Outfit Planner: Dubai

       Ramadan Kareem everyone!

For those of you who do not know about Ramadan, it is the holy month where all Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset, avoid doing bad things (from little things like loosing one's temper and so forth...) devote more time to praying and connecting with GOD. It is also time for feasting and great family gathering.
I am going back home for Ramadan this year. I have not spent Ramadan at home since 1999. I am a bit excited to go back into that festive and pious mood that you rarely find in Japan or the States. The entire country (or almost) is fasting, plus there is an ambiance of copious diners, long prayers and time spent with family. It is just priceless.
On my way back home, I will stopover to Dubai. My husband realized two years ago that stopping somewhere on our long trip back home (26 hours long to be exact), gives us the time to recuperate from long flights, but also the opportunity to visit others places. We visited Istanbul that way last time we went home and although it was short, it was a great stopover. This time we are off to Dubai and let me tell you that I cannot wait to see with my own eyes what is all the fuss about it. And to top it all my girl lives there. I have not seen her in three years so I am expecting long girl talks.
Anyway, I am not planning to take many things with me as I have clothes and shoes waiting for me at home. But for our stopover in Dubai, I need somethings. And here is what I plan on taking with me:

- Beige shirtdress
- Eyelet shirtdress
- Black skinnies
- Snakeskin wedges
- Dolman open cardigan
- Pink Maxi dress
-  Jellabah
- Tees and Tanks
- Scarves
- Sandals
- Flats
- Bag

Some styling options for the trip on the plane

I cannot wait to stopover to Dubai. I am more excited about visiting this place than going home. Yet I am still looking forward to seeing all my family.


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