What I would never Wear! (This is not for me)

Hello faithful readers!

I often write about what I like or obsess about in fashion in this blog. But today I thought I would share what I dislike or at least what I think is not for me when it comes to recent fashion trends.

Don't you look at Street style pictures or any designer's latest collection and think: "I will never wear that!"  Fashion is all about making new trends (or recycling old ones) breaking rules and pushing boundaries.  Sometimes it is beautiful, it makes perfect sense. But most of the time you are left wondering "what were they thinking?". Here are a few trends that just won't do for me:

Ripped or distressed jeans.
Maybe it was the way I was raised but I cannot wear torn jeans (or torn anything for that matter) .  Give me boyfriends, high waisted,  hipsters, low rise,  bell Bottoms, dyed, anything but distressed jeans.  I do not see the appeal. Plus some of those jeans are so torn,  you might as well wear cut offs. Moreover,  the do come at a hefty price.  Does that make sense to you?

I would have preferred to see these ladies in normal jeans or plain cut off jeans instead of these atrocities. 
Cropped top
Truth be told,  I like cropped top. I even own one I layer over maxi dresses.  I find the trend cute but it is not for everybody.  I think that if you have a pouch, you should not wear a cropped top. They are for people with flat tummy. But if you must rock them in spite of your muffin top, try them with high waisted Bottoms for that classy peekaboo effect. Personally, even if I did not dress modest and I were a size 0, I would not wear it like that. Again maybe it is because of my background where exposing the tummy even a little is a big no-no. 

These ladies are doing it right but it is still not ok for me to try!

There are cutouts and then, there are cutouts. When they are well placed they can be cute or elegant. Cutouts that expose more body parts that the actual outfit do more than irritate me,  they make me gag. It is just bad taste.

Forever young  Halle Berry shows us how to do cutouts while Amber Rose, seriously wtf? 

Talking about exposing body parts, the latest trend,  at least on the red carpet is all about exposed thighs. A few celebrities have been rocking dresses that do not only bare their legs but sometimes entire thighs. It is just disturbing to see so much skin in broad daylight or even at night. Plus I wonder if they wear underwear. (Actually,  some wardrobe malfunction incidents proved that they don't) I am all about pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion but certain body parts need to stay hidden.

Showing a bit of leg a la Kerry Washington is acceptable but exposing all the thighs and bikini zone is a don't. 

I love sheer clothes and own a few. They are perfect for layering. But recently wearing sheer is just another excuse to go naked without having to be completely naked. I like sheer outfits that leave something to the imagination,  instead of revealing everything.

Olsen sisters shows us how to do sheer without going the half/naked way like the other ladies

Fugly shoes or accessories
The fashion world is all about quirky lately. Accessories are no longer cute but turn into nerdy, weird and sometimes ugly. There are some that I find appealing but others are just wrong. Why would I wear fury shoes that make me look like a Yeti?  There is certainly a clientele for such things but sorry, they are not for me.

The bag I dig, the necklace acceptable but these shoes are a criminal offense. 

That is all for me, at least for now. You may feel differently about my choices. But I would love to know what makes you tick when it comes to fashion.


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