I dream of loafers

I confessed my love of flats once or twice in this blog before. But today I want to talk about a particular flat: the Loafer.

I have been dreaming about loafers for quite a while now. Actually I have been working on this post since last year when I was still in Japan. I did not manage to get a nice pair of loafers although it was the trend there. After searching a while in Pune, I just scored my first pair of studded loafers during the January sales. I could not be happier with them but if money was no object, these would be added to my shoe collection:

Animal loafer
A printed loafer is always fun but I am bias to the leopard print ones. In fact the sole reason why it took me so long to score a loafer was that I was looking for a leopard studded one. I prefer the ones with fake animal hair, they look expensive.


Textured loafer
Forget about the studded one! I am talking about loafers with some kind of texture wether it is velvet, lace, sequin or glitter. The later ones make me feel like Michael Jackson.

In silver available at Foot- In 

Patent loafer
I like the simplicity that lies in the patent loafer. The shine makes it pop without being too out there like the ones I talked about above. This loafer will definitely give me the Otona (adult) effect aka sophistication I long for. And would still be useful even after the trend fades away.

Zara nude slip ons

With a little something something:
These loafers come with extra baggage being a golden cap toe, a tassel here and there, or a quirky image (like cat face or mustache). I really like to keep things simple, but some I saw made me drool like the one with pearls on the heels. Ah, Le Die!

loafers with a little something

With tassels, cap toe or quirky design

If you are looking for affordable yet cute loafers go check Westside at Phoenix mall or SGS mall. They have different kinds of loafers ranging from Rps 399 to 799 right now. In fact I bought mine there. You can also find good prices at the market but they are of low quality, so beware.

 I got something a bit similar from Westside


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