Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wish list

My birthday is coming in two weeks INCHALLAH. I will be turning 30. As would be the norm with me (and my fear of getting older), I would panic at the thought of leaving my 20s behind. However, I am relatively calm. I am telling myself that age is nothing but a number. I may be and "feel" 30 (it is getting harder to get up in the morning, and my 20/20 vision is failing me recently) but in my head, I am still 18.

Another thing that will probably make this passage to 30 bearable is the big shopping I am planning. Here is what I want for my 30's birthday:

-SHOES: I always buy shoes for my Bday because it is easier. Come to think of it I have not even worn the ones I bought for my 29th birthday. That is why this time, I am not getting heels but shoes that do fit my "soccer mum" lifestyle. On top of my list are these either in light pink, mustard or green:

                                                               Anita Arenberg shoes

- PONCHO: I fell in love with this H&M poncho and was waiting for it to be on sale.

                                                                   H&M Poncho

 However, it was gone once the sales started. Then I saw this other one with another mother at my son's school. She told me that she got it at H&M as well. I am hoping that they still have the second one left because this one is longer and more my style than the previous one.

H&M Poncho the one I like

                                        (Pics courtesy of  and

If not, I am getting this online.

                                                                     Nissen Poncho

I wanted one after seeing it in all Japanese magazines and even on TV (there are two Japanese dramas being aired right now where both the heroines wear gorgeous military green parka. Needless to mention that there will be a boom of military parka to come). They have a wide selection of light and heavy military parka at Shimamura ranging from 2900Y to 5800Y. I guess I will get mine there if I do not find better somewhere else.

                                        Shinohara Ryoko in Ogon no Buta (Japanese drama)

                and her famous military parka from The Dress & Co.Hideaki Sakaguchi

-INFINITY SCARF: It is getting cold, way too cold for November so I am no longer putting off buying winter accessories such as gloves, scarves and ear warmers. My absolute must have item is this new style scarf or neck warmer called Infinity scarf. I love it for the reason that you can wear it in different styles. It can even be turned into a piece of clothing. I am hesitated between one in a bold color or in animal print like these below:

In all my trials to be daring this 2010 year, I have decided to purchase colorful and/or printed leggings.  I am thinking of getting one in bright red, and one in argyle print. My favorite winter print is argyle. So far I have only found argyle socks. and they would not be so bad if I do not find the argyle print.

-LONGCHAMP Le Pliage bag
I have decided that after coveting the thing for so long at airports, I would join the crowd(of Longchamp owners) this year and get myself one. This thing is not cheap and the lightness of the material slightly bothers me. However, it is about time I get a brand handbag in my wardrobe. I am turning 30 for god's sake. No more cheap things. More elegant and stylish things! To tell you the truth, Le Pliage bag will be my one and only birthday gift, if I do not manage to get money for all the rest above.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oops! I did it again!

It is official! I am crazy!

And you know why I declare myself completely insane (without the help of any shrink)? I just bought another jumpsuit.

It was during one of those weekly trip to Shimamura. The military parka I wanted to buy last week was gone. But I found a jumpsuit identical to the one I bought earlier in polka dots. This one has flowers in it! What self respecting girl could resist flowers? Not me! So there I purchase the thing.

It is cute as you can see in the pic:

 I know some people who buy the same clothes in different colors if they really like the style. But so far, I have never done it in my life, until today that is. However, I have been wondering about the polka dot jumpsuit for a while now. It is not as easy to style as I thought. To tell you the truth, even if it was easy to style, I am not feeling it anymore. It was an impulse buy much like this buy as well.

Nevertheless, I am thinking of turning my polka dot jumpsuit into a dress. I am not sure it is remotely possible but I am willing to ask around. Close to where I live, I have many shops that pretend to reform clothes. It cannot kill to ask. And if the price is staggering, I can wait until I go back home and have my neighborhood tailor do it for nothing.

So what do you think about the new jumpsuit?
And about turning the one I already have into a dress?

                                                             (pics courtesy of my son)

Ps: the jumpsuit is so comfy and light that it is perfect even for lounging around the house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

And another one! (jumpsuit that is!)

What? Am I crazy? Am I just plain stupid? Or am I obssessed?

Polka dots jumpsuit with ruffle neckline

I think I just went overboard and purchased another Jumpsuit. This time the thing is sleeveless, in a silky material and -wait-with a polka dots print. I do not think I ever owned anything with polka dots. Anyway, I was again in Shimamura, just checking if they had jackets and cardigans since Fall had finally arrived. However, all the things that I was waiting to be marked down plainly vanished. Gone the military style bomber jacket (in green), gone the animal print cardigan! Sniff! Sniff!...But back to the topic du jour: so since all the things I wanted were gone, you would think I would just leave the place. No! I kept on browsing the aisles, looking for stuff and I found this polka dots jumpsuit and it was 3L (my size) and marked down to less than a 1000 Yen. I tried it on and it was perfect. Therefore, instead of just leaving it behind and concentrating on (and saving for) another item more suitable for Fall, I just bought the damn thing without blinking twice.
This time, I am not thinking about how to style the item. I have no idea of what to wear with polka dots. But I am not discouraged. Time willing, I may find something in my closet that will accompany the jumpsuit at least for this Fall/ Winter season and well into Spring, I hope. I just pray that the jumpsuit stays fashionable way beyond next summer because I need to use these two puppies.

Here, I tried to style with a printed jacket and sandals, but I need to think for Fall/Winter mode

Speaking of which, I wore the other Khaki jumpsuit two days after purchasing it. I was going to do some shopping in town and I wore it. I felt great in it. It was the comfiest thing I had wore in a long time (even comfier than my jeans). I paired it with my bronze crocodile skin gladiators and my brown Bottega Venetta insipred weaved bag. Unfortunately I did not take a picture. But for those who were wondering, I went to the bathroom with the thing and it was not as hard as I thought to take it off. Just do not wait until you are bursting to go to the bathroom because your pee may leak while you undress. lol


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