Stylish Friends: Marieme

I am bored with my blog. And when I am bored with my blog, I tend to want some changes. Last year, I started doing outfit posts and liked it. This year, I want to start something I call: Stylish Friends.

As much I love blogging about fashion, I am the least stylish person I know. I do have some fierce friends though. And I am counting on them to spice things up in this blog.

I am starting with Marieme.

I met Marieme some 18 years ago at Summer school. She started talking to me and we have been friends ever since. I love that she is one of the nicest person I know and that she is a very loyal friend. I deplore the fact that I have not seen her since 2003.

Marieme used to be a tomboy but a very trendy tomboy.  She would wear designers sweatshirts and pants assorted with Nike air Jordan sneakers or Reebok Pump sneakers. The first time I saw her wear a skirt (a mini skirt) I was blown away. Underneath all that baggy clothing, she had a nice figure and nice legs. I asked her why on earth was she wearing a skirt, and she replied that it was laundry day.
Marieme was my hip friend. She is the first person I know who had a Dior handbag. And at 16, she used to drive. My folks loved her, reason why as soon as I say that I was with her, I could go out and party without problem. And even though she was a tomboy, when we had a party or an event, she would dress up like a girl. Once she showed up at home all dolled up for a Muslim event. She looked so mature in her yellow outfit. My mother saw her and could not help but compared us. I still wore a beautiful dress and new shoes, but I did not have make up on and my hair was a mess. She asked Marieme to teach me a few things about dressing up.
 Moreover, I remember her coming to my 17th birthday party with this Suede brown A line mini skirt and matching vest. I so wanted the skirt. But she said that it was the only thing she could not give me for she liked it too much. She gave me a leopard print scarf instead, that I have (and use) to this day.

I have not seen Marieme in years, but I know that she transformed into this mature grown woman even in her style. I love the fact that she wears cocktail dresses- body hugging dresses- and high heels. And as much as I can see (from pictures)she has a beautiful collection of accessories (and Senegalese tradition clothes)

Some Q&A to catch up on her style.

OTF: How can you describe your style?

Marieme:  Modern and sassy

  What is your favorite clothes (or accessory) in your closet right now?
    My sparkling blue nine west shoes

What was your favorite outfit when you were a kid?
     Jeans and tennis shoes

 How much money are you ready to spend on one pair of shoes?
       Depends on the shoes, can't put a price on beauty.

 What trend you will never wear no matter what?
           Punk style!

 How much time do you spend doing your make up in the morning?
   It takes me 5 minutes to do my makeup.I use mac as a foundation , use black eye liner and eye     shadows.That's it!

 Do you follow trend or do you have your own style?
  I have my own style although I like to mix and match with the current trends.

Who is your fashion icon?
  Hum... my mother growing up.Now it's hard for me to say, I love beyonce's style especially her dresses and most people's styles on the red carpet events.

What style advice can you give me?
  Be yourself ,figure out who you are and dress up to match your personality and character. Dress for yourself not for people :)

I love Marieme's style even if it is nothing like mine. Back when we were teens, we were on common ground when it came to baggy or hip hop style clothing. As we went our seperate ways, we evolve into very different adults with completely different styles. Yet I cannot help but admire the fact that she does wear make up, does her hair and look stylish for parties and such. In other words, I admire the fact that she is a woman who works at being and staying beautiful. (As opposed to the lazy woman I am who cannot be bothered to wear make up because it is too hot or heels because I have to climb hills)
She is the type of adult woman I want to be. I mean really? As much as I dare wearing leggings, I am not yet to the point when they match my cocktail dress! I guess I still have a lot to learn from...her.

PS: Hey Marieme, send me some Mac foundation!


Fayole said…
I love it!Good job :)

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