Back to the Basics : Cotton

A few days back, while I was browsing through my closet, I realized that I did not have enough clothes in cotton. I have a lot of man made materials and blends but not much cotton. I thought it to be weird because I love cotton. It is a natural fiber and it is breathable. But it also wrinkles and I do enjoy clothes I do not need to spend too much time ironing. However due to this excessive heat in the middle of the October month, I cannot stand fibers other than cotton on my skin. That is why I decided that I need these following items to survive till cooler months arrive:

Cotton tees
A girl will never have enough tee. Actually I have plenty of cotton tees but since I gained weight, they do not fit me properly. I am tempted to toss them aside and buy me some new simple cotton tees in plain white, black and with flowers or logo. Max have nice cotton tees with fun logo from their new Fall line. I also like the Sporty cotton tees from Reliance. But the ultimate would be to find the perfect Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse baseball tee.

Something similar is available at Reliance and it comes with a matching pants but in Grey. Itching to get it!

Try Brandmart, they have a great selection of tees and if you are lucky even a Minnie Mouse one

Colorful cargos or chinos
I love me some cargo pants and owned three in the past. But only one fits me now and its color is fading because I wear it so damn much. I need at least two new ones in nice feminine colors such as baby pink and red orange or green. The fit also has to be great. I do not want them too slouchy or too tight. Just a tad oversized to be comfortable will do.

Cayenne Classic Chinos at 959 Rps at Patang

White blouse
I love white blouses that are so light they are sheer. Some have kimono sleeves or peplum. Others have eyelet at the hem or colorful embroidery at the yoke. I know they scream Summer but it is never too cold in Pune, so I can rock them all year long. Furthermore they compliment any casual outfit. Believe it or not I found a really nice one at my neighborhood grocery store but the size was too big. Hopefully they will restock with a smaller size.

Summer tunic dress at 

Full skirt
I have plenty of maxi skirts in chiffon but I need some in breathable cotton and bright colors. For this item I decided to sew myself midi skirts with pleats, and full skirts. I found them to be so lady like even if paired with casual tees. But I never work up the courage to just go for it. It should not be too much work, right? (lol)

I love, love Asos midi skirts. If money was no issue, I will get one in pink, one in yellow, one in royal blue and the beautiful flower printed one. 

Cotton should not be lacking in your wardrobe particularly when you live in a hot country like I do. It is comfortable and natural so there is really no excuse. There are several others items in cotton I would also like to add to the list like outerwear, pleated pants, and blouses (but I think I am set when it comes to the last one:10 and counting).  Let us just hope that by this time next year, when the October heatwave strikes, I will have all my cotton essentials waiting. 


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