I will so snag as soon as the temperatures drop.
Here they are:
- a brown faux leather bomber jacket with a grey hood attached
- an olive green military inspired bomber jacket
- a leopard print cardigan
Unfortunately I could not snag pictures of those goodies. And they are not displayed on the website. However, you can always check the link below to have an idea of what kind of things they sell this season.



Fayez said…
Très intéressant. Je salue ton penchant pour la mode et ton originalité!!!
Mais dis moi t'es retournée vivre au Japon?
hi honey!!

Loveeee the jumpsuit <3

nice blog... lovely

xoxo :D*
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