Bargain time

It is that time again where Summer is not yet over but we are starting to think about Fall ( or at least in the Northern hemisphere). Normally, I would be mad at shops for displaying Fall clothes when it is so damn hot; then I would try and make a list of all my Fall must have items.

But this time, I will not. My new normal is to spend the last moments of Summer wrapped in the Monsoon' fog. Because here in Pune, India Summer has passed during the scorching months of April and May to make way to Monsoon till October. It is raining every single day and the temperatures are low. Winter will start in November and even then, it will never be that cold (only nights maybe).
All that to say that I probably do not need to make a Fall must have list (or purchase sweaters and such)

But wait, there are things that I may need ( Translation: want) in this season. And since it is bargain time in Pune, (all stores be it at malls or just markets are having huge sales with price cut of 50% to sometimes 80% off) what better time to go for them?

So, after boring you with all my excuses for shopping, let me excite you with what I want:

Lace top and/ dress:
for the girly girl in me


Printed Pajama style

This one from Zara

With a stripes on the side

Something similar can be found at Splash

Colorful Blazer:
For a touch of sophisticated fun (a printed one would not be so bad either)

Raincoat or windbreaker:
Because the rain never seem to cease here

Panties: because according to the hubby, I have been wearing the same ones for a while now (and if he notices, then it is a bad thing)


Loafers (glittered, studded, printed or simple)

Printed wedges
Small clutch:
Therapy Therapy Small round studded cross body bag
Studded Crossbody Bag located at a random store in FC road 

 And finally, an Indian suit:

This pink cotton on from Melange at Lifestyle

So what you think? What is your Fall or Monsoon wish list? Or what are you planning on getting via sales this season?


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