Monday, May 31, 2010

Outfit Planner: Malaysia (update- or what I really wore)

I am back from a week of R&R in Langkawi, Malaysia. Did not do much except eat a lot, sleep a lot, and play by the pool with the kids. I have never been on a vacation when I slept so much. But I am not complaining. It was laid back. No need to go sightseeing, no need to go into the tourist traps. Just plain laziness.
A while ago, I posted what I thought I will have to take with me for the trip, outfit wise. And I managed to take everything I wanted to, with slight alterations. I was supposed to take pics of my every day outfit, but for some reasons, I completely forgot about it. But here is what I wore.

- For the trip, I opted to go for a blouse I had for a while. The texture reminds me of silk although it is polyester. I paired it with my skinny jeans and a long beige cardigan. I wore my black flats during the trip but had to go with the beaded tongs at the airport because my feet swell on the plane. It was such a long trip, thank GOD I had the genius idea to put the tongs in my carry on.

- The first two days of our stay, I wore my white MNG pants and some white tee-shirt in the morning. We were just hanging by the pool all day so I did not want to dress up. But for diner that we decided to take at the night market some miles away from the hotel, I wore my black and white flower maxi dress and a white scarf. I also had the same outfit when we had diner at a shack by the beach called Aliyah where they serve fresh and delicious seafood.

After diner from Aliyah restaurant, in the hotel lobby with my son. I am wearing a beige and golden sequin tank top, the black and white flower maxi dress, a black bolero and white scarf.

- The 3rd day, I wore my fuchsia tunic and white maxi skirt. We went into the city to do some shopping. And I manage to get some goodies that I will talk about later in the post. For the diner, at another night market, I wore my skinny jeans and a long white tunic from Mossimo that was too big for me but that I loved because it was super adequate with the humidity and heat.

Mossimo blouse, black tank top, Shasa beaded necklace and skinny jeans (inside the hotel room)

I wore the same outfit the following morning for breakfast before changing into my made up Burqini (grey sweat pants and white tee shirt) to hang by the pool.

A small view of my made up Burqini (white tee with a swimsuit top underneath, black scarf and grey sweatpants)

-The 5th day, I wore the same maxi skirt but this time I paired it with a beaded sleeveless top and a black bolero. I added a white scarf and sunhat for a walk by the jetty at midday.

My stroll at the jetty with my baby

In this pic that I took in the lobby in front of our room because I liked the painting, I removed the scarf. You can see a bit of the beading neckline of my top.

That night, we had diner at the hotel again so I wore my maxi tube dress, and my black bolero. I also added a long brown scarf just to be on the modest side. It seems some people appreciated my sense of style. After diner we took a stroll on the jetty and an Indian woman on holiday with her family asked to take a picture with me. I was very flattered.

the pic is not clear but I am wearing the tube maxi dress with the black bolero, a white scarf with red flowers and my brown scarf.

- The last day, for the trip back home, I wore my skinny jeans, my white tee and the cardigan. This time, I did not even bothered with the flats. I just wore my plastic tongs that I had been wearing all week long with the matching bag. And I hit the jackpot because I was super comfy at the airport and on the plane. Moreover, it was not a hassle to remove my shoes at the check point before boarding. Sandals and flip-flops can seem a bit too casual but the days when I needed to dress up for a flight are over I guess. My Father who is a travel agent always taught us that we need to be proper when we travel. So, whenever we would travel by plane, we would always dress up. He says that you never know who you may meet, therefore you had to be on your best behavior and best suit. Moreover, if there was a chance to be upgraded to business or even first class, they would never do it if we were wearing tank tops and flip-flops. I reckon he is right. But nowadays, I just cannot be bothered. Sorry Dad! But when you travel for 36 hours with two children under 4, being classy does not matter anymore. Being super comfy, does!

Anyway, as I said earlier, I managed to do a little shopping both a Langkawi parade mall and the night market. The mall was this small thing of three floors with nice little shops. Nothing fantastic or fancy. But I had excepted it, having gone to Langkawi before. I found some nice pieces and practically for nothing. I bought these cute sandals in a very stylish shop.

Embroidered sandals

They cost barely $3. They were on sale actually.

I also bought this Malay style batik dress for $5.

Malay Style Batik Dress (or Caftan)

Cute Flower print

It is a jewel and I cannot wait to wear it. My husband said that for the price I should have gotten at least 10 of them and wear them all through the summer. That was a great idea but somehow, he did not follow through by giving me the 150 Ringit (or $50) I needed to do so (LOL). For the trip, I just took $80 with me because I did not want to shop crazy. My motto has been "Savings" lately and I want to stick to it. I just told myself that if GOD will, and if Malaysia is still there, I will have a chance to return there and maybe go on a shopping spree like the last time I was there with my best friend. At the end of our shopping trip at the mall, I bought cotton pyjama style outfits for my babies with Tom& Jerry and Popeye drawings. So cute!
At the night market, I was on the hunt for Hijabs. I bought some expensive one at the mall and wanted some more for less. I bought at least 3. I wanted one with some sparkle and one with some prints.

All the Hijabs and scarves I bought

All the time that I stayed in Langkawi, I observed the Malay women. They were not afraid of bold prints and even to mismatched them. And I wanted to channel them. However, when it was time to buy the Hijab, I asked myself the same question I ask myself whenever I am about to buy something bold: "Will I really wear it?" And the answer was "no". So I just scored a black Hijab with sparkles (I am still not sure I will wear it), a brown and beige printed one (subtle print), a color block one (grey and hot pink, my favorite so far), and two scarves (pink and beige-somehow I always buy the same color; it is like I am programmed to do it).

Black Hijab with crystals at the top...

but also at the bottom and the back

Colorblock Hijab

Obviously, I wanted some more Hijabs. I had seen some so suitable for winter at the mall. They were heavy knitted one just like sweaters. But as I was trying them one, my baby was screaming. I had to answer his demands and put the shopping on hold.

Was my trip satisfying? Not at a hundred percent. I wished I had time to get myself pampered at the hotel spa. But I am not complaining. I had a great time, and ate so much I am afraid of weighing myself. I definitely want to return. But next time, I will ditch the kids and maybe the husband. Nothing is more fun than a trip with a bunch of lady friends. Don't you think so?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrity style stealer (Ellen, Beyonce and Kelly Ripa)

As a fashionista (or wannabe fashionista), I am always inspired by what people wear around me. I am also inspired by what celebrities wear. Even if its true that I cannot afford most of the things they wear, it is still a pleasure trying to find it in my favorite mall or inside my closet. Sometimes I get lucky, other times I get creative. Today, I just wanted to blog about the celebrity styles that I love and try to pimp out

Ellen navy style
I always liked Ellen for her funny dances and her positive attitude. I do not find her necessarily hilarious but I can enjoy her show for the reason that she is a bit different (not meaning lesbian). Moreover, I really enjoy her style. It is so laid back and effortless. Ellen is always wearing boyish pieces in layers. And she is the type of tomboy that will never be caught dead wearing a dress (even at her own wedding). And it works for her. The style I like the most on her is the Navy one:

Navy Blazer-Striped Tee and White jeans

Here is my version of the Navy inspired look:

George Navy jacket- Walmart
Nine West Striped Top- Goodwill
MNG White pants- Goodwill
Joey O Red peep toe shoes- Ross

I already own a navy jacket even if it is not a blazer. I am thinking of changing the buttons into golden ones to make them pop and respect the navy theme. I just bought a striped top made by Nine West. But I will try to stay away from white jeans as much as possible. For some reasons, they frighten me to death. I guess it is because I think that they only look good on models or skinny people. So instead, I would wear white linen pants I can easily handle (and stay away from my two kids and their dirty hands)

Beyonce casual style
I am not a fan of the leotard style Beyonce has been seen rocking in all her latest videos. Actually, it is pretty rare that I like something Beyonce wears in her videos or in her TV appearances. I think that her style when it comes to being Beyonce or Sasha Fierce (the singer/ actress) is all over the place. Yet, when she is just Beyonce hanging around with Jay-Z, I cannot help by fall in love with her casual style. I am in love of her simplest one yet:

Balmain jacket- white Tee- skinny jeans- high heels and oversized bag

I also love what she wore at the Coachella music festival just recently
Fedora hat-printed tee- jean shorts and boots

Now here is my first version of Beyonce' s style. I had the grey tee for a while now and wore it often around town, particularly in winter. Here I paired It with my favorite skinny jeans, and a lightweighted cream jacket. I recently acquired a pair of wedges that are so comfy, I am already wearing them everywhere. They are my new favorite shoes. And after a year of searching, I had finally found the beaded necklace that I blogged about during last summer and I love it.

Cream Jacket- Ross
Hanes Tee- Walmart
Skinny Jeans- Ross
Report wedge gladiator- Ross
Beaded necklace- Shasa

My second look is the fedora, light cardigan, white tee, skinny jeans, bright bag and cork heels. I purchased the hat in Perth Australia 6 years ago and barely wore it.When I braid my hair, the hat is too big for my head. So I only remember to wear it when my hair is all natural and huge like now. I love the cardi but due to its color I rarely find it matching with my other colorful tees. I own several oversized bags and can never get enough of them. I am a person who needs a lot of stuff when I go out so I need a big bag. I love this blue one from Walmart because it is colorful. And these heels were my fav two Summers ago because of the patent bright color.They make me happy, and I can run in them (or at least pretend!).

Fedora Hat- Perth market
Cardigan- Old Navy
White tee- Ross
Skinny Jeans- Ross
Rampage cork heels- Ross
Blue oversized bag- Walmart

Kelly Ripa dress style
A part from the ladies of The View, Kelly Ripa is the one that makes me laugh to tears every morning. She is such a funny and happy person. But what I love the most about her is her style. She is so gracious whether she is dressing up or casual. Maybe it is because she is so petite that everything fits her so perfectly. Kelly Ripa is the sole reason I love Michael Kors sheath dress so much. If there is one designer clothes I could buy, it would be a sheath dress from him, and just because Kelly Ripa make it look so good. Furthermore, Ripa always wear these killer heels. She is a shoe-holic like me, and I absolutely adore all the pieces she had already wore on the show.
The best look so far has been this:

Dyed sheath dress-Belt-Lucite cuff (Michael Kors)-Suede Pumps (Fendi)

You cannot see how beautiful the outfit is with the photo, so check the link below for a video of Kelly discussing her outfit with the designer:

Here is my version:

Sheath dress and matching belt-Ross
New York Company White dress shirt- Ross
Maternity black pants- Ross
Faux Suede pumps Metro 7- Walmart

This would be a typical work attire. I cannot wear a sheath dress by itself so I am pairing it with some fitted pants. And I am adding height with my favorite pair slingbacks wedge (that I do not wear anymore because I no longer work).

So what celebrity inspire you?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jumpsuits (Forget about the maxi dress obsession!)

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have an obsession for the maxi dress. I still have not found the one I am looking for, and I am not sorry to say that I made a few compromises along the process. However, just recently, I have felt the urge to replace my maxi dress obsession with something a little more daring and addictive. You would not believe me if I tell you that I developed a new obsession for the Jumpsuit.

Now in real life, I would never want a jumpsuit (and I would definitely not wear the Space like Jumpsuit Tyra is sporting in the picture above). In fact, I cannot tell you how much I despise seeing some women in ill fitted jumpsuits. I hate it because it does not hide much of their body. And believe me some of them may need to hide some instead of flaunting some (like this 40 something big booted lady I saw at Walmart last week. She was wearing a tight chambray halter cargo jumpsuit. The front was lovely but as soon as she turned I was horrified to see dangling jelly from her love handles and two fat buns)
I had a change of heart when I realized that there are different styles of jumpsuit and there will probably be one that will suit me. I have to say that seeing the style on the following celebs did influence me. Tyra has been sporting jumpsuits during ANTM cycle 14. And Corine Bailey Rae had won one on all her TV appearances to promote her second album.
However, the fatal blow came when I started noticing the Jumpsuit all around me. All of a sudden, it was the only thing I could see. Last week, just by walking in a Walmart, I saw at least 3 women wearing different types. And this week, two styles had been sported by the women of the View. It is like I cannot hide from it. The Jumpsuit wants me and it is going to get me.
Growing up, the only jumpsuits I had on were overalls. I loved them and do not ask me why. I still would wear them if they were not out of style. Now, I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of the style because you have to have confidence to sport a jumpsuit. And I do not.
But, just in case I would give in to the trend, here are the things I would look for:
- probably a black jumpsuit and not only because they say that black is slimming. I would go for black because it is a safe choice. Black goes with pretty much everything. And since buying a jumpsuit is somewhat daring for me, I would like to stick to a color that is at least safe.
- I would love for the jumpsuit to be either in cotton or linen. I know linen can wrinkle easily but I have so much love for the material. It screams Summer to me. Cotton is another safe choice for me and contrary to linen, it can be easily washed. I will definitely stay away from all shiny and too stretchy material such as polyester and Lycra.
- I do not want the jumpsuit to be too tight, but I do not want it to look like an overall as well. It could be hard to find the right balance. Basically as long as the jumpsuit does not stick to my butt and thighs, I will be good.
- I still cannot decide about the style on the top. Sometimes I think that sleeves and deep V are so classy, yet strapless is edgy as well. I reckon that If I was a true daredevil, I would go for an asymmetrical shoulder with ruffle on it like the one Chili wore when she got stood up by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas during her show. (I still have to find out who design the jumpsuit and a photo of it).
- The Jumpsuit will definitely have wide legs. I like the cargo style, but I want to stay away from everything that will clench at my calf or ankles. I like when things flare away from my body.
So, the hunt will start. Tomorrow, I will hit my favorite places. If I have time, I will also check my local Goodwill. With any luck I may find some Jumpsuit from the disco era. I can already picture myself wearing the jumpsuit with my fav new gladiator wedge.

Jumpsuit styles I think are cute but would never wear

A two toned jumpsuit (Corrine Bailey Ray performing for Regis and Kelly- Still have to find out who designed the Jumpsuit. Please tell me if you know.)

A floral jumpsuit (Rihanna in Stella McCartney)

A military style jumpsuit

A chambray jumpsuit (Keri Hilson wearing Mathew Williamson)

A one shoulder jumpsuit (Asos)

A ruffle one shoulder jumpsuit (Asos)

So what about you, ladies? Do you dare to step into a jumpsuit?

Click this site for a collection of different Jumpsuits.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outfit planner: Malaysia

Well, it maybe too early to even think about it, but what the hell, I am excited. My husband just told me this morning that he was thinking of going to Malaysia for some well deserved R&R ( I love using this word). I am kind of skeptical because the last time I had some real R&R was two years ago in Hawaii. Last year, we just opted to go back home because I was pregnant and needed my family around me. This year travel was not really on the map. We thought about going to New Orleans for some seafood. However we kept on postponing and now with the hideous oil spill, I do not think it is going to happen. But I am rambling. So to sum up, we may or may not go to Malaysia by the end of this month. And you know what that means: Outfit planner!!!

I love Malaysia. I have been there 3 times already: two times with my hubby and once with my best friend. It was the best times I had on vacations. I love everything, well almost everything about Malaysia: from the beautiful beaches, to the wonderful food en passant par the cheap and inspiring markets. Whenever I go there, I just sit back, eat good and spicy food, swim in the beach and or pool, shop till I drop and enjoy some spa. The other thing I like about Malaysia is that it is a predominantly Muslim country therefore when I am there I do not have to worry about the food I eat (whether it is Halal or not). Before I would have to worry about my clothing: keeping it modest enough. But since I am trying to be a Hijabi now, I guess it will not be an issue.

Anyway, for a laid back vacation in Malaysia, here is what I think I need:

- For the trip, I may wear my beige Spence dress shirt. It can wrinkle easily but it is very comfy and the button make it easy for the baby to have access to the nipple (Yep, I am still breastfeeding and always think about easy access for the boobs whenever I dress up. What a hassle!). Or I could wear the dress as a trench coat and have a comfy wooden beaded top underneath it. It will give me a little fashionista edge I so want to have.

- Summer maxi dresses and/ or skirts: thank GOD, I had already purchased some this Spring. I already featured one of them in the blog. I also have another maxi dress in black that I wore in Hawaii two years ago. But the strap broke and I have not fixed it yet. I guess it is about time. If ever I happen to go shopping before going, I may buy a black cotton jumpsuit that is not too form fitting. I have been obsessed about jumpsuit since last week. I just need to get myself one. But if that does not happen, another maxi dress will do ( one can never have enough of those)

The Tube Maxi Dress

The "Hawaiian" Maxi Dress

- Long tunics: I already own several tunics but this time I will recycle my favorite: a Gap fuchsia one I had for years and even wore on my last trip to Malaysia.

Gap Fuchsia Tunic

- Shoes: ballets flats, tongs and maybe gladiator wedges.
I still have not made my mind about how many shoes I want to take. I mean, it is just for 5 days, do I really need 4 pairs of shoes. Who am I? Fergie? (who took two suitcases for a 2 days honeymoon getaway). I usually wear flats when I travel because I like to be comfy. And I love my black leather flats but as I noticed last time I power walked around the mall, they can hurt my feet after a while. So, instead of my flats, I was thinking of wearing this nice piece of gladiators wedge I just bought yesterday at Ross.

Report Gladiator Wedge

They are so gorgeous and so cheap, they make me wanna scream "Cynthia, who?" (I wanted the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes but they were out of stock). The wedge is a bit high but it is so soft I think I can pull it off. The tongs are for the beach. They are made with recycled plastic bags. They cost me nothing: $4. And I just remembered that they have a matching beach bag. I will finally get to use it. Yeah!

Recycled Plastic Tongs and matching Bag

But wait a minute, my lovely dad just send me these cute beaded tongs in one of my favorite hue.

Beaded Sandals

These are gorgeous and they make me so happy for no reason at all. I may have to break them in Malaysia. 4 pairs of shoes, really?

-Bathing suit: now will be just a good time to have one of those Burqini . However, I do not have $100 to throw out the door just yet. So, I may as well make my own Burqini. I guess I will need some kind of sweat suit. I may put my own swimming suit underneath just in case the sweats go see-through when I hit the water. Oh what a Hijabi has to go through to enjoy some swim time!

- Accessories: my light weighted cardigans, my light scarves, my black sunhat, sunglasses, my exotic jewelry and maybe some sarong will just add pizazz to my outfits.

Now you tell me! Is that too much for a trip of 5 days or even less? Perhaps I will have to edit my choices to fewer pieces, considering that I want to shop there as well and bring back some beauties.


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