Isabel Marant sneakers

I have not done a IOICAT post in a while for as much as I drool over luxury items, I am not crazy enough to obsess about them (for what is the point in obsessing about what you cannot have). Yet there is something approachable about these shoes that make me think way too much about them lately. Blame it all on some bloggers or celebrities for sporting them with ease or on fashion magazines for naming the pair a must have.

Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneakers in cobalt blue
Anyway, as a girl who rarely wears sneakers (I do not even own a pair), it is unusual for me to even like one. Yet, the sneaker that comes in various shades and styles is so darn cute. I favor the Suede texture of it, but also (and I think it is everyone's favorite thing about the shoe), the concealed heel. The shoe is actually a wedge, but it is designed in such a way that from the outside, it is not noticeable.

These shoes are available online for the hefty price of 24000Y (or roughly less than $300).Not impossible but just unthinkable on my none existent salary of a housewife. So, I will either have to forget about the obsession du jour or just do like every other broke fashionista out there, resort to the cheaper "fake" version on the market. For starters Topshop in Japan has what they call the Acrobat Wedge trainer for around 10.000Yen.
Topshop Acrobat wedge trainer
But I  would rather put my money on Shimamura. It has the same exact pair in black and brown for 2900Y. And those I got my hands (or rather my feet) into. Let me tell you that they were comfy for the price. I may wait for it to drop a little to get them. I am cheap like that. Truth be told, they just have the black and tan version where I would rather get the cobalt or red one. A girl can wait, right?
Celebs who love the shoes (Kate, Mirranda and Beyonce)


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