The Nautical look

I have a new obsession for this summer. I am not entirely done with the jumpsuit, but since I have not found something that I liked, I am putting it on hold for a while.

My new obsession is the nautical look. I want everything with blue stripes.

A while ago, I saw this DKNY summer campaign ad on a fellow blogger's page and I fell in love.

Well I was in love with stripes before but this ad just put me over the edge. I have been looking for stripes ever since. It is so in right now(or maybe I am just so obsessed that it is the only thing I see). I found several interesting pieces at the mall and Ross. Some were short sleeves tees, with rosette details or a button on the sleeves. But they were too small for me. No wonder, I found them in the Juniors section. I also look at my local goodwill with no success. I ended up with this sheer Nine West top that I like but I am not sure I will wear because it is too short.

Nine West sheer nautical top -thrifted

I want a striped blue and white tee long enough to cover my thighs and butt. But I do not want the shirt to be over sized. I can settle for a short sleeve that is long enough or go for a fitted long sleeve. I can pair the later with my new cardi-vest. The hunt is on.

Things I saw and liked but did not get:

Striped tee with rolled sleeves- Gap (way too simple)

Striped tee with rosette accent- Walmart (just $8 but even the XL size was too tight for me)

Nautical stripe tunic- Forever 21

The two last tees are my favorite:

It seems like they come from the same designer but it is not the case. The navy tee with white stripes is from Vince available at for $98. And the white tee with blue stripes is from J Crew for $115. I guess if I was to get a stripe shirt, it will resemble both. But I refuse to buy it for such a price tag. After all it is just a tee.

I hope I will get the tee. I want it to be my last shopping before I start my year long no shopping challenge.


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