I am challenging myself to stay 3 months without shopping

Remember when last year, I decided to stay an entire year without shopping? Remember also how I did not respect that pledge because I moved to Japan and was tempted by H&M and Shimamura among other shops. Well, I am done being tempted.
I have debts to pay. My bank account is always empty. And my wardrobe is full of clothes that I do not even wear on the daily basis. I have so many shoes, and more than half do not even get to see the light. And being 30 and having nothing to my name (like real assets: house, car) scares me to death. If I die now, my headstone will say : "Here lies Chilel, owner of 30 pairs of shoes that are not even designers". How pathetic! I want a change.
For starters, I decided to stay 3 months without shopping. Being a shopaholic, I know that I cannot stay an entire year without shopping. Therefore, I am starting slow. I do not know how strong I am going to be. Last time I went window shopping, I saw so many things that tempted me. However, when I really think about it, I do not really need them. What I need is to save for rainy days, or to gain assets. If I start teaching myself to save instead of spending by now, it may not be too late to realise some of my dreams. Who knows what kind of dream can come true with savings in hands?
It is funny, but I used to be a good saver in the past. I was so good that my best friend (who would spend a lot) begged me to keep her cash card so that she would not use it. I refused and told her that if she does not learn to save now by herself, she will never be able to. I am happy to report that she turned into such a great saver, she even paid her way through college.
I want to go back to those times I had so much money in my bank account, I could help a friend in need, or buy me some much needed vacations. I could spoil my family and friends with gifts. I so want to go back.
That is phase number one of my change: stop shopping for 3 months starting from August 1st 2011. I will tell you on November 1st 2011, how much I managed to save and what I am planning to do with the saved money. It will be part two of my plan which is to invest into getting an asset.
Wish me good luck!!!


Anonymous said…
just found your blog
love it!

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Would love to have you as a follower.
Taj Acosta said…
I think this is a very noble challenge! I wish I was so brave! saving is such a must these days!
Chilel said…
Thank you for your comments ladies. Just hope I can stay on course with the challenge. Just had an itch to check Zara's sales today!

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