On my radar: Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels have been the rage for a while. It seems that everyone from celebrities to fashion bloggers is sporting them. And we are far from seeing the trend disappear anytime soon.

I rarely wear heels so it is normal for me to overlook them. But I have to say that these shoes add a certain sexiness to an outfit. And right now, that is exactly what is missing in my daily style.

Now, for me to succumb to the trend, I have to find the perfect pair. It has to be comfy, not too high either,  in bold colors or neutral and at a good (aka cheap) price. It also has to be sturdy particularly the heels. I am not planning to power walk in them but If I want to keep the shoes for a while I have to bank on the quality.

Now here are some choices to consider: all under 2000 rupees

HM Ankle strap sandal (Rps 1790)
Zara (Rps 1190)

Inc 5 ( Rps 799)

The hunt is on. Are you going to succumb like me?


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