Sunday, June 24, 2012

Celebrity Style stealer

Note: I have been working on this post since early 2011!

This is the second time I am trying this, stealing outfit from celebrities. I am not literally stealing from them (although I wished I owned the real deal), I am just reproducing the style. After all, isn't what we all do.

J-lo glowing style

I love everything that is in leopard print. I think I love leopard print as much as the next Osaka Obasan (Japanese old ladies leaving in the western part of Japan love to wear animal print). But I was blown away when I saw this Blumarine dress on Jlo.  On the model in the picture, the dress is kind of blah, but on Jlo, it comes to life.
This is how I reproduce the style

Leopard dress - H&aM
Golden sandals - Thrifted
Golden accessories - Gifted and H&M
Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop

Drew Barrymore hippie look

I have been dying to reproduce this look ever since I saw this picture back in 2010. This outfit looked so unexpected for me back then. But now it comes as a no brainer as I have been wearing a differen version of it over and over again pairing my fave and only denim shirt with my black maxi skirt. This is the first time that I am reproducing it almost to a tee:

Scarf - 100 yen shop in Eon Honmoku
Chrambray shirt - Ross
White maxi skirt - Sandaga market
Belt - Ross
Sandals - Shop in Langkawi shopping mall
Rings - H&M and Shimamura

Solange Knowles Effortless style

What true fashionista does not love Solange? She is young, beautiful, talented(?) but above all she is stylish. I used to think that she was trying too hard but now I cannot help but love her outfits that I find bold yet effortless. She looks classy but you also see that she is comfortable. Here is how I reproduce her look:

Turban - Jerusalem Halal shop
Red wool Coat - H&M
Blush top - H&M
Pink pants - Zara
Clutch - Chatuchak market
Shoes - Betsey Johnson via Ross

Beyonce street style:

I did not really want to put the sisters together in the same post but I can't help but like Beyonce's casual style. I am not a big fan of Sasha Fierce's outfits on stage or on the red carpet. But I can find myself in lots of the no fuss yet stylish outfits Beyonce wears on her days off. Now if only I could get a car and a driver, I would walk around in those crazy heels of hers all day. But for now here is how I plan to wear this look:

Fedora hat - Freemantle market
Top - Forever 21
Pants - H&M
Shoes - 300 Yen store

Miley or the oversized open cardigan

I am not a fan of Miley. I could not care less about her style (or her music although Party in the USA always lift me up). But I could not help but drool when I saw this pic on the net   a while ago. This pic is solely responsible for my obsession with striped open oversized cardi. After looking years for something similar, I got lucky at Marshalls last Spring, so now I can reproduce the look:

Crocheted hat - so old
Striped hooded open cardigan - Marshalls
Tee - Shimamura
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - Target
Accessories: H&M and Forever 21

 Writing this post has been a hassle from "pinning" (aka copying and saving pictures of celebrity styles I like in my computer before I knew about pinning), then trying to find the perfect clothes to reproduce them, then styling them, then modeling (aka taking pictures with a timer) them has been a pain in the butt. However I am happy with the results? Are you?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I dream of flats

Once or twice in this blog, I confessed my love of heels. But truth be told I rarely wear them. The main reason is that my feet being super flat, they cannot follow the arch  heels tend to have. Hence it is painful to wear and walk with them. If I had a car that would take me anywhere, I could bear the pain but I live in Japan where you really do not need a car to get around. Moreover, I am really not into that fashion is pain thing. I feel at best when I am comfortable. And I am comfortable when I wear flats.
People should adore flat shoes more. What is not to love about them: they are practical, they can easily fit in your purse if you want to switch shoes (which some of you do), you can run in them without breaking a leg. Moreover, the trend of flats is getting more stylish and edgier.
Here a a few on my radar:

The printed flat
Cynthia Vincent for Target printed flats (sold out)

Ever since I saw these Cynthia Vincent for target flats on the Net, I fell in love with the printed flat. My ultimate dream is to make my own with an African print I like so much. I am hoping to find a good shoe guy who can make my dream come true.

The two tone flat
If you want to add a little class to your flats collection, try one in two tone or with a golden tip. Gap Japan had a great collection in Pastel last year. Too bad they did not have my size.

Gap two toned flats (sold out but try Ebay or High end like Chanel or Lanvin)

The leopard flat
I loved leopard so much that I had not one but two pairs of flats in the print. I wore them all the time and as a result they fell apart. I have been looking for a replacement ever since without success. And now I am very intrigued by the leopard loafer. Shimamura was supposed to have some but only the black version was there last time I checked the store. I may get luckier in Harajuku's Takeshita Dori.

Ever since my trip to Malaysia where I fell in love with a pair of multicolored striped espadrilles (that was not in my size), I have been obsessed with that kind of shoes. I loved espadrilles but with a wedge and owned several in the past. But this year, I want to get myself a flat one. Toms are great but a bit overpriced. However I got lucky in Houston while shopping at Ross; I scored these below for less than $14.

Report flat espadrilles via Ross

Here in Japan, there is great collection at Forever 21. And Bonita in 109 (pronounced Ichi Maru Kyu)Minato Mirai (3F) also carries the open toed espadrilles with a tiny bow (and a marine feel) that are quite cute and versatile as well.

I do not have sneakers not even for sports (I am not counting that neon weaved shoes I bought last year for my kid's sports day). It proves to show that I do not even work out. See, I am lazy like that. Anyway sneakers are also a cool way to do flats. Some even gives you that edgy young look. A mom friend bought some Nike Dunk High in black and purple to match with her daughter's white and pink. I would have never thought that it was her style but it suits her fine. As for myself, I really want to go the canvas shoe route. They look so simple yet cute. I found one in blue at 300Yen store (In all places) and you guess right they were 300Y. But as usual the shoes did not fit (being a tall gaijin sucks in Japan, let me tell you). But never fear, 390 Mart has some great in various colors (even leopard) and they carry men's size (which means a size 9 wearing gaijin like myself can get a shoe there).

Colorful sneakers at 390 Mart (Pronounced San Kyu Ma to)
Come Summer, I just want everything to be as breezy and easy as possible. It is just too hot to be fussing with anything. The same goes to my shoes. I just need a pair (or pairs) of sandals that are easy to wear, and comfy to walk with. I really like them with less straps and in the tan or brown color (colorful and beaded would not hurt either). GU has a variety of sandals that will set you back to 900Y. Forever 21 are putting their sandals on sale starting at $375.

Selection of flats at

The Rubber flat
Lately I have been interested in what I call the Barbie shoes. They are just shoes made out of rubber. But they are different from your jelly shoes as they are still cute and playful but a tad more elegant. Japanese ladies like to use them during the raining season as they can be Summer friendly rain shoes. Some of them are also very comfortable, hence perfect for running errands. I fell into the trend and purchased a knock off of these below for 315Y at the 300 yen store. I love the color of the shoes but they are a bit tight. I will still rock them for short timed errands. You can find these kind of rubber shoes in any zakka (miscellaneous things) in Japan. Speaking of rubber shoes, Crocs have started to develop cuter shoes for women recently.
Hot pink Rubber flats at 300 Yen Shop (located at World Porters Minato Mirai)

The Elegant flat
You know the one I am talking about. It is that kind of flat that you can wear to the office or an event  without feeling too casual. The kind of flats Mrs Obama would wear. They can be in patent leather, they can be strappy, they can even be slingbacks or bejeweled. Whatever pleases you. I am a sucker for these kind of flats but I am really missing some in my wardrobe (because I parted with a lot that were becoming toot tight. Who knew that if you gained weight, your feet would grow too?)

There you have it, my complete wish list when it comes to flats. Actually this is not the complete list, I omitted the oxford flats, the loafers and the boat shoes just not to bore you. As I spend 99% of my time in flats, I need many in different variety.

But before I go I will leave you with a picture of a flat that has been intriguing me. I am not sure it is in my taste (I am not a big fan of cats) but it is pretty different don't you think?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty flat seen on every celebrity from Beyonce, Katy Perry, SJP and Alexa Chung (to name a lot)

Personally I prefer the leopard

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back to the Basics: The Little Dresses

Often I look inside my closet and feel a bit sad that I do not have a to go dress that I can style in 5 minutes and look elegant and polish. Strike that! I do have that dress, in fact I have many. But for some reason, it is hassle to wear them because they are either sleeveless, see through or need a bit of ironing (or dry cleaning).
What a girl need is a no fuss, no muss kind of dress like these:

They say every girl needs a Little Black Dress. Then I am not every girl because I am really lacking one. I used to have one from Forever 21 back when I was "skinny" (kind of unbelievable, but it is true: I used to be skinny, some 6 years ago). But ever since I gained weight, I parted with the dress and have not found a replacement yet. I will stay away from the tight bodycon type that seems to be in style now. I do not like my clothes tight after all. Besides A line or full skirts are more flattering to my body type.

Topshop dress available at

Zara full sleeves dress at

T-shirt dress:

Heidi Merrick Huntington dress for more than $400 at

They were popular some 2 years ago and I think they are still very trendy. I really like them in one tone or colorblocking. And the longer the sleeves, the better.

Wrap dress:

DVF New Jeanne Two dress for $300 (more or less) at

 I think the perfect dress is a Wrap dress. That dress will fit and flatter any body type. Plus it can go from a day at the office to a formal party without a glitch. The faux wrap dress made in Jersey are also a great wardrobe staple. They scream elegant lady!

Printed dress:
 When I say prints, I am not thinking of anything bold like leopard. I am referring to tiny prints like polka dots, birds, bows, flowers, anything that represents the girly girl hidden inside of me. With all the retro trend happening, those dresses are making a huge comeback. I used to think that I am not cute enough for them but I am changing my mind little by little.

Polka dots dress on sale at

Bow print dress at for just 1490Y


Who does not love a shirtdress? It is such a easy breezy item, easily styled with leggings and flats. I love a white crisp, a bit see through shirtdress but these options below also make me drool:

Checkered shirtdress at

Denim shirtdress at for 1990Y

There you have it. I already started to add to my little dress collection by getting a faux wrap Ann Taylor dress the other at 390 Mart. (Once again I cannot stress enough how much I love this shop) Next on my list the white or denim shirtdress.

See anything you like?


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