This dress...Ah...(part 2)

I thought and I thought hard. This is what you do when you are faced with a casse-tete. I hate thinking and always opt for easy way outs. But I really wanted to wear this dress so I had to use my little grey cells. And I came up with a few styles I like and some not so much but it was the effort that counted, right?

With a crocheted top:

Crocheted top -
Beige scarf - Langkawi night market
Cuff - Shimamura
Gladiator wedges - Rockport via Ross

With a chambray shirt:

Cap - Ross
Chambray shirt - Ross
Bag - Market in Seoul (had it since 2002)
Leggings - Uniqlo
Shoes - Pratunam market, Bangkok

For the beach:

Straw hat - gifted
White tunic - thrifted
Beaded sandals - gifted

With a pop of color:

Orange scarf - Centenaire market
Orange top - Target
Cuff - Charming Charlie or Joa (can't remember)
Orange wedges - Bandolino via Marshalls

With a long draped vest:

Cap - Ross
Shirt - Forever 21
Vest - Factory 2 U

With a flowy top:
Black scarf - Walmart
Studded top - Forever 21
Ring - H&M

So, what do you think? It does serve to think, he?


Zarna said…
the beach look is my fav!

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