This dress grrr....(part 1)

There are things in life I do not understand. No matter how much I try to get them they do not make sense to me like what happens when we die, the tango dance and baseball (cricket too for that matter). But recently this dress has been a real puzzle to me:

H&M maxi striped dress on sale for 1000Y

I bought this dress on impulse last Summer. I had been looking for a similar dress without success at normal Japanese stores. Reason why I did not even hesitate when I saw it on sales rack at H&M.  Later on when I tried it at home, I realized that the dress was completely sheer, too form hugging for my taste and that it was way too long. Even then, I did not return it. I thought that with proper styling, I could wear it.
However, it has been almost a year and the dress is still sitting in my wardrobe. Every time I take it out to wear, I do not like the styling and I put it back. I even gave up and decided to use it as a pyjama. It is really perfect for sleeping because it is so light and comfy.
After one night in bed with me, I realized that the dress was too beautiful to be slept on. I washed it and put it back in my closet, hoping to be inspired someday.

I did get inspired.
First I saw this post on love Maegan about how to turn a maxi dress into a maxi skirt. It looked so easy, I decided to take on the challenge of altering the dress. I could end up with two pieces which would be much more easier to style than just one dress. I took the dress out and look at the possibilities. Then I froze. Unlike Maegan's, my dress is too long. So long that I did not know where to cut to get two pieces. I have a sewing machine but I do not know how to sew. I can patch things with a needle and a thread but it is not a beautiful work as well. I got scared that once I cut the dress, I would end up with two pieces I did not know how to fix. It was too much of a challenge I did not want to risk. Then again the dress is beautiful on its own.

Second, I saw a post on Tanvii's site. She was wearing a similar dress under a lace black dress. It was pure genius: wearing two dresses.

Absolute genius

Why did I never think about that? I searched in my closet for something long, lacy or very sheer that I could wear on top of my dress with no success. I could go and find that item and I know exactly where to start but I took a pledge not to shop for 3 months. So Tanvii's style was no longer an option.
What was I to do?
Well, I thought....and I thought hard (that is what you do when you want to understand something). And here is what I realized
- the solution for the dress being too long is to alter it. I am not risking cutting the bottom of the dress as I am not good at hemming. But I can get away with making a knot in the back and camouflage it under a top or a shirt. I will never wear the dress as it is anyway so it is the perfect solution. It is a versatile solution because it lets me wear the dress with flats and with heels.
- the solution for the dress being too sheer is to wear a slip underneath it or leggings like I do. I could always layer with a tee shirt on top or underneath it as well.
-and finally the solution for the dress being too form hugging (for my taste) is to well get rid of my inhibitions. My ass is huge and will stay that way. It is about time I start liking it instead of hating it. I am not talking about flaunting it because that is not my style but I may begin by stopping with the camouflage.

What about you? Do you have an item in your closet, you love to bits but causes you headaches when you try to wear it?

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PS: Part 2 of this post coming up: I will show how after thinking I got to style this dress....


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