On my radar: Animal Print tee

Ever since I bought this zebra print tee last Spring, I have been obsessed with Animal print tee. I have the feeling I see them everywhere.

Bought for 500Y at Fam's Market

I am not very big on printed tee, although they are very popular in Japan. People walk on the streets with really silly prints on their tee. Sometimes I wonder whether or not they understand what is written. For this reason only, I always think twice before buying printed tees. But Animal printed tees are different. They are
simple yet cute. In a way, they make you cool without trying too hard.

Here are a few on my radar:

All from Forever 21.co.jp  from 880Y to 1500Y
 I am in love with my animal print tee but it has been used to many times (aka washed so many times) that the color is fading. I need me a new one to replace....


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