I am not really a suit person. However I do know the importance of a good suit. Growing up watching American TV shows ( Melrose place), I did dream of having a career where I could wear sharp suits. Furthermore, my Mother who would make me wear suits on all important family functions or parties. It is the most formal outfit a person can own. When you wear a fitted suit, you look instantly proper and people will respect you for a suit expresses power and style.
Unfortunately I do not need suits in my life. I like to keep it casual and I never really think about suits. I was rather into investing in colorful fitted blazers that would upgrade any outfit. But seeing a picture of designer Masaba Gupta rocking a pink suit on her Instagram made me crave a suit, so much that for a diner date I ditched the dress I had planned and wore a black blazer and black pants.

Anyway, here are a few suits I would love to own someday:

Black Tuxedo
A woman wearing a tuxedo is very sexy I think. And it has been the trend on the red carpet this past award season. Although there have been new trends of colorful tuxedo, I am still partial to the black one paired with a crisp white shirt or ruffle blouse.

Angelina Jolie at the recent Bafta Awards

Dark colored and feminine suit
Just because we stole the suit from men does not mean we have to keep it masculine. Ruffles, peplum, cut would turn a suit into the most ladylike outfit. And going dark makes the suit ageless.

Sonaam Kapoor in a ladylike Dior suit

Prints seem to be a trend that refuses to die and it is a good thing. I love me some prints. It is not secret that I am obsessed with African prints. It would be nice to own a bright African printed suit but I could also go for stripes, dots, animals, tribal, floral...The sky is the limit.

Tropical or floral


African printed suit

Colorful one
This one may be my favorite although I have to admit that I am not sure I have the confidence to go for it. Growing up I owned several colorful suits. My absolute favorite was this yellow linen suit short. I loved the color and the cut of the short. It was such a bright outfit that you could also party in ( I did several times). Now I want a suit in red or shocking pink or a pastel color that suits me( they rarely do). But as I said, I will have to master the courage to walk around with such a bright number first.

Love this baby pink one
Colored suits for the bold ones

The ultimate suit
For me, a channel tweed suit is the ultimate must. I used to own one inspired by the brand, a short skirt and jacket bought in Italy by an aunt. The color was a pale pink. I wore it for my graduation ceremony. The skirt hugged my curves and gave me long legs. It made me looked good and happy. I had to part with it when the skirt became too tight ( come to think of it, I should have kept the jacket). I have been dreaming of replacing it ever since but this time with the real deal. If only money was no issue. Sniff, Sniff!
Lupita in a dress and bolero ensemble and Ashley in short suit


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