Summer Essentials

My husband told me one day that since we moved to India, I stopped doing something that was essential to my life in Japan or the States. It was checking the weather forecast. It is true that the weather in India is so good to me. I love the hot Summers ( even if they come with migraines from heat stroke), the cool months of Moonsoon, even the Winter which feels more like the beginning of Autumn somewhere else. I do miss wearing heavy coats and knits and hate going out while it is pouring outside. But I cannot really complain.
It is Summer now in Pune. It is hot everyday, all day. It is so hot that without air conditionning I would be melting. But I like it. The heat gives me craving, craving for clothes that will keep me cool and stylish.

 Here is my list of Summer essentials

Summer whites
It could be a flirty white eyelet dress, wide legs pants, a crisp white shirt, or all. It is said that white keeps you cool under the heat so I better bag those babies. I really want more white tees in my closet though, simple, fitted white tees can be paired with jeans and skirts or layered with dresses.

Denim Jacket
Summer does not mean that we should forget about outerwear. Often it is super cold in restaurants, cinemas or at the mall with the air conditionning on full blast. I do layer with super light and soft knits in Summer but it is time to go back to Denim. Last year, I gave away my Gap denim Jacket that pampered me for 8 years just because it was a bit torn ( major regret). Therefore I want something as ageless and as strong as my long lost jacket.

Kimono ( or Kaftan)
It is also on my list because it the perfect colorful cover up. I layer 365 days a year but it is hard during Summer unless I find something airy. Plus Kimonos are so cool and chic; they are great for the beach, running errands or party time.

Strappy sandals
Summer calls for flat colorful sandals but I need a pair of cute and sexy heely sandals. I got my eye one a block heel for a change. Yet I am also craving caged heels.

I need a new pair of sunglasses. I want the aviator style as a true bollywood officionado. I cannot decide if I want to go for classic shades  or go with the mirrored sunglasses. I will have to think more about it.

Tote bag
Come Summer, I dig out my navy inspired tote or my basket weaved bag. Ain't nothing like a great tote where you can put all your essentials and more. This year, I dig the PVC style ( so 2013 but still like it). I got my eye on a small crossbody in glittered PVC.

Fedora hat
I love fedoras for Summer. They protect you for the sun but also instantly upgrade your style. I would love on in straw this time. 

There you have it. Everything ( well almost) that I need to make me happy durig Summer. What is your Summer must have? 


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