On my radar: Sweater tops for Fall

Summer holidays are over, at least mine are. I am back from 3 weeks vacations which I still have to tell you all about. But in the meantime, I would like to tell you about my new obsession: Sweater tops.
Early in Summer, I started to write about all the basics I was lacking in my wardrobe. There are lots of things missing, which makes my everyday dressing a bit difficult. So for the rest of the year, I decided to purchase only the basics. I already started with some pants and cardigans but with Fall on display in every shop I see, I am craving sweater tops.
I absolutely love sweater tops. They are soft and easy to wear. Plus they add instant class to any casual outfit. I used to have a lot of them in the past but I had to part with because they were getting too old or I gained weight. However this year, they are top on my list on things I want and need this Fall/ Winter season.
I love my sweater tops to be soft, preferably made in jersey or cotton. It would love for them not to wrinkle but I can deal with a bit or ironing. I also would like them to be in rich color tones such as camel, rust, navy, grey, pink, red, green and mustard or yellow. I will look for fitted ones but I may want one or too to be over sized just so that I can layer with shirts.

Here are the ones on my radar:





By the way, all of these goodies are 2000 Yen or less (sometimes less than a 1000Y). I can't wait to snatch them before the temperatures drop (which is not now judging by the inferno we are dealing with on a daily basis)


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