Summer wishlist (if only I could come across 20.000 yen on the streets)

 Whenever I am broke (like now) and have an itch for shopping (like every second) I have this dream: I am walking on the street and I see on the floor 20.000 Yen that somebody lost. I pick it up and head to the nearest shopping mall. (Well, in reality if I were to find 20.000 Yen on the floor, the law dictate me to report it to the nearest police box. In a year if no one claims the money, it is all mine. But since it is my dream, I am bending the rules)
So here is what I would get with 20.000 Yen in my wallet

Believe it or not but the last time I bought a swimsuit was in 2007. I still have the same suit but since I gained 15 kilos since I bought it (I was skinny back then), it is a bit revealing and tight. I want a new one that is on the modest side. Something that can at least cover the girls, the bulging stomach and the thick thighs. I am not looking for something fancy because I will be using it only for swimming classes with my toddler.

Something like this but in a different color and with a matching short,

I am always amazed at how much I want something as soon as I part with it. I used to own a dolman crocheted top but never wore it. I finally gave it away last year to a friend. Never would I have imagined that a year later I would want it. I have to say that two years ago, I did not have the courage to wear it, or I just did not know how to style it. But now I do, so crocheted top, please let me have you.

Available at

I found this skirt online and I fell in love with it. The price was affordable but the size was too small. I have been looking for the same skirt in my size ever since. The color, the "airyness", the pleats...everything about this skirt, is just pure magic. I can imagine wearing it everyday in this hot weather. I am drooling thinking about it!

                                                  I just want the blue one, available at

I am in love with these dresses because they are full. For me a maxi dress needs to be very full at the skirt. I have several maxi dresses but they are not full enough for my taste. The only problem I have with these dresses is that they come in Japanese size which means they are a bit short and small for my big frame.
Nevertheless I am still willing to try one.

- LOOSE GREY T-SHIRT (and t-shirts in general)
I love t shirts but I do not wear many because my belly is bulging. I prefer flowy tops. However I have been drooling over loose grey t-shirts. I think that grey t-shirts are way cooler than white t-shirts. I already have a cropped grey sequined t-shirt. But I do not wear it often because it seems a bit fancy for everyday life (I am still not to that point where I can wear sequins in my everyday life). For this reason, I want a very simple grey t-shirt that I could pair with jeans, dresses and skirts.

I love tank tops but I do not wear them often. I think you need a great body to wear one. However I changed my mind after seeing these long and flowy tank tops at H&M last week. They were in bright orange and  pink. They were long enough to cover the butt area. And what I loved the most was that the front was in cotton and airy but the back was silky . And get this, they were just for 700Y. I may get out of my daydream and just get myself one. I like them so becaus they remind me of silk tank tops my Mother bought in Thailand and gave me years later when she gained some weight. I had two in orange and bright pink. They were my to go party outfit paired with black slacks and heels back in 96.

I also found some lovely at forever 21.

H&M Tank top 700Y (if they are still left)

                                                                    Forever 21 top

Everything that involves panties, bras, and spanx (or something similar). I have not shopped for underwears in years (2 to be exact) . I think it is time to renew everything.  I would love to check things at Victoria's secret but since I am not sure they have a shop in Japan, Amo's style and/ or Peach John will do for a while.

                                             My little Joy Patchwork bra set available at

I am not very difficult when it comes to bag. And I do have a lot that I barely use. But I found some that are really cute and practical for my every day life

                                The green one = Love. Sold out but can be re-ordered at

H&M yellow 2 way bag...I have not seen lately, maybe sold out

I really do not need new accessories since I have tons but I am itching for a new more fancy turban, a shiny bolero top and lots of big rings and bracelets....

Overpriced but still cute, available at

I found something similar with matching necklace and ring at Shanti Shanti in Collete Mare. It reminds me of something my mother used to own back in 1986

Now my 20.000 Yen are all spent. It was fun doing virtual shopping. It would be more fun if I did it for real though!


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