Layered Top Maxi dress

When everybody else is obsessing about the high and low maxi skirt (FIY: I was too until I tried the thing and decided it was not for me), I find myself intrigued with a different kind of maxi: the layered top maxi dress.
If you do not know what I am talking about, take a look at this pic below.

In fact, this picture and SJP are solely responsible for my interest now turn into slight obsession of this dress. I find the layered top to be somehow refreshing, different from what is out there at the moment. Plus, it is a kind of top that works great with ladies without a big bust. And even though I have been blessed in that department, I am still liking the romantic effect of the top. Actually I own a jumpsuit with a layered top and I really like the fluidity of it. I am not sure I will find a layered top maxi that is floor length in Japan (it is very hard to find floor length maxi dresses or skirts here because Japanese ladies tend to be on a shorter side) but I am willing to try. These below are also interesting picks:

G.U. Floral maxi dress on sale right now for 990Y in stores and online (tried it but wanted it to be a bit longer)

Layered pleated maxi dress available at for  3380Y

Oriental maxi dress at for 7900Y

Embroidered layered top maxi dress at for 6500Y (I wish you could see the embroidered details on the top- magnificent!)

And some of my favorite bloggers rocking this style:

Hijabi and the city at

Jentina at

Eboni of the

I will go on the hunt. It is bargain time everywhere you turn in Japan so I may get lucky! As much as I like printed dresses, I think for this style, I will stick to monotone type in a vibrant color like green, yellow (so bias towards yellow this summer) or even red. Wish me luck!


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