Celebrity Style stealer

Note: I have been working on this post since early 2011!

This is the second time I am trying this, stealing outfit from celebrities. I am not literally stealing from them (although I wished I owned the real deal), I am just reproducing the style. After all, isn't what we all do.

J-lo glowing style

I love everything that is in leopard print. I think I love leopard print as much as the next Osaka Obasan (Japanese old ladies leaving in the western part of Japan love to wear animal print). But I was blown away when I saw this Blumarine dress on Jlo.  On the model in the picture, the dress is kind of blah, but on Jlo, it comes to life.
This is how I reproduce the style

Leopard dress - H&aM
Golden sandals - Thrifted
Golden accessories - Gifted and H&M
Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop

Drew Barrymore hippie look

I have been dying to reproduce this look ever since I saw this picture back in 2010. This outfit looked so unexpected for me back then. But now it comes as a no brainer as I have been wearing a differen version of it over and over again pairing my fave and only denim shirt with my black maxi skirt. This is the first time that I am reproducing it almost to a tee:

Scarf - 100 yen shop in Eon Honmoku
Chrambray shirt - Ross
White maxi skirt - Sandaga market
Belt - Ross
Sandals - Shop in Langkawi shopping mall
Rings - H&M and Shimamura

Solange Knowles Effortless style

What true fashionista does not love Solange? She is young, beautiful, talented(?) but above all she is stylish. I used to think that she was trying too hard but now I cannot help but love her outfits that I find bold yet effortless. She looks classy but you also see that she is comfortable. Here is how I reproduce her look:

Turban - Jerusalem Halal shop
Red wool Coat - H&M
Blush top - H&M
Pink pants - Zara
Clutch - Chatuchak market
Shoes - Betsey Johnson via Ross

Beyonce street style:

I did not really want to put the sisters together in the same post but I can't help but like Beyonce's casual style. I am not a big fan of Sasha Fierce's outfits on stage or on the red carpet. But I can find myself in lots of the no fuss yet stylish outfits Beyonce wears on her days off. Now if only I could get a car and a driver, I would walk around in those crazy heels of hers all day. But for now here is how I plan to wear this look:

Fedora hat - Freemantle market
Top - Forever 21
Pants - H&M
Shoes - 300 Yen store

Miley or the oversized open cardigan

I am not a fan of Miley. I could not care less about her style (or her music although Party in the USA always lift me up). But I could not help but drool when I saw this pic on the net   a while ago. This pic is solely responsible for my obsession with striped open oversized cardi. After looking years for something similar, I got lucky at Marshalls last Spring, so now I can reproduce the look:

Crocheted hat - so old
Striped hooded open cardigan - Marshalls
Tee - Shimamura
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - Target
Accessories: H&M and Forever 21

 Writing this post has been a hassle from "pinning" (aka copying and saving pictures of celebrity styles I like in my computer before I knew about pinning), then trying to find the perfect clothes to reproduce them, then styling them, then modeling (aka taking pictures with a timer) them has been a pain in the butt. However I am happy with the results? Are you?


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