On my radar: Studded handbags

Hi! It's been a while. My other blog got me too busy but today I am back bringing you more interesting trends from Japan.
It is about  handbags. I have not bought many bags recently because as much as I love them, my collection is piling up (literally), and I want to invest in a statement bag a la Coach or Michael Kors. Nevertheless, that does not stop me for noticing interesting bags around these parts. Two have been on my radar:
The Goyard bag
Japanese ladies are all about Designer's bags. For a while there was a craze about Louis Vuitton but now everywhere you turn you can see women rocking Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. However, the trend nowadays seems to be about Goyard St Louis tote bag.  I did not even know what Goyard was. After noticing the bag everywhere I turned, I went into a used brands store just to try and figure out the name of the designer. Then I went home and google it.  Apparently the Goyard Tote is from Maison de Goyard which is a French luxury brand that predominetly sells luggages and such. I am not sure as to why it is popular now but probably a celebrity started rocking the bag here in Japan and everyone else followed. These puppies retail at 100.000 Yen or around $1000.

Goyard StLouis Tote

Personally I do not see the appeal of the bag. I do not find it remotly beautiful. But the reviews on the Internet are that it is sturdy and less common than LV bags that are everywhere and easily knocked off. I can bet a few bucks that somewhere in Thai or China, you can find a knock off of this bag for less than $20 and it will look (maybe not feel) as nice as the real deal. 
The Studded bag
Studded bags have been the rage here in Japan since the beginning of Winter. I started to notice them after seeing one mother at school carrying a coral one that was to die for. Then, all of a sudden, everywhere I looked I could see studded bags. The studded bags I am talking about are a bit different from your average studded bag. These ones have a myriad of tiny little studs (sometimes rhinestones or crystals) that gives it a certain sparkle without being too edgy. In fact, I find the tiny studs to be elegant. Personally I am not into edgy, punk, in your face kind of fashion that is why (except from my studded beret), I do not own anything studded. But I am willing to try the trend because it is so darn cute (and probably less costly than the Goyard).
Jayro white studded bag available at parco-city.com for less than 5000Y 

Casselini Bijou Studded bag available at rakuten.co.jp for less than 3000Y  


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