What to wear for a road trip

I love travelling.  And I have been blessed enough to be able to travel at least once a year via airplane.  But since my family and I moved to India we started to travel more by road.  Depending on where you go,  the trip can be a hussle or easy breezy but never boring.  We are about to go for another ten hour drive to Goa and it got me thinking about what to wear for a road trip.

When planning your outfit for a road trip,  you have to think about several factors:
What kind of car or bus will you be travelling in? How long will you be travelling for?
How comfy your seat is? What the weather will be like? Will you stop on route?

Basically for a road trip,  the key is comfort.  You need to wear something that is easy to put on and easy to remove ( bathroom stops).  Something that does not wrinkle easily is also a must because you do not want to arrive at destination looking like a mess. You also want to layer in case you are travelling in cooler or rainy regions.  So based on all those factors, here are a few outfits I think would be perfect for a road trip.

Tops : Chambray shirt, striped tee or embroidered blouse

Bottoms: Cargo pants, denim, capris

Outerwear: Windbreaker, denim jacket,  bomber or jumper

Shoes : booties, sneakers,  jellies, thongs,  canvas and pool sliders

Accessories : sunglasses, hat, scarf and bag

I did not include skirts or dresses into the mix because I find them rather tricky particularly when you have to sit for long hours (unless it is a cotton tee shirt dress) .  I often find myself tugging or pulling at them to be at ease.  Moreover they seem to be a bit fancy for road trips.  You want to wear something you do not mind getting dirty as it will get dirty eventually.  I also think that one should stay away from white,  at least for the bottom part.  White tees should be fine if layered with a darker cover up.
As for the accessories you absolutely need sunglasses,  a sun hat or cap,  a travel bag like a tote or backpack.  I enjoy jewelry but they annoy me after hours on the road and I end up removing them so I suggest to keep it simple with studs,  and a thin necklace. A smart phone with music and games,  a magazine and or a book will keep you sane and entertained. If you find some space,  a small travel pillow will be a life saver.

 Travelling in India by road can be a bit tricky depending on where you go. You may find several restaurants and rest areas along the way.  But that does not guarantee that they will have clean bathrooms. So wear shoes that cover your entire feet to protect them and clothes that do not drag to the floor.  Always carry a hand sanitizer and water.  Moreover,  India is kind of a conservative place particularly outside of the city so I would not recommend wearing short shorts or revealing attire. That is also an important factor when travelling by road,  knowing the culture of the places you plan on stopping by.

I hope this was helpful. You can take a peek of what I wore during the trip to and back from Goa here


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