Istanbul - last days

On our third day in Istanbul we decided to rest in the morning. The kids woke up super tired and begged us to stay in the hotel to watch cartoons. At midday, I went back to the restaurant near the hotel to order some lunch: cheese pizza for the kids, chicken platter for myself, chicken steak for the hubby always assorted with the red rice and some salad. We had a little nap then headed back to Istikal Caddesi to buy some Turkish delight, baklavas and tea.
 At night, we took a stroll in residential areas and had a glimpse of where Turkish people lived. It was night but the streets were packed. Kides were playing soccer under their parents' watch; people were eating in neighborhood restaurants and they were no tourists in sight. We wanted to have some seafood at Kumkapi; another tourist trap but the kids did not want that. We took pictures of the bustling restaurant avenue and headed home. Close to the hotel, we stopped at a small eatery where the kids and the hubby ate Shawarma. I was still full from my lunch and only wanted some salty yogurt drink: Ayran (must try). We arrived in the hotel at almost midnight. Another good thing about Istanbul is that it is relatively safe. You can walk around till the wee hours with no problem; and in some areas you can still shop as some street vendors will lay their stuff out at night.


So much lights; it felt like Christmas

Our last day in Istanbul we planned to go to the Princes Island for some beach fun until we realized that we had to catch our plane the same day at midnight and not the following night like we earlier believed. We changed plans and decided to go shopping on the streets next to the Bazaar. The hubby bought some shirts and pants. It was crazy packed and super hot but the shopping experience was worth it: I regret not waiting to shop for my business here. They are so many opportunities in the market and the vendors are open to bargaining. Next time!

Shopping streets between Grand Bazaar and Spice Market

Window display: I am not sure what the costumes are for but I saw many young boys wearing them in town.

We rested the entire afternoon before we headed to the airport. I felt sad leaving Istanbul. 5 days are not enough. But I am hoping to be back for a long vacation in such an idyllic place very soon.
Oh, and for the last day I wore my maxi dress but forgot to take a pic. Sorry!


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