On my radar : All NUDE everything

Baby pink, Beige, Blush, Camel, Cream, Flesh, Ivory, Natural, Nude, Sand, Tan or whatever you call it, this (these) color(s) has been on my radar lately. Blame on the Zara patent nude loafers I saw on sale online back in January (and ended up buying a similar pair at Central). Or just thinking about the perfect lace dress with a nude lining modest enough for me. I am not sure what it is, but I am hooked.
Truth be told, nude or beige is not really my color. I usually go for bold hues. But nude represents a certain sophistication that is lacking in my wardrobe. And I am going to remedy to that pretty soon. Here are the nude items I am lusting over right now:

Nude skirt

I saw a two toned nude and gold skirt in a shop at M.G. road today. It was so classy but for some reasons I did not get it. Now the more I think about it, the more I feel like going back to get it. I already own one that is pleated so I really do not need a new one. But..

Nude dress

This one I already bagged. I was at the market searching for new dresses to add to my new inventory when I stumbled into this cute little nude dress. The price was just too good to let it go ( buying at the market is risky because you can never try clothes) . When I tried it on at home, it was perfect: wide enough and long enough. The plan was to wear it for an anniversary dinner but I got distracted with suits that day. Nevertheless I still see myself rocking it for another date!

I bought something similar on M.G.road

Nude bag

As I said above, I need sophistication and adult things. So I need a ladylike bag

 Zara Shopper Basket

Nude pumps

Nude pumps just like black pumps are a must. They uplift any style and the right color makes your legs look longer. After searching a long time, I finally found a pair of low heeled round toe nude pumps in Malaysia during a holiday years ago. They were perfect except that they peeled the first time I wore them. I was disappointed but I kept them to turn them into something different. Recently, I took advantages of the January sales to look for new nude shoes but the first pair I loved was still overpriced and the second was too high. My feet are flat so I am not comfortable in heels that have an arch or are too high. The price was pretty tempting but I am done buying shoes that do not make me comfy. So the search is still on.

Zara  pumps

Got a lookalike of these at Central Amanora Mall

Nude lace blazer

Lace is feminine, and the color is classy so there no need to explain further why I need this in my life.

Marc Cain lace jacket

There you have it, all the sophistication in color I am longing for to become more ladylike and less boho chic. Would you go for them?


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