Outfit planner: Istanbul (remix)

It is Summer again and it can mean only one thing for the family: going back home (Senegal, West Africa for those who do not know). We will travel back home via Istanbul. It will be the second time we are stopping over this city. The first time was in Winter 2010.  The trip ended up being fun, but it was way too cold for sightseeing.
 I am hoping the weather will cooperate this time (and also that the protests will stop soon)

Anyway, since it is a stopover on my way home, I may need to pack different sets of clothes. Didn't I tell you that I dress (or try) different back home. Casual won't do in my lovely country Senegal where a woman is well dressed and made up just to go to the corner store. I will have to pack more Senegalese outfits and nice looking clothes like blouses.

But first thing first: let us start with what I will wear for 4 days, 3 nights in Istanbul Turkey

Maxi dress, Striped dress
Buttoned down shirts, Brown blouse
Jeans, Black leggings,Leopard pants
Pleated maxi skirt
Red cardigan, Brown knit, Kimono jacket
White tees

Scarves, Tote Bag
Wedges, Flats, Chappals

As always the key to pack lightly (and I wish I mastered that already) is to get items that are versatile and can be styled easily. One pair of jeans can be worn with different tops or a short dress, a maxi dress can become a skirt. It is also important to keep the clothes in the same color palette to make it easier to style. I should not forget to pack other essentials that will make my outfits interesting like scarves, sunglasses, funky jewelry, and bag.

Is that too much? I am not even sure I will not change one or two elements before the trip. I do not know what Istanbul has in store for us this time around but I would rather be prepared. Furthermore with all the protests, I am bit worried we may not be able to enjoy it fully. Whatever happens, I am sure we will try to make the best out of it.


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